Captain Obvious Despicable Despotism

Yes, the FBI

is now, in effect, the Democrat Gestapo. They see their job as NOT to pursue justice, but to protect whatever Democrat they can!

“Chairman Comer has been clear that anything short of producing the FD-1023 form to the House Oversight Committee is not compliance with his subpoena,” the statement continued. “This unclassified record contains pages of details that need to be investigated further by the House Oversight Committee.” [emphasis added]

Contempt of Congress…

The FBI is NOT in charge–they are to do what a proper authority tells them to do. We have a government that (is supposed to) be run by duly-elected officials, not unelected and power-mad bureaucrat lackeys!

Deception Despicable

It’s a decent


But I think there is a FAR more likely explanation. “Biden” is saying that “White Supremacy” is a HUGE problem right now. And there is a reason for that.

In my LIFE, have I ever met someone who is openly a White Supremacist? Not that I can think of, and I lived for years in the South! And I was in a position where I spoke in private to a TON of people native to that area!

So why is Biden talking about what a threat this is? Battle-space preparation, my friend. It is strategy. One can say, “No, it isn’t a big threat.” And “Biden’s” response? “Yeah, that’s just what a disgusting White Supremacist would say!”

See, there is VERY little sympathy among us regular regular people for White Supremacists. There are very few of them, and virtually all of us agree that they are wackos.

So, what “Biden” is doing is defining anyone who disagrees with him as a White Supremacist (or at least a racist and bigot). THEN he will crack down on that opposition, perhaps even throwing them in jail (see: January 6 protestors).

In other words, he will use this to make opposition illegal. In this way, he plays to the over-inflated egos of his followers while simultaneously crushing his political enemies.

Trust me, THAT is the plan! And Debate Trump? No, because he is (wait for it, waaaait for it) a White Supremacist.

But it is just a gambit, an empty strategy. Don’t be fooled!

Despicable Injustice

You think there

is equal justice under the law?

You fool!

Captain Obvious Despicable Sociopathy

Yeah, THAT’s

not fishy or NOTHIN‘!

Despicable Disgusting!

Yeah, who cares

if the President is senile and incapacitated?

So there it is, according to Leonhardt. Democrats at large don’t give a damn about whether or not Biden has the mental capacity to cognitively carry out the duties of his presidency; they only worry about whether he can win. 

Biden-induced misery Despicable

Joe Biden is

a total jerk, plain and simple.

Despicable Evil


utterly shameful!

But this leopard didn’t change spots. Look at Afghanistan: THIS is what “Biden” does!

Despicable Dishonesty

Understand well,

this WHOLE thing was just a dishonest effort to get Trump and to protect Joe Biden from the sordid truth. They LIED to you–knowingly and deliberately. And some of you just bleatingly went along because it fit your prejudices. Shame on you!

Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, revealed in a floor speech on Tuesday that material reviewed by his investigative staff supported whistleblower allegations that the FBI falsely labeled evidence of potential criminal conduct by members of the Biden family “Russian disinformation.” While Grassley had previously discussed the whistleblower allegations, he now confirmed for the first time that an independent review of the pertinent records supported the accusations.

… Grassley’s floor statement on Tuesday shows his office had access to records corroborating the whistleblower claims that the FBI buried evidence derogatory to the Biden family by framing it as Russian disinformation.

Despicable Evil

Will it happen?

Not freakin’ likely. Sure, he’s guilty as sin, but it’s not like Democrats give a rat’s patoot about justice or right and wrong!

Secretary of State Antony Blinken should resign, some Republicans in Congress are beginning to say, after the bombshell revelation that the nation’s top diplomat may have been a driving force behind a bid to discredit reporting about Hunter Biden — in particular a laptop that allegedly contained information about his shady business dealings and personal life — weeks before the 2020 election.

Despicable Dishonesty

Yeah, we KNEW

it was a lie. THAT was obvious from the beginning.

“When this came out in October [of 2020], anybody with a lick of sense out in the rest of the United States knew number one, that the letter from the 51 so-called intelligence officials was wrong. We knew it,” Hageman said.

But Conservatives were far to polite to say anything, and Biden was well on track to lose, anyway (in fact, he DID lose, though he prevailed through voter fraud).

“We were well aware. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that laptop was absolutely true. It wasn’t Russian disinformation,” Hageman explained. “And the coverup was starting. What we didn’t know is the extent to which Blinken — as you said, the Secretary of State — was involved in the coverup,” she added.