Honestly, I’m surprised

that the loss is (perhaps) that low. They only lost 20% of moviegoers? I would guesstimate it is more like half.



Get woke

Electric pickups were a really stupid idea from the get-go. Other vehicles may be able to be made to (inconveniently) function. But these “trucks” can’t even do “trucky” things!

Buck notes today that with sales of the F150 Lightning tanking, Ford has now canceled all dealer stock orders for the vehicle. Dealers are stuck with thousands of trucks they cannot sell. As Buck puts it, dealers are “choking on a 97-day supply of Lightnings nationwide with 3,632 for sale.” Ideally, dealers stock a 60-day supply of vehicles they need to sell.

Evil Clown GetWokeGoBroke Hypocrisy

Wait, wait!

I thought Adams liked immigrants!

It’s going to come to your neighborhoods. All of us are going to be impacted by this,” Adams said. “I said it last year when we had 15,000. I’m telling you now with 110,000. The city we knew, we’re about to lose.” [emphasis dded]

Gee, sounds kind of, uh, WASP-y, doesn’t it?


Hey, their

advertising really had a big effect! In the opposite direction that was intended.

They were just stupid to go to Sturgis in the first place.

GetWokeGoBroke Incompetence

Look, Governors,

You can implement stupid Lefty plans, but eventually you will pay.

The State of California lost nearly $350 million in tax revenues in 2021 due to migration out of the state — a worrisome figure as the state contemplates a new deficit of $32 billion this year.

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are giving up on Bud Light.

Ans for good reason. This whole thing has been just a disaster for Bud Light. I doubt now that they ever recover.


Yes, yes,

I bet they are! As well they should be.



Death Star.

That asterisk in the right hand upper corner of the price sign? That means it will not be re-stocked.

Ruh roh, Shaggy!

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I think they

need a little Bud Lighting!

In what is unlikely to be a coincidence, Unilever, the parent company of Ben & Jerry’s, has lost $4.29 billion in market cap since before the tweet was sent. On Monday, the company’s market cap was $133.5 billion, as of Thursday, it is $129.2 billion.

You know, Conservative people eat ice cream, too. And there are many options out there…


In some ways

it doesn’t matter. In terms of FoxNews viewership, it’s OVER!

Of course conservatives will boycott FoxNews–It’s already been happening! And it will only get worse for them.

See, they soiled their britches in the 2020 Presidential election when they called AZ early for Biden. THAT was the moment the mask well and truly slipped off.

And trust, once lost, is very hard to regain…

So here is the deal: Leftists have LONG hated FoxNews and don’t at all watch it. If people want Lefty pablum, they watch CNN or follow the NY Times. So Fox doesn’t have that group and never will.

So now, what will be Fox’s selling point? Are they going to say, “We used to be fair and balanced but now we are totally in the tank for the Left“? Them changing only underlines their faithless shift to the Left! And their falseness.

I mean, change from what? What were you doing that was bad before, Fox? Just why was a change needed and who instigated it? Because if you are presenting as having changed, maybe you need to explain why! The first step in change is admitting fault. So, FoxNews, just what was the fault that you needed to change?

But also, they no longer appeal to normal, center- or right-leaning or thinking people. They not only revealed themselves to be mindless Lefty shills on election night 2020, but then they fired Tucker Carlson, the best single source of their viewership! And now they are legally trying to silence him. Oh yeah, great PR!

So now the conservatives and center-right hate them, and the Lefties still hate them and would never watch! Just from a business perspective, what a stupid move! Even IF they manage to silence Tucker, it’s not as if right-thinking people will suddenly return en masse or that Lefties will start loving them. It’s over.

The best they can hope for now is a CNN-like irrelevance. But that is actually a pretty dang rosy scenario for them. At least Lefties kinda like CNN…