Buffoons Captain Obvious

You don’t

think there’s a coordinated effort here, do you?

You can just smell the Democrat flop-sweat in the air!

Captain Obvious

I think I

am sensing a pattern, her…

Just coincidences, I suppose.

Bad Faith Captain Obvious

Oh really,


Why did they lie for so long? Oh wait, never mind. I understand…

Captain Obvious Elections

Coming Soon!

Peak Polis.

And it won’t be long. There is NO WAY Biden does two terms, even if he could get re-elected. Fairly, that is, since THAT would be a first for him…

Make no mistake about it, Polis is positioning himself to run for president the minute the Democrat Party checks poor old Joe Biden into the Shady Pines Rest Home.

Tell me, jefe, IS there a Democrat hopeful who is not a total turd blossom? Where are the Gabby Giffords of the Democrats? Sure, we disagree on many things, but at least she is not a kooky and violent proto-dictator!

Bad Faith Captain Obvious

Arm yourself,

because the police won’t save you.

And I think it is clear now that putting you kids in public schools is far from ideal.

Let’s acknowledge the fact that kids in home and even private schools don’t get killed… Just sayin’.

Captain Obvious Injustice

Do you think

that he will get locked up without trial for well over a year for this?

Yeah, I don’t, either. DUH! Political prisoners–it’s what Lefties DO!

Whatever happen to “A speedy trial?” Oh yeah, Lefties…

And have you ever seen the movie. “Breaker Morant?” Asking for a friend…

If you encounter any Boers
   You really must not loot 'em!
And if you wish to leave these shores,
   For pity's sake, DON'T SHOOT 'EM!!

January 6 political prisoners: Scapegoats of The Left…

Buffoons Captain Obvious

The Jan. 6 hearings

were a complete flop. Total. Bomb. A real clinker.

NO ONE who was not already a raving, teeth-gnashing anti-Trumper was convinced even a little.

All it did was make Trump more popular…Even CNN is reporting it!

Captain Obvious Current Events

You think

that maybe he is a Leftist?

Oh, and this is not his first rodeo…

In 2018 he denied accusations of sexual misconduct made by four women, including two who accused him of rape.


Well, the Reuters article doesn’t say, which is a sure sign pointing to him actually being a Leftist. If he had been a Conservative, that fact (irrelevant though it may be) would have been in the headline…

Captain Obvious Change

Yes, there is

blood in the water.

But this is the first time I have read in an article that Democrats will also probably lose the Senate. They only have to have one net loss to lose the whole thing. Baby steps…

In the two worst midterm election years for Democrats in modern history — 2010 under former President Barack Obama and 1994 under former President Bill Clinton — the party lost 63 and 53 U.S. House seats, respectively. This year, Democrats could see even more substantial seat losses.

… Taken together, historical trends, Biden’s deeply negative ratings, widespread pessimism and the Democratic Party’s failure to provide cogent messaging on key issues — the economy, crime, immigration, and the pandemic — indicate that Democrats could be on track to lose as many seats as they did in 2010 and 1994, if not potentially more.

Be very worried, Democrats!

The days of political maneuvering by those on the left are gone. There are only true believers left, and Jones is on the outside looking in.

Yes, the Democrat party is the party of true believers… ONLY!

Captain Obvious Crime

I really DO think that

charges need to be filed. And then let them sit in jail for over a year awaiting a trial…

And if Colbert himself was a co-conspirator…