Democrat Death-Rattle


fund-raising is low. And that is a huge problem for them!

Democrat Death-Rattle


pass the popcorn.

For all the talk of GOP troubles regarding its presidential primary, Democrats find themselves stuck between a senile old man who may not be able to physically run, and the heir apparent, who just so happens to be one of the most unlikable, untalented politicians in history. That’s left party power brokers with basically one option: Continue to play “Weekend at Bernie’s” with Joe Biden no matter what the cost.

… But that leaves Harris on the outside looking in, and she’s not going to go quietly into that good night. She’s as ambitious as she is terrible at politics. There is no scenario where Democrats don’t utterly destroy themselves with accusations of racism and sexism if anyone steps up to seriously challenge her. That means Harris is not only the second-in-line for 2024, but even if Biden loses, she’s going to be a problem in 2028 as well.

The Democrats deserve this. They picked a vice president with essentially zero relevant experience for the job who was so bad of a presidential candidate that she didn’t even make it to the first primary. And that was with mountains of unearned media coverage trying to push her across the finish line. Harris is their problem, and it’s a self-inflicted one. They better hope Biden doesn’t get any worse than he is because if he can’t run, Democrats are staring at oblivion.

Democrat Death-Rattle

No, no

they didn’t.

Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” that the Democrats did not listen to voters about their economic concerns. She predicted they would have a bad night on Tuesday.

Democrat Death-Rattle Election Fraud

Yes, the gap

is widening.

And JD Vance has an eight point lead, now.

Republican nominee J.D. Vance leads Rep. Tim Ryan, the Democratic nominee, by 8 percentage points, 51 percent to Ryan’s 43 percent. Among undecided voters, who account for 4 percent in these final days, Vance’s lead gets even higher, as he leads by 9 percentage points, with 53 percent to Ryan’s 44 percent.

And even “safe” Lefties like Maggie Hassan in NH and Patty Murray in Washington State are struggling mightily to keep their heads above water!

The only real issue is voter fraud. And that is a HUGE issue. Go be an observer!

Democrat Death-Rattle Dishonesty

You mean,

the Democrats were dishonest about this?


Petty, however, claims the campaign misrepresents her as she was at the Supreme Court alongside Students for Life of America- who’s logo can be seen on a banner directly behind Petty in the featured advertisement.

“I’m not surprised. They manipulate women every day,” Petty told Campus Reform. “Their entire agenda feeds on manipulating women, but honestly it’s just totally embarrassing for their campaign.” 

… “I will not stand by as you use my face, my tears, and my passion, in a way that promotes demonic activity,” she wrote.

Democrat Death-Rattle Impending Democrat Doom Voter Fraud

If those numbers are

anywhere close to the truth, the Democrats should bend over and kiss their sorry butts goodbye. It is cataclysmic for them.

Hat tip to Jeff B who called this poll a sign of a “Biblical-level event” on Twitter. The whole poll is just bad news for Democrats, starting with the generic ballot numbers.

Then again, rest assured that Democrats will engage in massive voter fraud! THAT is how they hope to avoid an ignominious defeat. Indeed, that fraud has already started in PA…

Democrat Death-Rattle

Oh man! What

a moron! There is a LAME hit piece out on Ron DeSantis. And if you are even a little bit surprised, you are a total fool and a complete, slack-jawed naïf! DUH! Maybe your mommy can lend you $5 to go buy a freakin’ clue

Lefties will assure us that DeSantis is (drum roll, please)… Worse than Hitler!

Yeah, right along with Bush II, McCain, Romney, and Trump. Oh, shaddup, Lefties! We’re not stupid enough to fall for your lies again!

Democrat Death-Rattle

Yeah well,

that dog don’t hunt!

In memos, private communications and interviews, Greenberg has been imploring the party to — let’s put this bluntly — shut the hell up about all the work it’s done. It’s not that voters don’t care. He says voters actively turn against Democrats when they hear it.

Captain Obvious Democrat Death-Rattle

“Biden” thinks

(the real Joe Biden doesn’t actually think anymore) that you are an idiot.

They will blame the recession on (drum roll, please)… Republicans. And YOU.

Democrat Death-Rattle

Well yes.

Yes they are.

And Democrats will do anything to get you to take your eye off the ball, here.

And we’ve seen it: The legally horrible and morally disgusting raid on Trump (as well as the legal harassment of Mike Lundell) was just the beginning…