Bad Faith

Yes, it is

nothing but scary!

Yet THAT is indeed the world we live in.

Current Events

Yeah, I like

DeSantis. And I think it was amazingly left-footed and clumsy for Trump to publicly denounce him.

There’s been an effort by some to portray DeSantis as a Swamp creature, beholden to Paul Ryan (who?) or something, but that’s laughable on its face. This guy is fighting the liberals and WINNING. Who cares if he ran into Kevin McCarthy in a men’s room once, or whatever it is the Twitter bots are saying this week? All I care about is winning and taking back the country. If the GOP elites want to pour money into his campaign, let them. You can’t win the presidency without money. There’s more than enough proof to indicate that DeSantis is his own man and not beholden to special interests.

Trump’s recent trip to Biden-polluted Ohio was classic Trump! It was Trump at his best. Unfortunately, Trump already foolishly damaged the DeSantis avenue. Maybe not permanently, but still grievously.

DeSantis was the right call as Trump’s VP. But I’m not sure that it can happen, now. Trump should have just kept his mouth shut! Trump/DeSantis is a killer ticket!

Cover-up! Current Events

Yeah, pardon


Republicans across the board are spiking the political football after President Joe Biden’s Department of Energy admitted that the coronavirus, originating in Wuhan, China, likely stemmed from a lab leak.

Are you Lefties just too pathologically narcissistic to apologize? I suspect that most of you are.

Make no mistake…

Those of us who are not mindlessly bleating Lefty sheep are simply not a bit surprised. Not. One. Bit. We have been saying this for a LONG time. And finally, even the Biden government bows to reality and admits it!

Corruption Justice

Fine. Let’s see

it happen. Until then:

Evil Clown Incompetence

It’s been an

utter Joe Biden Bungle™ from the beginning. I’m not sure he cares at all about those poor people whose lives have been ruined! Nor does he care about the environmental damage.

And it could be YOU

Neither Biden nor Pete Buttigieg are even remotely competent! That much is QUITE clear. I mean train wrecks happen. But one would hope that the response wouldn’t be so inept and amateurish.

Elections can have unforeseen and very unfortunate consequences…

Epic fail Hypocrisy

Yes, Lefties are

quick to strut and preen and pontificate when they live in a safely Conservative and securely defended enclave. Sure, they don’t have either guns or intact reality testing. But their neighbors have both!

“Defund the police? Oh sure, but of course I have hired private security!”

But of course, while these folks do indeed sympathize with the rioters and miscreants, they just won’t move to Portland. Of course.

Don’t fall for what they say, believe what they do!

It’s the ultimate NIMBY! They love Leftism–just not where they live.

Political philosophy

I agree that

Democrats have gone nuts! Sensible people just won’t cotton to such crapola.

In the past, one could be both sensible and a Democrat. But those days are pretty much gone. You get some who call themselves Democrats out of a wistful memory of the past, but the modern party, if examined at all, quickly disabuses a moral and thinking person of such mushy-headed thinking.



Do you have any good stock tips?”

Bad Faith Dishonesty


doesn’t want at admit it!

And honestly, who could blame him? NO ONE with a smidgeon of good sense wants to admit it–they work HARD to blur those lines!

You’ve heard the mouth noises: I’m a moderate–not extreme about anything. Oh, and: I’m just a pragmatist–I am in favor of what works. And the ever-blooming: I am too independent of a thinker to be pigeonholed in that way.

Have you not figured out that these are ALL obfuscations? They are the pathetic bleatings of a Leftist who wants to hide his or her Leftism. End of story.

Civil Rights Despotism Evil

Please, don’t

EVER forget!