Buffoons Mindless NPC drones

It’s just

beyond parody!

Is this some re-enactment of a Monty Python skit?

Dishonesty Mindless NPC drones

He’s freakin’

DELUSIONAL! Well, and he is a chronic liar and he knows that most of the mindless hordes of rank-and-file Democrats will bleatingly suck down that obvious and blatant bullcrap like manna from Heaven!

Epic fail Mindless NPC drones

Well, a lot of

mindless NPC drones bought electric vehicles, and they were ecstatic that the did not have to spend for gas!

Yes, yes. But electricity has to be generated somehow.

Even if you ignore the enormous environmental impacts associated with manufacturing an electric car (which are significantly higher than a gasoline-powered car), if you live in a state that generates a lot of its electricity from coal, you are essentially driving a coal-powered car.

The next most ignorant view is that at least you don’t have to buy expensive gasoline! People seem to forget that electricity isn’t free, from whatever source. 

Folks, wise up a little. <sheesh!…>

Media Flying Monkeys Mindless NPC drones

Beg, baby


I think you are a fool if you are a Republican and go on CNN.

Mindless NPC drones Pandemic Panic Porn Pimps

So now that we

have a little distance, we need to ask: How did those lockdowns work?

Answer? Not so well, at least from a scientific standpoint.

See, the difference between a logical, reasonable person and a spittle-lipped partisan hack is that the former hews to facts, while the other lives in a land of self-dealing delusion!

YOU need to ask yourself just who you are!