Age-related decline Captain Obvious

You know,

dosing is tricky: You want to give him enough that he doesn’t look dopey and totally “slow Joe.” Yet a little too much and he is quite obviously out-of-his-skull high, yelling spasmodically like he did at the SOTU. It’s a fine line…

The debate was shortened to an hour to avoid having the meth cocktail wear off mid-debate, but it is still an hour–and the drugs should cover that. I do wish, however, that the debate were the customary and regular 90 minutes in length.

But Joe can probably go 60 minutes (minus 2 commercial breaks) without obviously soiling himself, falling down, and descending into confused gibberish. Probably. His “stability shoes” should help a lot. And expectations of him are set SO low that anything short of that will be hailed by the lackey MSM as a HUGE victory for him!

And yet…

Yeah, ya think?

Well, that is interesting. We should be surprised by Biden’s “physical performance” as well? Why is that? Lately, the Biden campaign has been dogged by a slew of viral videos showing Biden’s physical and cognitive deterioration. Why, exactly, are we going to be surprised?

“If you look at how Joe Biden usually is — slow and stumbling — compared to how he was during the State of the Union — fiery and angry — these are signs that are typical for someone taking Adderall or any amphetamine,” Lieberman said back in March

According to Lieberman, the real surprise will be whether Biden shows up at all. 

“Biden has been having an accelerated number of ‘gaffes’ in recent weeks, such as his performance at West Point, D-Day, Juneteenth, and the L.A. Fundraiser where Obama (since the Easter Bunny wasn’t available) had to lead him off the stage,” she said. “We’re told he’s going to surprise us with his ‘physical performance,’ which could mean ten push-ups or simply his being able to stand through the whole debate.”

I wish the debate would have been 90 minutes–so we could see if Biden could stand that long!

Captain Obvious

I really could

not have said it better myself:

The Washington Post lost half its readers when Trump left office. Its owner, Jeff Bezos, does not know what to do. I suggest more coverage of high school sports with lots of pictures because people are more interested in that stuff than the daily Trump bashing. TDS has become tedious, predictable and unprofitable. The show is over. [emphasis added]

Yes, the TDS show is over. At least, it is no longer able to sell tickets and the TDS flunkies now have sunken eyes and a tight, grim look on their faces. They are the old men sitting in their wheelchairs at a Rolling Stones concert smoking weed at arguing that Mick Jagger “still has it.”


Captain Obvious

Yup! That is

pretty much true!

Captain Obvious Election Fraud

I’ve had Lefties

earnestly tell that there IS no voter fraud. Then they added the weasel word “significant” to it–“There is no SIGNIFICANT voter fraud.

Now they are just silent as the tomb about it and just hope that you forget what they said in the past…

Captain Obvious

Yeah, I

kinda do…

Captain Obvious Current Events

It’s a

pretty fun game!

Anger Captain Obvious Current Events

I gotta say,

I’m really shocked!

Yes, yes, I understand that this is not the main Pediatrician group. But still, it’s a voice, and that’s a darned sight better than what we’ve had!

Captain Obvious Dementia Joe

Lights on, but

no one home!

Biden Recession Captain Obvious

Don’t fall prey

to the stupid Biden gaslighting!

Captain Obvious

So there’s nothing

new here. Not a thing. So why did the Left scurry so to cover it up?

Because it shows the gross mental illness of the “trans” crowd. So give it time to die down. There is NO other reason.

Remember, the excuse was that it was just so detailed it would be dangerous to release it. That was a damned lie.

So what else might ye be being lied to about? Huh?