Leftugees Political philosophy

In some ways, a

“National Divorce” has already happened. Or is already happening. People are streaming out of Democrat states like CA, IL, Oregon, and NY, fleeing to “free” states like Texas, Florida, the Dakotas, Tennessee, Idaho, and Utah.

And it is scary for residents of those states. VERY scary. Because we don’t know how these “Leftugees” will affect the states. The fear is that they will again soil their own nests with Lefty policies.

Yet moving is NOT easy. You have to be pretty dang motivated to do so. You have to really want something different. You have to have a mindset of change.

And so far, the data show the Conservatives in Lefty states are much, much more motivated to leave and seek a better life than Leftists are–they want to remain in the warm, sticky embrace of the Lefty fever swamps.

In FL, the Leftugees are, on the whole, actually more Conservative than the residents! So yes, it’s scary for the residents. But Florida is no longer a toss-up state–it is solidly red. So just how the migration will actually change things in target states is really not at all clear right now.

Because once people have been forced to drink out of the bitter cup of Leftism, they are often not eager to again stain their lips…