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Joe is rapidly

losing votes. The Border Patrol people realize very well that he is senile and “he” has made a complete hash of this, as well as endangering the country as a whole.

Even as Joe Biden finally pays a token visit to the border amidst his increasingly disastrous border crisis, the Border Patrol Union had a few choice words for the senile meanderer-in-chief, especially compared to his predecessor.

And this:

“In an effort to invigorate him for his border visit, WH staff reportedly tells Biden that Brownsville is a new ice cream flavor,” the Union joked, referring to Biden’s destination in Texas, where Reuters reported that Biden planned to blame Republicans for his border crisis. Trump, meanwhile, went to Eagle Pass, Texas, long considered an epicenter of the illegal alien influx. [emphasis added]

Ouch! Ouch, ouch, OUCH! The White House staff is saying this! Out loud. To outside people. What does this tell you?

Dementia Joe


in dementiaaaa!

You do realize the rest of the world is laughing at us, right?

Dementia Joe

This is how

you know Joe Biden is done!

Dementia Joe

We ALL know

what is happening!

Dementia Joe Democrat panic

Well, they SHOULD

worry! Though it is clear that Biden will never debate. He would get absolutely creamed. I think that’s pretty dang obvious.

Trump is calling for debates now. Of course, Joe Biden won’t do it right now. And he never will. He has to, uhm, wash his hair plugs. Yeah, that’s it!

Dementia Joe

Senile old man

knows enough to know that he loves him some broiler chicken!

But at least he is able to go on vacation. Again. Yet again…

Honestly, did you vote for this guy? WHAT on earth were you thinking?

Dementia Joe DUH!

Uhm, yeah.

Everyone knows… DUH!

Asked to grade Biden’s remaining mental acuity on the same grade scale used by most public schools, fewer than half gave Biden a C or better. A slim majority, 51%, either gave Biden a barely passing grade or flunked him completely.

… A whopping 33% of Americans gave Slow Joe’s mental acuity an F. Another, slightly more generous 18% of Americans, said his brain was worth a D. Most troubling for the White House is how strongly those numbers hold with independent voters. You’d expect the vast majority of Republicans to give Biden a D or an F, and they did. You’d expect the vast majority of Democrats to tell a pollster that Biden is fine while wondering to themselves if they’d picked a bad week to start sniffing glue.

And this was before Biden was deemed by the Special Counsel Hur to be incompetent to stand trial! Here’s a hint: Those numbers certainly haven’t gotten better since then.

Buffoons Dementia Joe Stooooopid!

Oh, so NOW

we finally know who let Biden’s disastrous speech go forward!

It was Joe Biden.

It is widely accepted by pundits on both sides of the aisle that Joe Biden did himself no favors by delivering an unplanned speech to the nation in the wake of the release of the damning Hur report. 

… So who pushed for the impromptu address to the nation? Who thought it was a good idea for Biden to go up there and lie about what the report actually said and then proceed to give credence to the report’s conclusion that Biden is an “elderly man with a poor memory” and that he lacks the “mental state of willfulness” by mixing up the leaders of Mexico and Egypt?

During Tuesday’s White House press briefing, we got an answer. According to press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, the decision was made by Joe Biden himself. [emphasis added]

Well, then let’s just see the transcript of the interview and we’ll see exactly how Hur came to his conclusions, since Joe Biden disputes the facts! Oh, except the White House itself refuses to release the transcript. Gee, I wonder why?

The White House has to know that it’s fighting a losing battle here. The transcript will only prove the report right, and refusing to release the transcript just makes it look like the administration is trying to hide something.

Well, they ARE hiding something! Trying, anyway.

Dementia Joe

The difference is

nothing short of stunning! Any blamed fool with functioning eyes and ears can see that! Please, watch this clip!

Dementia Joe DUH!

Folks, it’s

time. Joe Biden is just no longer competent, and it has become obvious to even the dullest among us. It’s time for his cabinet to stand up and do the right thing, here.