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good and right.

Buffoons Captain Obvious

Well, he’s

freakin’ SENILE!

Buffoons Captain Obvious

Well, Team Biden is

freaking out for good reason!

Maybe, just maybe, the White House is scared because poll after poll in recent weeks has shown Biden reaching new lows for overall approval and in polls of Americans’ support for his economic and immigration policy. Independents have fled from Biden in droves since he took office, and even Democrats say the country is on the wrong track despite their party controlling two-thirds of Washington politics. 

Captain Obvious Dementia Joe

You often can’t

fact check Biden anymore. He is too incoherent.

And Beau Biden died heroically in Iraq. Joe said that again, though Wow! THAT is very obviously not true, and Senile Joe has had that particular fantasy debunked many times!

Trust me, he will never debate an opponent! His handlers will find some way to get out of it. THIS is the new “basement strategy.” They hope that with the help of massive voter fraud, they can drag his senile old carcass over the finish line!

Captain Obvious

I agree,

Manchin is a throwback to the past. He certainly is not the future.

Manchin’s office did not respond to a request for comment.


“No Labels?” What is this, 2005?

But of course, run Manchin, run! And he’s not as hopelessly anachronistic as the current resident of the White House!

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Yes, yes

he has. And remember, Zogby is a HUGE Democrat! He represents Democrats on this site. For the White House, he is a “friendly.”

And yet… He also has to bow to reality or else become a complete laughingstock. Here’s part of what even he says”

This was a week involving large events, and President Joe Biden seems to have lost control of both the situation and the messaging.

He put it as nicely as was humanly possible. He didn’t say, “You’re stupid,” he said, “Wisdom has been chasing you, but you have always been faster.”

The more conservative Jed Babbin was, of course, far more direct:

Biden continues to lie about the coming possible default on U.S. credit obligations. Even the Washington Post, which is regularly part of his cheering squad, gave Biden four “Pinocchios” — its worst rating — for his repeated insistence that the Republican plan, which would raise the debt limit in exchange for spending cuts, would cut veterans’ benefits.

.. In the middle of all this, Biden & Co. are going ahead with an onslaught of economy-killing regulations. For example, a new EPA proposed rule would require power plants to cut carbon emissions by 90% by 2035 to 2040. Other regulations are trying to limit the power consumption of everything from dishwashers to microwave ovens. If this nonsense goes through, electricity will cost a lot more, and household appliances will be less able to function because of the power cuts.

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Yep, you

gotta learn. Otherwise, you’re just one more brick in the Lefty wall.

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it’s ugly!

And remember, it was the PanicPornPimp™ Karens who wrought this!

Things are so bad, in fact, that 26 Empire State Buildings could fit into New York City’s empty office space, as occupancy in the city is hovering around 50% of prepandemic levels, according to the chair of Harvard Economics Department, Edward Glaeser and MIT’s Carlo Ratti.

The cause? Thanks to the pandemic, working from home has become the norm in many industries– a phenomenon which has also heavily impacted mass transit systems in America’s largest cities.

Meta, meanwhile, has listed all 435,000 sqft of their 181 Fremont St. location for rent, as the city’s 3rd largest tower currently sits 100% vacant. [emphasis in the original in all cases]

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Let’s just say

that it was a shot in the dark.

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Hey, the wind

has shifted just a bit… “Funny” how when he feels the heat, he sees the light!

Brown is supporting SB 1473, which will “authorize the immediate expulsion of inadmissible aliens attempting to enter the United States by fraud or without a necessary entry document, and for other purposes,” which, in essence, is extending Title 42. This was a statute from 2020 that prohibited asylum-seekers from entering the country due to the coronavirus pandemic.

He is a co-sponsor. Stick THAT in your pipe and smoke it!