Buffoons Despicable

Do you even

wonder why people hate these narcissistic turds? What they need is a very stiff jail sentence!

Barbaric! Despicable Evil


If this doesn’t scare and enrage you, nothing evil will!

ALWAYS remember! May they come in? Yes, BUT ONLY IF THEY HAVE A WARRANT!


HAMAS wackos,

do you think that things like this wins you friends and support for your cause? Because it doesn’t!

In a video posted by someone who goes by the online name “Crackhead Barney,” Tarantino is seen eating quietly alone at a restaurant when someone approaches.

Despicable Dishonesty Evil

Pretty bad news

for Liz Cheney and her lies.

It is beyond question that they lied. Now, what ELSE did they lie about?

Despicable Evil Clown

This guy is

an evil, malevolent piece of crap!

Former National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci told a House committee that he’s unware of studies that supported social distancing rules that were in turn used by many American colleges and universities during the coronavirus pandemic.

Bur hey, I’m just sure that following the arrows on the floor at Walmart saved a ton of lives…

Captain Obvious Despicable Evil Clown


how stupid IS this lady?

Democrat New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gloated Tuesday that the Manhattan lawfare case against former President Donald Trump is achieving its goal of keeping him from campaigning.

We ALL knew what was going on! She just said the quiet part out loud…

Speaking to reporters outside Capitol Hill about Trump’s upcoming rally in the South Bronx, Ocasio-Cortez pointed out the former president is holding a rally in the deep-blue Empire State because he has a “legal version of ankle bracelet around him” and can’t easily campaign in battleground states.

There is nothing humorous about Democrats’ campaign strategy of attempting to jail their top political opponent. While Biden is making light of it, other members of his party are accidentally saying the quiet part out loud, acknowledging the lawfare is election interference.


All I can say is

that it is sure dangerous to be a Boeing whistleblower

Cowardice Despicable


Just wow! Do they have the Harry Reid delusion and think the shoe will never be on the other foot?

And what a great way to ensure that they lose the Senate!

When it comes to precedents, Democrats sure do love to break them to protect their own.

After impeachment articles against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas were delivered to the Senate this week, both impeachment articles were quashed by the Democrat-controlled upper chamber before a trial was even held.

… Joe Biden has been desperately trying to push the narrative that Trump and Republicans are to blame for the crisis, to no avail, so it was inevitable that Democrats would prevent a trial from happening, even if it was destined to fall short of a conviction. Democrats clearly wanted to avoid a trial because it would call attention to the border crisis and its root causes. 

However, not holding a trial has now put vulnerable Democratic senators on record opposing accountability for the border crisis. Sens. Jon Tester (D-Mont.), Jacky Rosen (D-Nev.), Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.), Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), and Bob Casey (D-Penn.) all have competitive races this year, and polls have shown that immigration is a big issue affecting how people intend to vote. 

Vote those bastards out!

Despicable Despotism Taxes

Well, yesterday

was tax day, and I really hope the pain of it lives in everyone’s mind through November.

I am a contractor, So I have no withholding as most people do. So whatever my tax bill is, I just write a check. Several throughout the year, actually.

A BIG check!

This year, I had the same income as last year. My wife and I paid a little more than last year because “Biden” is such an explosive diarrhea spender we thought it could go up a little. My tax accountant did the whole return, since it is far too complex for a non-expert.

Well, it DID go up. By four grand! Now maybe you are fabulously wealthy, and four grand is nothing to you–you get that much from just rifling through the couch cushions! I’m sure that is the case with the Biden crime family.

But four grand is significant to me. And it means that federal taxes take almost 30% of my income! And that doesn’t even count state income tax, sales tax, property tax, etc., etc., etc….

Just stop it! Remember that the Revolutionary was fought because there was 3% taxes! You’ve come a long way, baby!

Despicable DUH! Evil

It is unbelievably


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has been denied Secret Service protection for a fifth time. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said it is not warranted at this time.

It is petty and disgusting, and it shows very clearly just who Joe Biden really is! Look, I’m no fan of RFK, Jr. I think he is a far-Left freaker. But that doesn’t change the fact that what Joe Biden is doing is flat-out evil.

And it is transparently obvious why Joe Biden is doing this: Biden needs the far-Left freaker vote and RFK, Jr. is a threat to that!

But it’s revolting. This guy’s father and uncle were political figures who were famously assassinated. And now Joe Biden refuses security for him because he is an electoral threat?

It is hard to not be cynical and think this has a lot to do with politics. Kennedy’s candidacy poses a threat to Biden’s re-election. Biden and the DNC have done all they can to keep Kennedy off the ballot in November. Kennedy had to become an independent candidate to run against Biden. 

Just when you think Joe Biden could not be any more evil…