Freedom Leftugees

Not at all

surprising, now is it?

Funny how people move to where they are NOT treated like crap, eh? No wonder people are fleeing Lefty Hell-holes! Now, they need to remember what made the “Leftugees” in the first place!

Current Events Freedom

Yes, freedom is

just starting to spurt out all over the world.

Like Joe Biden said, the pandemic is OH-VAH!

Culture Freedom

It matters.

It is part of resisting.


It was a VERY

bad call, and a threat to out country itself.

Don’t think it can’t happen here. And many of us have voluntarily taken oaths to defend America from ALL enemies, both foreign AND domestic.

And if YOU took that oath of your own free will and choice. So do YOU take it seriously?

Joe Biden certainly set the punditocracy abuzz with his neo-totalitarian performance piece at Independence Hall in Philadelphia on Thursday. The significance of that speech can be broken down into three parts, two of which have already received abundant commentary. 

… A year or so back, I might have thought that the theatrics were inadvertent. I have changed my mind. Having watched Biden’s Justice Department morph into an American Stasi with the FBI conducting predawn raids against various Trump supporters, arresting former aides and confiscating the mobile phones and other property of his lawyers, I now think that the tactics of intimidation are part of a larger strategy. 

Education Freedom

Oh yeah,

ya think?

Key findings of the report included that “[c]ampuses do not consistently achieve an atmosphere that promotes free expression,” “[s]tudents who identify as conservative face distinctive challenges,” and “[s]tudents across the political spectrum want more opportunities to engage with those who think differently.”

In other breaking news, water is wet!


Don’t hide behind

your faith, using it as an excuse to do nothing! Let’s not use a lame Panglossian (from Voltaire’s Candide) dodge of “The best of all possible worlds” or, “Whatever happens is G*d’s will.”

No, YOU have to stand up for what is right! So quit making excuses, get your butt off the couch, and save your country!

Civil Rights Elections Freedom

Yep. People have

had enough. And it is quite clear that Biden and his cabal of corrupt lackeys would strip you of many Civil Rights if they ever have half a chance.

Let’s not give them that chance.

Despotism Freedom


would sure be nice.

Those that don’t actually have a legitimate reason for being there should be moved from DC. Those involved in agriculture, for example, should be based in Iowa–near actual, you know, farmers.

Those in charge of steel-making should be in Pittsburg. You know, near those who actually make steel!

CCRRAAAAZY idea, right?

Get the teat-suckers out of DC and you will see a massive change!

In fact, I don’t know why, with today’s technology, even Representatives and Senators need to be petty celebrities in DC rather than staying in an office in their home state. It really makes no good sense. Honestly, what benefits (to the country) ARE there in having them be in DC? It’s just hide-bound tradition in the service of self-dealing…

It’s time for some really HUGE changes. Let’s roll!


The truth is that

it’s time.

Our ancestors have already screwed things up big-time by voting the direct election of Senators. But there is yet a chance to still fix other things.

I used to be fearful that a Convention of States would open things up to Lefty crackpots. BUT, this can have a requirement that only things that limit the central government can even be proposed.

And then any changes would have to be ratified by 38 states in order to take effect. But I think that there are only a few things that would get ratifies by 38 states.

  • Term limits for BOTH elected officers and Civil Employees
  • SCOTUS set at 9 members. NO COURT PACKING!

I think MOST people are good with those two. No others immediately come to mind for me.

Fixing the direct-election-of-Senators crap-tastic debacle would take a separate Constitutional Amendment…

Education Freedom

Yeah, it’s

called, “education.”

Student reactions to the lessons have been “overwhelmingly positive–and universally so,” Boghossian told The Fix in an email. “I frequently heard phrases like ‘changed my life.’”