Buffoons Captain Obvious

Oh, so the FBI

and “Biden” effort to harm Donald Trump didn’t work at all! Not in the slightest. In fact, many of us are more supportive of Trump because of this.

Look, Trump was not my fist choice, initially. But I was wrong–he was the BEST choice. And this kind of crappery just solidifies that!

Captain Obvious

I mean, honestly,

do you even wonder why?

Look, people flee crappy governance! How intellectually lame do you have to be to not understand THAT?

Captain Obvious Current Events

Go ahead, spittle-lipped

Dems, TRY and derail the Trump Train!

The pathological Democrat/Liz Cheney lust for removing Trump from the 2024 equation is, thus far, backfiring on them. They would have had better success pushing him aside if they’d just shut their yaps. Of course, that would just clear the way for Ron DeSantis, who is going to steamroll them too.

… While President LOLEightyonemillion is doddering around and shaking hands with ghosts during important public appearances, the once and probably future president of the United States is thrilling crowds who stand in line for hours to see him. If the Democrats do manage to manufacture a way to keep him off the 2024 ballot, we may very well have our first write-in president ever.

Captain Obvious Dementia

What a freakin’

moron! This guy has gotten SO senile, SO demented that I honestly don’t know how much more of him the country can take!

Are YOU one of those idiots who actually voted for this guy? Really? How dumb was that?

This guy seems to me to be very clearly a pedophile.

Buffoons Captain Obvious

You know,

it’s a valid question.

Anti-scientific stance Captain Obvious

No. No it

didn’t. DUH!

Captain Obvious Evil Immorality

Oh really?

Didn’t YOU say I was nuts for saying this?

Captain Obvious Crime

Do you even


Yeah, DUH! This is what you get when you vote for Lefties. Why on this green earth would you even be surprised?

So (literally) for the love of humanity, don’t do it! Don’t be a misanthrope or a gull. Don’t vote Democrat if you care about people!

Captain Obvious

No. No

it isn’t!

Captain Obvious Dishonesty

Welcome to the era of

Baghdad Biden.

“There IS no inflation! It is at zero!”

Oh puh-leeze…

And remember, Lefties, YOU voted for this piece of crap. Way to go. Waaaay to go…