Current Events Deception Epistemology

This “DeepFake”

is uncanny. Yeah, it’s Biden’s voice, but it is FAR too fluid to be a current Joe Biden. Maybe Joe Biden 15 years ago.

BUT, it shows you how convincing a “DeepFake” can be. The mouth movements are subtly off, but this is just the beginning…

As I have said, this destroys video evidence. We can make anyone say or do anything we want on video. The ONLY good evidence is through a witness. Their testimony is MORE reliable–though of course it depends on how reliable the person is! And we are back with evaluating aspects of the person informing us.

In other words, we are stuck in a Post-Modern world! Except there IS one way to cut through that Gordian Knot.

The only way to know something is to have an actual relationship with a certain type of person. You have to have a relationship with a Truth-Teller.

Deception Deliberate Ignorance

Just you wait…

But I still think there is a cause for legal action.


Guys, you

KNOW how it worked!

Captain Obvious Current Events Deception

It is

indeed frightening!

I am fond of saying that I was never a conspiracy theory kind of guy but after 2020 I now have a walk-in closet full of tin foil hats. What used to be called “out there” thinking is now merely the truth.

… The revelations in the Twitter Files “drops” have been beyond disturbing. Almost all of the nightmares those of us who are less than comfortable with the federal government have are coming true.

Corruption Deception

Oh sure.

Conspiracy theories.” Riiiiight.

Look, we have them dead-to-rights. There is NO question about what they did. They are now just lying, trying to cover their butts.

“The men and women of the FBI work every day to protect the American public. It is unfortunate that conspiracy theorists and others are feeding the American public misinformation with the sole purpose of attempting to discredit the agency,” the spokesperson added.

Yeah, whatever

Deception Evil


Then you are stupid!

I am against evil. That’s why I am a Conservative.

Bad Faith Deception

If you haven’t listened

to Bill Whittle, you have seriously missed out!

But you need to realize that YOU may well be victim to a con game. YOU are a nice person. YOU don’t lie. YOU don’t exploit.

But, in the immortal (modernized) words of Sir Toby Belch in Shakespeare’s 12th Night, Do you think that just because YOU are virtuous there will be no more cakes and ale?

In other words, you are naïve in the extreme if you think that no one else will take advantage of and lie to you just because YOU would never do such a thing. If you are led by fancy words and false pretenses, YOU will be victim of a 3-card Monty scam. You better wisen up a bit!

And understand well, good scammers can fool even YOU!

They are called “con” men. And they are called that because they work to gain your CONfidence in order to fleece you. The FACT is, just because some Lefty weasel tells you what you want to hear and what you ALREADY believe doesn’t mean they are telling you the truth or trying to help you.

Don’t trust the silky, Wormtongue words meant to lead you into false paths. When a person tells you what you don’t want to hear, they may well be your true friend…