"Green" religion

More Lefty logic:

"Green" religion DUH!

What, you’re

just now figuring that out?

Today’s climate activists resemble nothing so much as a religious movement, with carbon the new devil’s spawn.

No crap, Sherlock!

Oh, and “carbon offsets” as the new paid-for “indulgences.” And Al Gore as the Pope of Global Warming! And …

Yeah, it’s really culty.

I thought even particularly stupid people knew THAT! Yeah, and water is wet! It’s not exactly a new thing.

"Green" religion Wisdom

Yes, I think EVs

are rapidly approaching the end of their “shelf life.”

Again, I think that if I live in a clime like San Diego and I drive 30 miles a day, mainly commuting to work and back, charge overnight at home, I have an ICE car for roadtrips, and have a coercive state government (<cough>California<cough), an EV can make good sense. And I hold to that position.

But if I am a construction boss on an oilfield in South Dakota? Not so much… In that case, I need my truck to handle cold weather. I need my truck to do “trucky” things and have a range that goes beyond a few miles!

Who could have guessed that paying $55,000 (and that’s with EV subsidies) for a stripped-down, base-level truck that overheats when you tow things and can’t drive over 300 miles on a single charge wouldn’t appeal to the average F-150 buyer? Certainly, people who use their trucks for work have found little to no use for such a pointless monstrosity.

… So again, it’s worth asking whether EVs have any redeeming qualities in their current iteration. They aren’t renewable, relying on toxic chemicals mined by literal child slaves in Africa that eventually require replacement. They are less capable than your average gas-powered vehicle. They typically cost more new but don’t hold their value because the batteries are so expensive to replace, meaning buyers get hit coming and going. The list goes on.

Aren’t they saving the planet, though? I’d suggest not given they still rely on power largely created by fossil fuels anyway.  So what’s the point? All EVs are doing is empowering China, which produces 70 percent of the world’s EVs and controls most of the mining of the materials needed to build them. How many billions of dollars are American companies going to continue to throw away pursuing this government-pushed pipedream? The answer is likely quite a few billion more. Eventually, the market always wins, though.

In college, the Mendelian Spousal Unit (MSU) had a geology professor who on the side often evaluated land for housing developments. His saying was, “Nature ALWAYS re-establishes the slope.” Regardless of berms or retaining walls, nature will always re-establish the slope, eventually.

So does the market…

"Green" religion

Welcome to

reality, carmakers!

I guess the dogs just don’t like the dog food…

GM and Ford are now waking up to reality. They are cutting back on projections of EV sales and lowering production targets for the cars and batteries.

Bt actually, it is also a HUGE national security issue, too.

As the world has seen from Russia’s cutoff of natural gas supplies to Europe, it is not prudent to rely on an unfriendly country for a vital resource such as energy, because restrictions can raise energy prices and carry disastrous economic and social consequences.

… Ford and GM are finally realizing that Americans are smarter than their government and are not buying the EV fantasy. If Georgia is any guide, the automakers’ “pause” on EV investment might end up as a permanent stop.

"Green" religion

Bye-bye “green”

energy! You always reeked rocks, but yesterday you sank like the proverbial stone that’s been thrown in the ocean.

Remember: “Ford Lost $62,016 For Every EV It Sold In 3Q.” And: “GE Offshore Wind to Post $1 Billion in Losses.”

Even Ford can’t keep up such losses for long.

Wind and solar are both terrible methods of generating electricity, both expensive and unreliable. The one thing that can make the situation worse is the drive to electrify everything, including motor vehicles. The impracticality of this “green” vision has become blindingly obvious, and the “green” movement has begun to fall apart.

"Green" religion Lefty Identity

Yes, but for

a lot of people on the Left, being wrong is not a particular problem.

MUCH of what they espouse is demonstrably wrong, but don’t be fooled–facts and truth are NOT the salient issues, here. Again, the real issue here is conversion, not mere data.

I mean, look gun control, as well! This is another case where the data are very clear. Yet Leftists promote policies that are directly contrary to the data! And when confronted with data they are steadfast in their beliefs regardless. Because it’s about conversion and not data!

The data don’t actually matter. This is all about identity and self-regard. “I was born a Leftist and I will die a Leftist.” Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is about evidence–it’s not. It’s about identity, which is why they hold to Leftism with religious intensity.

"Green" religion The Loony Left

Hey, if the

shoe fits, buddy

And the fact that the nutcase glued his feet to concrete might have had something to do with the determination he might need professional intervention.

Yeah, maybe…

But perhaps a hard Ice Hockey body-check would have freed him! We’ve already seen these wackos have their glued hands ripped off. Sometimes the road surface has been removed around the hand and then they are sent on their way. All good!

I’m tired of these zealots. I’m just NOT into extreme religious zealotry. And that’s what this is. We have seen that same thing with the ascetics in history. And there’s simply no good reason to be nice about this. It does them no good and also does the rest of us no good. Let them become an extreme religious ascetic, a modern-day St. Simeon The Stylite.

They deliberately do it to themselves in a fit of religious zealotry in order to take advantage of you because of your niceness! So let them face the consequences of their actions. Don’t let them turn your niceness into a weapon against you!

"Green" religion

Oh really?

You don’t say!

A new study published in the scientific peer-reviewed journal, Climate, by 37 researchers from 18 countries suggests that current estimates of global warming are contaminated by urban warming biases.

You mean there might be an “instrumentation” threat to validity? Whoda thunk?

Oh yeah, ME.

ANYONE who took my Research Design and Analysis class would have known that! Paging Cook & Campbell on the white phone…

"Global Warming" nonsense "Green" religion

Did you NOT

know that it is all just a big ruse?

Then you are
A) Not very bright, or
B) An inveterate (and invertebrate) hack, a rigid partisan who will happily chuff down whatever dog food the Left gives you and then ask for a pat on the head.

Are there any other explanations that fit the data?

"Green" religion

I guess

that would work…