Dementia Joe Weirdo Joe

Biden is just

a freakin’ weirdo!

But then again, I didn’t vote for this demented old man. Did you?

Buffoons Dementia Joe

Look, when you’re

eighty, it’s kinda hard to remember all those pesky details

Dementia Joe

I’m glad

to hear it, but I don’t think it’s really true:

Dementia Joe

Bad Touch Biden

Strikes again!

Dementia Joe

Yeah, Grandpa

gropes is senile. He’s lucky if he knows what year it is, let alone what debunked cock-and-bull story he has already told!

Dementia Joe

Ah yes, what

would senile Joe do without nurse Jill?

Current Events Dementia Joe

Yes, obviously,

Biden is horribly demented.

Yeah, we knew that. But now even Lefty famous people are noting it!

Even some Democrat lawmakers who are up for re-election in 2024 are jumping on board the Biden Investigation train! Of course, the plan of the Democrat fat cats was always to chuck Clueless Joe under the bus as soon as possible (and this is a golden opportunity), but understand well that these folks are looking to survive. And unlike Joe Manchin, they are not all likely to make a politically fatal miscalculation.

I think the avalanche is coming. I don’t believe we are far from the “tipping point.” The only question is whether Democrats can manage the impending collapse. We shall see…

Dementia Joe Dishonesty Piss-poor judgment

The fabulist-in-chief

is at it once again! <sigh>

Look, Biden has always been a liar. But now he is so demented that he mistakes his self-aggrandizing fantasies for fact. He can no longer tell the difference.

Oh sure, that happened! Lefties, don’t you get embarrassed by Biden’s continual lies? I mean, c’mon!

Wow, who had such piss-poor judgment that they actually voted for this guy?

Dementia Joe Dishonesty

This guy is

a liar and now he is so demented that he just confabulates things. Look, there was never a bright line between truth and self-lauding puffery for Joe Biden. The history is quite clear on that.

But now he is horribly demented, as well as being a liar. He just is no longer able to distinguish between fact self-aggrandizing fantasy.

Dementia Joe Voter Fraud

Oh joy. Biden’s

running again.

Yes, but who else is even a remote possibility? Sure, Biden totally sucks, but it’s not like there is another Democrat known right now who has a snowball’s chance in Hell!

Break out the voter fraud! Again…