Epic fail GetWokeGoBroke Stooooopid!

Life is hard.

It’s harder when you’re stupid!

Donors just aren’t going to stand for this crap!


You know,

it’s pretty dang obvious what happened, here. One reporter made some rather stupid and crude comments on a public forum. And the wokester other freaked out and went all ape-crap “cancel culture“ on him.

Case closed.

When you keep a vicious dog, spare me the whining when it bites YOU.

Culture GetWokeGoBroke

Hollywood needs

to learn, “woke” don’t work!

I think that it has now been several years since I’ve attended a movie in the theater. It is now a steaming crap-fest of “woke.” I do remember going a few years ago, but I really have no idea what the film was. Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs? Snoozer…

But THIS is a film I would go see. And it’s been a LONG time since there was a decent flick out. Maybe since LOTR. At least, that’s the last one that actually sticks in my mind–I’m sure there were a few others, but they were entirely forgettable.

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we have a problem

If CNN had focused on hard news, it might be in a better position today. Having traded news for narrative, it’s now trading narrative for infotainment. And it says everything about Chris Wallace that he left FOX News not for CNN’s news division, but for its infotainment streaming app where he can appear alongside old episodes of Anthony Bourdain only to have the latter beat him every time.

… CNN, like the rest of the media, spent too many years lying to Americans to ever be trusted. And the 20% of the country that shares its views already has too many media outlets competing for its business. The other 80% will hardly even notice that it’s gone. A news network that once had a stranglehold on the American public has lost its authority and even its airport business.


Say it with me:

Get woke, go broke.

When will the Left EVER learn?

Epic fail GetWokeGoBroke

It really

couldn’t be better…

But LOTS is shifting: