Deception Disgusting! Duplicity

Oh, I’m sure

it is nothing!

Matthew Colangelo, one of the Biden Department of Justice (DOJ)’s top attorneys, who forewent a white-shoe law firm career to instead work for Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, received at least $12,000 by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) for “consulting” services in 2018.

Deception Media Flying Monkeys

You DO realize

that the MSM outlets are bought and paid for by China, right?

If you don’t understand the pressure they get to report things one way (and it’s the way they want to, anyway), you are a buck-toothed hayseed!

Deception Dishonesty

Yes, “No Labels”

have shown themselves to be a bunch of total losers!

They were ALWAYS just a Lefty stalking horse. I personally was never fooled, but many people were.

They [No Labels] are no champions of the middle class of America or the mainstream. They are the champion of corporate America. Corporate America has moved to the left over the last twenty years.

I would put it even more strongly: No Labels is now and always has been a group of Democrat shills. They have never acted in good faith. And they have been deliberately deceptive.

But the truth is, regular people have had enough. A gut-full. We’re just sick of the McCain/Romney/Murkowski RINO charlatans. And we won’t go back.

So see ya, “No Labels.” you were always 3-card Monte sharks, and most of us have outgrown you. We are done with you. We’re not buying your lies anymore.

And THIS makes it quite clear who you really are.


Yeah, hardly

a surprise, now isn’t it?

Newly-released transcripts of secret testimony at the January 6 Committee show that a witness testified then-President Donald Trump had not wrestled with a Secret Service agent, and had indeed requested troops to protect the Capitol.

The whole story was a stupid, unbelievable yarn in the first place. No normal, thinking person actually believed it. But yeah, it was a lie.

Deception Evil

Are you even

surprised? I’m sure not. Disgusted, yes. Surprised, no.

According to newly uncovered evidence, former Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) buried evidence that Donald Trump offered 10,000 National Guard troops to provide security at the Capitol on January 6, 2021, but was rejected by the city.

Current Events Deception

Yeah, it doesn’t

add up. I think that one HAS to consider the strong possibility that this was ALL a government entrapment scheme.

Responding to the video discovered by this reporter, Rep. Barry Loudermilk, the Georgia Republican who chairs the House Oversight Committee subcommittee now conducting a separate inquiry into Jan. 6, asked, “How could a bomb-sniffing dog miss a pipe bomb at the DNC? We’ll add this to our long list of unanswered questions and continue getting to the truth.”

There’s just SO many anomalies that it just seems so very statistically unlikely that an honest person HAS to assume non-random action. In other words, that this was done intentionally.

And in that case one wonders who did this very complicated evolution and why…

Deception Dishonesty


Yeah, it’s all pretending. Don’t be fooled! It’s just a ploy to get even more power.



conservatives (and even RINOs) are bankrolling Nikki Haley, don’t you?

Nimarata ‘Nikki’ Haley’s failing presidential campaign is being bankrolled by over 5,200 former donors to Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign, lending credence to Donald Trump’s contention that she is only remaining in the race to try and damage him ahead of the general election.

She’s dead, Jim…

Deception Pandemic Panic Porn Pimps

There were just

so many gulls! Decent people didn’t think that government (and Fauci) would lie so. It was just so hard to believe. As they say, “To the pure all things are pure….”

Others were just not willing to follow the science and stand up. And I agree, it was a devil’s dilemma. “Look, I just went $200 grand into debt for med school, and I must comply with this in order to financially survive!”

And there was just enough, “Well, maybe” about it to hoodwink a TON of people! Because I think most people are good and would happily get the jab if they truly thought it was the right thing to do. But it wasn’t…

But the real problem is that now that they have “cried wolf,” what happens NEXT time? Because you know there will be a next time. And what if the wolf is real next time?

Yeah, that’s the problem with lying… They have really inflicted damage on us.

Barbaric! Deception Evil

What they did was

breathtakingly evil!

“Providers concerned about patient health risks associated with COVID-19 should prioritize patient access to non-mRNA COVID-19 vaccines and treatment,” Ladapo said in a statement. “It is my hope that, in regard to COVID-19, the [Food and Drug Administration] will one day seriously consider its regulatory responsibility to protect human health, including the integrity of the human genome.”

Pfizer lied. This is NOT in any way a vaccine. I have no problem with vaccine, In fact. I am a proponent. But this is not a vaccine. This has just been evil. It’s hard for me to even grasp the depth of this evil. I thought that with all my experiences with the courts I was hard-bitten and jaded.

Not. Jaded. Enough.


And here’s something that should give Pfizer hives:

Florida and Texas have since launched respective investigations into the jabs’ manufacturers for “potential wrongdoing” and employing “highly misleading” marketing to coerce Americans into getting the experimental shots.

Because unforeseen problems are legally indemnified. Outright deception and lying isn’t…