Competence Political philosophy

As Joe Biden keeps

reminding us, every normal distribution has a Left tail!

Change Competence


For the first time in my lifetime, we are seeing the RNC stop being loser patsies and actually do some GOOD! Thank Heaven that incompetent hack Ronna is gone! I wish this had happened nine months ago! Heck, I wish this had happened five years ago!

I’m thinking of donating now that Ronna is gone. If I do, it will be the first time in my entire life that I have made a political contribution!

Change Competence

Honestly, I just

could not be happier. It shows that the new leadership is serious about turning things around!


Choosing Competence


the hallmark of non-Lefty governance.

Argentina’s government, under newly-elected President Javier Milei, achieved its first monthly budget surplus in nearly 12 years in January.

Why can’t we elect our own Javier Milei?

Despite the current challenges, 53-year-old libertarian economist Milei still predicts an economic rebound within three months.



Trust the experts, for Pete’s sake!

It has been bandied about quite a bit, but I do think that we are on the tail end of accepting credentials as expertise. The soi-disant “experts” have pooped in that particular soup. They sold out scientific wisdom for a mess of political hackery, and they will not easily regain that trust.

The solution is to stop pompously pontificating based on credentials and focus on logical argument, on persuasion. The problem is that that is somewhat unknown territory for the Lefty expert class.

Competence Current Events

OK, so I watched

the Tucker Carlson Trump interview and I have some thoughts:

The main issue that struck me is how competent Trump is. I had thought he was just a celebrity who did some good things. But no, he is very solid–great knowledge and really good sense. He’s the kind of guy who, when he drives, allows you to sleep because you feel comfortable that he can handle whatever comes up.

But if Biden were driving you would be wide-eyed and white-knuckled! So there was this air of competence about Trump that was strangely comforting. I honestly didn’t expect that.

I was similarly struck by his common sense. I guess I expected all bluster, and indeed there was some of that (though not much), But the whole thing was very eye-opening. And watching/hearing the other Republican candidates debate debate at the same time, I understood why Trump didn’t participate. He would ONLY be sullied by their dwarfish antics.

I had originally thought that Trump should join the others in the debate. I was WRONG! Trump did the right thing, here.

Here is the interview:

Before you get all solidified in a position, you really need to to watch this interview. Get the data! There is a good reason that Trump has an astronomical, insurmountable lead over other other Republican hopefuls. They look like fractious Lilliputians compared to Trump!

Competence Foolishness

Pretty impressive.

A strong performance.

DeSantis is solid. It was really stupid of Trump to burn that VP bridge! And why oh why? Why on earth did Trump do that? That is just foolish!


Oh yeah,

there is good reason to fear!


Focus on

competency, not credentials!

Chumps Competence

Aren’t we tired

of this juvenile bull crap yet?

I sure am. Are YOU going to stand up to this tantruming idiot behavior?

These folks need a little consequence to their actions! Freakin’ LOONS! And those consequences should be very public.

BUT, there is a silver lining. These folks are wackos, and the difference between the loony Left and normal people is stark. Plus, now we see (again) what DeSantis is made of:

They tried to ding DeSantis but they ended up showing how he handles unexpected incidents. He’s the guy who remains calm in a crisis. He’s the one you want leading the country through a tough time. Thanks, ladies. They made the point that DeSantis supporters already know – he’s a natural leader. He looked as though he quickly assessed that the women were not trying to harm him, just interrupting his speech, and he continued accordingly.