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Maybe DeSantis will take it all. I’d be A-OK with that…

I would almost for sure choose DeSantis over Trump. I’m a fan.

It’s not that Trump wasn’t robbed–he was. It’s not that Trump didn’t do a good job and he certainly would do so again. It is that Trump is a magnet for drooling, foam-flecked opposition. And WHEN Lefty Freakers™ start going after DeSantis (which they most certainly will–and it has already started), there is no longer even a skiff of doubt of their mendacity and bad faith. It pulls the curtain on their partisan machinations.

Dole = Literally Hitler: check
Bush = Literally Hitler: check
McCain = Literally Hitler: check
Romney = Literally Hitler: check
Trump = Literally Hitler: check
DeSantis = In process. Coming very soon! (spoiler: He will also be “Literally Hitler”)

Get the pattern? DUH!

I mean, Bush, McCain, and Romney were ALL huge RINO squishes. But the Left gravely informed us that they were all “Literally Hitler.”

Look, it makes NO differences who or what you actually are…