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Is there really

a “smoking gun?” Or are Democrats just smoking wacky weed again?

It was ALL based on pretense and foam-flecked vindictiveness combined with panic about what is entirely likely to happen in November! Really, guys?

This in not a legal reaction from the Democrats, it is a death-rattle.

It’s a frame-up. They will plant “evidence” to harm Trump, and they have ALREADY destroyed the chain-of-custody so they can do just that. Just you watch…

Because if they don’t, it is a TOTAL nothing-burger, and it ends with them shooting themselves in the foot as they try to work the unholstered gun out of their pants pocket!

Democrat Death-Rattle Evil

Yeah, it’s

a problem. He said the quiet part out loud.

But it’s really no shocker–far from it. We ALL knew that this is what has been going on all along. But I think that Democrats want some kind of “plausible deniability” for the elections.

Eyre seemingly deleted his Twitter account following the backlash.

OF COURSE he did! It doesn’t work, you know…

I mean, we’re not stupid. I mean, do I look stupid? No really, do I look stupid?

Actually, I’m not stupid. We ALL see what they are doing! Let’s not ascribe mere Carter-esque incompetence to what is actually a manifestation of evil.

Is it November yet?

Democrat Death-Rattle

Denial ain’t

just a river in Egypt!

But here’s the deal: Denial and avoidance are never good solutions in the long-term. Neither for the gov’t who lives in a dreamland paradise, nor for run-of-the-mill Leftists who avoid defending their own ideas (or more correctly, the ideas they have heard in Lefty fever swamps).

Denial and avoidance ensure NO progression can happen–they are quite literally the highway to Hell.

In fact, a reason progressives dismiss what is taking place is probably that they know that their extreme and irrational ideology is the force driving a political realignment that may rival that which took place in the 1850s, which gave us the Republican and Democratic parties.

Democrat Death-Rattle

Here we go again!

More Harris losses. After FOUR MONTHS!

So as a speech writer you get one of the top three positions in the world, and you can only stand it for months…

This should tell you something…

Democrat Death-Rattle

Yeah, a

real problem for Democrats:

Buffoons Democrat Death-Rattle

Even the NY Times

admits it…

Look, it’s always about the policies. Blaming it on Joe Biden and his age is just a dodge!

Democrat Death-Rattle

Yeah, THAT’S

the ticket!

Oh, it’s just the heat…

Democrat Death-Rattle



The midterm election doomsday scenario for Democrats is becoming clearer, scarier, and more real as inflation and gas prices remain stubbornly high and dissatisfaction with President Biden is through the roof. 

… Sixty-three percent of Democrats polled said the country is headed in the wrong direction, while only 27 percent said it is on the right track. [emphasis added]

Wow! I can’t even imagine numbers that bad!

And the Democrat hits just keep coming!

Rep. Kim Schrier called it an “honor” to welcome President Joe Biden to suburban Seattle for a health care speech in April. Then, nearly three months later, the Washington Democrat used a TV ad to boast about “taking on” the Biden administration over gas prices.

… The result is a House map that has expanded to an uncomfortable place for Democrats. Survey data obtained by POLITICO shows the president underwater by double-digit margins in 11 districts he carried.

Gonna be a TON of Democrats out kicking road apples come 2023!

Is it November yet?

Democrat Death-Rattle

Will it happen?

Will slow Joe get primaried by his own party?

I would think not, but still, he is SO bad that it seems very possibly to be in the works.

Dementia Democrat Death-Rattle Epic fail

Ron Burgundy


So, did YOU vote for this idiot? Really?