Uhm, yeah it

is. DUH!

Barr, you’re a freakin’ moron.

Bad Faith Dupe

New Democrat

talking point: “Yeah OK fine, it actually IS real, but it really is not important.” [waves hand]

These aren’t the ‘droids you’re looking for…”

And weak-minded fools lap this crap up!

A brutal whacking!

Dupe Evil

Now the

The Google Files” have come out.

The difference is that these were released by a “whistle-blower,” and NOT by the company itself. Google wanted those thing to stay hidden. And there’s NO wonder why

“Virtually every major news organization in America is implicated, including NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times and the Washington Post. Mother Jones alone did at least 14 stories pegged to the group’s ‘research,’” Taibbi stressed, adding, “Even fact-checking sites like Politifact and Snopes cited Hamilton 68 as a source.”

But there was a problem — a huge problem: “The Twitter Files expose Hamilton 68 as a sham.

Are you waking up yet?

If you were a rabid Democrat voter, you were (and probably still are) a mindless, willing dupe. SHAME ON YOU! Time for you to wise up!