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Most Leftists are swimming in these waters. That’s what Leftism is all about! THAT is what the Lefty fever swamps breed in people. Let’s not feign being shocked.

As a marketing ploy, Leftism is all about fairies and unicorns. And that fools a lot of people. But scratch a Leftist and a millimeter below the skin you find a raging despot–you find Pol Pot with the Cambodian killing fields, and voter fraud.

Don’t believe me? Just look at the FBI and the IRS!

In fact, a new study informs, Stalin has much psychopathic (and narcissistic) company among leftists, including among today’s variety. Moreover, the researchers found that authoritarian-minded left-wingers often don’t care a whit about the altruism and “social justice” they trumpet, but instead “use political activism to endorse or exercise violence against others to satisfy their own ego-focused needs.”

There has ALWAYS been a prominent streak of violence in Leftists. In fact, there IS no Leftism without violence and force. At heart, Leftism is at war with moral agency! It has ALWAYS been so. That is not the advertising message of the Left, but it is the truth!

Political philosophy

Seattle has

turned into a (Lefty) 3rd-world country.

See, politics matters! THIS is the bitter fruit of Leftism. The scorpion ALWAYS stings the frog. Every. Single. Time. You really don’t want to go down this road.

Vote wisely!

Political philosophy

Yes, you gotta

wonder; a bit, just why.

At heart, ALL these reasons are psychological in nature. I know garden-variety Democrats get all pissy if you mention this, but it is inarguably true.

The mindset of a Leftist is quite different from the mindset of a Conservative. Leftists lean toward being quite risk-averse. Conservatives tend to be much less so.

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Look, it’s

hardly surprising.

A recent study found that high school seniors that identified as liberal were more prone to depression than their conservative counterparts.

Just locus-of-control issues should tell you THAT!


Of all respondents, liberal women reported the highest depressive affect, with liberal women without a college-educated parent topping the charts. More women tended to identify as liberal than male, with 22% reporting a left-leaning political ideology. About the same amount, 21% of men identified as conservative.

Just do a thought experiment: Leftist religion ideology teaches that you are, at heart, a helpless victim who must have an external agent (ie: a benevolent government) to swoop in and “save” you–YOU can’t do it on your own!

A Conservative OTOH, holds to the idea that he or she can improve and that merit will win out.

Take a wild guess at which belief system is more depressogenic!

Captain Obvious Political philosophy

Just the latest

companies to flee the big cities of California. They won’t be the last…

Look, political philosophy really matters!

Political philosophy



Look, we ALL know that the Democrat party is the party of pedophiles. I’m NOT saying that all Democrats are pedophiles. But on the other hand, it’s obviously not a deal-breaker for them, either.

Yes, they may not actually throw the stones at Stephen. But they ALL hold the cloaks of the rock-tossing crowd while subjecting everyone to their preening, holier-than-thou schtick!

Political philosophy

I think we

should be more like the Swedes. Don’t you?

Political philosophy

Be wise,

folks! Don’t be some bleating sheep, here…

Political philosophy

It’s really quite

typical of Leftism: All hat and no cattle. LOTS of invective, but no data. THAT is how you know this is a cult–they have not advanced far enough to be a religion.

The FACT that conservatives are challenged all the time is a blessing in disguise. The Left is virtually never challenged and they have gotten very intellectually flabby; To the point that they fear rational discussion and just run away.

And that is the final, common pathway for ALL cults! It is, in fact, a defining feature.

These people need to be held accountable for the unconsidered and inane generalities that fall off their tongues so easily. They must be called out for these broad, foolish statements, immediately and completely.

… No honest person can argue the U.S. is better off under Biden’s leadership. And it doesn’t take a genius to expose a fool; Elon showed us how easily it can be done.