Captain Obvious Fear

Democrat flop-sweat

about RFK, Jr.

While the swamp has likely dismissed Kennedy as a gadfly, the Secret Service issue makes a strong talking point for the campaign. It points up the gap that exists between DC insiders and, oh, say, the rest of America. And intentionally or not, it hearkens one back to the fates of his uncle and father, even among those who are too young to remember either or were unborn when those incidents occurred. And Kennedy has a populist appeal.

… The Michigan Primary should serve as a warning to the DNC and the Biden campaign that they have a very small needle to thread and an increasingly unpopular brand with which to do it. Which is why the party is so concerned about circling the wagons. 

Bad Faith Captain Obvious

Et tu,


Former aides who worked directly with then-Vice President Joe Biden in the Obama administration have called current fears over his age “a very real issue” — with some alarmed at how he has become more “frail” and “mumbly.”

Knife, meet back…

Captain Obvious Evil Fighting Back

I’m telling you

folks, it makes NO difference at all who it is: Anyone who runs for office who is at least center-right will be hounded incessantly by the Left. It is an intense maliciousness that never sleeps!

These attacks are all a message to anyone who would dare to run as a conservative. Do so, and we will stop at nothing to destroy you.

Even some conservatives have gone wobbly! They need to buck up a bit…

Having said all that, we’ve now reached a point where even if you hate Trump’s behavior, despise his temperament, think he isn’t a pure-enough conservative, or would prefer someone else less toxic carry the conservative banner, the choice is clear — either support Trump or condone the anti-democratic, extra-legal, election-integrity-destroying tactics of the left, which will forever poison the American political system, and will mean the end of conservatism in the U.S. for the foreseeable future.

… Those who think this is just about Trump, or that Trump is a special case, or that once we get Trump out of the picture civility will return, are deluding themselves. If Mister Rogers ran as a conservative he’d be just as viciously attacked.

Since then, the left has added lawfare to its arsenal, which has now reached peak absurdity for the simple reason that Trump refuses to give in. But make no mistake, scalping Trump will only whet the left’s appetite for more scalps.

But perhaps with the recent absurd court action and the manifestly unfair blocking of appeal, things have hit the tipping point. I sure hope so!

Captain Obvious Injustice

You know the

Engoron ruling won’t stand, right?

“Ms. [Letitia] James is supposed to value properties now? She’s got a bunch of associates under her, giving you what they think the value of Trump Tower is, and that’s the basis of a lawsuit?” Habba continued, pointing to the absurdity of the entire case.

… these people “live in this world where they frankly, have no real knowledge.”

But THAT is par for the course for the Left!

Captain Obvious

You know, it’s

hardly a surprise. Big cities are almost always on the Left. Most often, quite far on the Left. And pensions are a big part of that. The golden goose seems to be on life-support.

But know, Lefties are HORRIBLE at managing your money! Recent history makes that abundantly clear. If you want decent fiscal policy, you sure as heck don’t vote Democrat! DUH!

Captain Obvious

Yes, it is

disgraceful. Biden doesn’t even like our troops, let alone be willing to do what is right for them or protect them!

No freakin’ wonder why recruitment is so bad. Hey, I’m a Navy vet who loved my time in the service and even I didn’t encourage my two boys to go in (one boy was born at Camp Lejeune and the other in Japan)!

Captain Obvious

Go home, Nikki.

You’re drunk.

But actually, she is a Democrat party agent.

A loss in her home state could prove a crushing blow to her candidacy and a recent Winthrop poll suggests such a development may soon occur. Trump claimed 65% support among likely South Carolina voters in the survey, nearly doubling Haley’s 36% support. Independents, who may vote in the primary, were largely split, with 42.3% supporting Haley and 42.6% supporting the former President.

Captain Obvious

So, how have YOU

been doing under “Biden?”

Captain Obvious

So why the tired

and lame old “Republicans Pounce!” narrative?

Why will the media make Republicans Pounce!® the narrative? Because if they report on Biden’s cognitive crisis with any honesty, they will have to account for their own efforts to propagandize Biden as vital and up to the job.

Because it is avoidant. It allows them to avoid soul-searching. And introspection is far from a strong suit for ALL Democrats!

Captain Obvious

You should

watch it. It really IS cringey! Almost unbelievably patronizing.

I know Joe Biden is frantic to shore up his flagging support in the Black community. But c’mon, this is not the way to go about it! If I were part of the Black community I would be totally offended.

What is it with the Bidens? I tell them again and again that it’s impossible to condescend and pander at the same time, but they never listen.