Evil Injustice Piss-poor judgment

Huh, imagine


Yeah, that’s not a fishy or anything!

You knew this whole special council thing was just a scam. It was always just a way to prevent justice from actually being served. It was a way to prevent certain documents from coming to light. It was a dodge. It was never about getting justice. Never.

But here’s the question that you need to ask yourself: I knew not to vote for this dirtbag. So why didn’t you? If you are at all introspective, you fearlessly examine your own motives…

Or, you are just a mindless hack.


Look, you KNOW

he’s going to get away with it! It’s not hard to predict.



Dobbs leaker: We know nothing!

Shocker, eh? Like we ALL didn’t know this was coming!

Whatever [rolls eyes]…


So why is

this happening? Honestly, I think this is a cover-your-butt exercise. The special counsel is there not to promote investigation, but to inhibit it. Garland has done and will do nothing that might hurt Democrats!

Yes, I think that there may well be an effort by leading Democrats to torpedo Biden. But I suspect that is, as of yet, a secondary goal. I think the primary goal of all this is to protect Biden. So everyone can say, “I can’t comment because there is an ongoing investigation.”

Injustice Justice

This guy is

kind of saying what I’ve been saying for some time, now.

What happens now? I think there is a growing probability (not possibility) that we are going to see “justice” dispensed at the street level. When people are scared, do not feel safe anywhere, and have no faith in the system, they tend to take things into their own hands when they can. After all, if they know the person who just threatened them is going to be out in an hour or two after the prosecutor cuts a sweetheart deal with them, why take the risk?

Vigilante “justice” is only occasionally justice at all. But when stooopid Lefties subvert justice, people turn to vigilanteism.

I think it is a very bad outcome. I’m NOT endorsing it, I’m predicting it. And we see here that I am not the only one…

Bad Faith Injustice

You know, it’s

pretty dang obvious that Epps was a plant, that he was working with/for the feds. Yes, this was bald entrapment and injustice.

HE even admits it in this recently-discovered text!

Conservatives need to be aware that they can often be “set up” by agents of the government. Be aware, and be careful.

BUT understand that you being careful IS a strategy of the Left. If you suddenly can’t trust others in your protest organization, that organization is quickly emasculated.

So the feds don’t give a flying fig about Ray Epps anymore. He has served their immediate purpose and continues serve their purposes by sowing suspicion among those who are against government tyranny. NO ONE cares about what happens to him now, least of all his government handlers.

So be active, be trusting, but be careful! There WILL be both spies and turncoats, but don’t let that derail you from standing up for what is right…

As Christ said, not everyone who says “Lord, Lord” will enter the kingdom of Heaven. And as an example I give you… Ray Epps!


Yes, yes.

The FBI should be investigated. It has become a Lefty cesspool of corruption and injustice.

Current Events Injustice

Yeah, it

sure does! Are you awake yet?

Civil Rights Government Thuggery Injustice

How the crap

is a person incarcerated for over a year without trial!!?? In the United States! And for trespass? What happened to the right to a speedy trial?

Two words: Political Prisoner.

Bad Faith Injustice

Yes, a weak

wrist-slap is probably the worst possible outcome for lovers of justice. Because then government lackeys can pretend that the DOJ did something, when in fact they didn’t.

Openly doing nothing would just torque people off and boldly underline the lie of equal justice under the law. The DOJ simply can’t afford THAT. So a half-hearted slap on the wrist it is!

But just like Hillary, there will be no real consequences.

You should be angry and disgusted.