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You know,

it’s funny. National events show that in many ways, the country is getting more conservative. From the attempt of eastern Oregon to join Idaho to the repeal of RvW to the need for Democrats to cheat in order to gain and maintain power to court and cultural losses to the anti-gun nutters.

I’m NOT saying that the struggle against evil is over (it’s certainly not), but there are “sparks” of good sense and morality that are oozing out of many places.

Like the fact that there is no longer a complete philosophical monopoly that crushes any non-Leftist thought in social media. There are starting to be more philosophically neutral alternatives to things like PayPal, even! The non-partisan news organizations are thriving–still a beleaguered and persecuted minority that the Left superciliously writes off, but they are certainly there and in little danger now of being squashed out entirely (regardless of what despotic Leftists want).

I believe that the right will ultimately prevail, though it will take real and ongoing effort–evil never sleeps! And time. But be of good cheer. Still, WE need to all get on that train, for our own moral health, if for nothing else.

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What it means

to be a Democrat hack:

Political philosophy

The truth is,

the concept of “human rights” is ONLY found in the Judeo-Christian tradition. The idea of “human rights” is so much a “given”and so transparent to us that we are totally unaware of just how radical and unusual that concept actually is.

I mean, what OTHER thought tradition has that as a foundational principle? The idea that everyone, regardless of their behavior, is a son or daughter of God is quite revolutionary in human thought. And yet it is the basis for ALL our law!

In the amazing words of Walt Whitman, who experienced the Civil War (and this poem is only 10 lines long, so read the whole thing!):

For my enemy is dead—a man divine as myself is dead;
I look where he lies, white-faced and still, in the coffin—I 
draw near;
I bend down and touch lightly with my lips the white face 
in the coffin.

Those are not the word of a Genghis Khan. Nor are they the words of a Julius Caesar. These are words that show an underlying culture of Christianity!

Word over all…

Political philosophy

I’ve long been

telling you: Crappy and unfair law enforcement virtually always leads to vigilantism. And THAT is a real shame, since vigilantism is FAR more prone to mistakes than is a well-functioning justice system.

And those vigilante people don’t at all feel bad about what they do–in fact, they feel fully justified. THIS is the natural consequence of a hobbled Justice system.

Americans have a very long and prominent history in art, theater, culture, and actual practice of vigilantism. How often is, “He got off on a technicality” the main theme of a drama? It is a main theme in virtually ALL popular movies.

Think “Batman.” Think ALL the Charles Bronson movies. Think Star Wars. Think Harry Potter. Even in Kenny Rogers’ song “Coward Of The County.” THINK!

Johnny Rotten

I am NOT endorsing vigilantism. I don’t like it. But you don’t have to be a vigilante to understand how such a thing might come about.

Political philosophy


has NOT been a friend to truth and honesty! That is why Lefties are so freaked out at the thought of it being run fairly. Lefties depend on deception and subterfuge to keep power and stay relevant. So a free Twitter is a dang nightmare for them!

Change Leftugees Political philosophy

We need to

understand that there are long-term repercussions to what is going on, here.

I’ve been telling you, there is a great division of the people in progress. States are trying to escape by dividing, while individuals are becoming Leftugees.

And it is inevitable. UNLESS one hews back to Federalism. Unfortunately for the country, Leftists are adamantly opposed to Federalism. Yet THAT is the answer.

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Identify a Marxist

with these five easy tricks!

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The standard, Lefty

interpretation of China is that they really stunk, economically, and then Xi applied Socialism/Communism even harder and things improved. But Xi applied Socialism/Communism and it got better. It’s only now that things are going south again, and that more about the global economy than Xi.

But I think that is wrong.

History shows that under Socialism/Communism, China’s economy reeked rocks (as we used to say). But just before Xi there were “market reforms” that, just a bit, loosened the Socialism/Communism, and with freer markets, people did A LOT better. MANY people escaped poverty.

Then Xi came to power, panicked, and once again reverted to hard and strangling Socialism/Communism. With a vengeance. So now millions of people are once again thrust into poverty.

There’s a lesson here for American Leftists! Will they learn it? Magic Eight Ball says, “Outlook not so good.”

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You know,

on the face of things, Libertarianism seems reasonable. And I think its domestic policy pretty much is. Foreign policy? Not so much…

Moral Agency Political philosophy

The TRUTH is

that free speech has become a Right-Wing value.

Little is more obvious than the fact that Leftism is all about squelching opinions you don’t like and forcing people to do what you want, while Conservatism is all about free speech and moral agency. Look at Twitter now, for Pete’s sake!

If you don’t support the right to speak of those with whom you disagree, you are not really for free speech! You are just a wannabe despot. Own it!

Now Conservatives own sex, drugs, rock-n-roll, and Johnny Rotten…