doesn’t live here anymore.

For a virus to survive, it has to have hosts.  The best way for that to happen is to learn how to better infect without killing the host.  That means more potential hosts can be exposed.  Rinse, repeat.

… The “COVID-19” we have today is as much like the original strain as today’s Ford Mustang is like the original 1965 pony car.  There are a few constants, like four wheels, gas and brake pedals, and a steering wheel.  Beyond that, fugeddaboutit.  The original had a three-speed stick shift, skinny tires, and drum brakes.  The engine had a carburetor, breaker points, and a mechanical distributor to get the spark to each cylinder on time.  Its only solid state electronics were transistors in the AM radio.  Today’s Mustang looks “sort of” like the original, but the name badge is about where the commonality ends.  Most of the other details are radically different.

This is a pretty good description of the comparison between the COVID-19 that led to so much havoc in 2020 and the variants that exist today.

It is well understood by epidemiologists–Each subsequent mutation becomes more infectious but less deadly. It is so well known that it even has a name: Muller’s Ratchet.

People need to get educated.


This is

REALLY interesting!

Epic fail Medicine Science


physicians strike back! It’s about time that physicians and all sorts of providers stop cowering and speak up.

As a sort of provider myself, I understand. I fortunately wasn’t faced with it, but would I be willing to face loss of income in order to stand for truth? I sure hope so. But it was an amazingly difficult test.

But many providers were weighed in the balances and found wanting. I understand. And there but for the grace of God go I. But let’s be honest–it was still a massive failure.


VERY interesting


I strongly suspect that thus is not the whole story. But maybe part of it!

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one thing to say:

It is interesting to note that the events in question are ischemic strokes. Ischemic strokes are caused by a loss of blood flow to parts of the brain, so they are a vascular phenomenon, suggesting that ischemic events could clearly be happening in other parts of the body.

Like, uh, THE HEART!

This is certain to fuel speculation about the apparent rash of sudden deaths and heart attacks in otherwise healthy people, although the CDC is very careful to say that right now they only have a “safety signal,” not anything definitive.

You believe the CDC, right? Oh, and they discovered this in November. They just didn’t get around to telling you about it for almost three months.

But I suspect there is a legal cause of action here: If I got the jab, say, right after Thanksgiving, and was equivocal about it but did it because I trusted the CDC, isn’t there some liability involved? Even if I didn’t have a stroke or myocarditis, NOW there is ongoing anxiety about what the future holds!

The CDC had a duty to provide information, they violated that duty, and I had damages that were a direct result of that violation.

And what if I were denied surgery or treatment because I wasn’t vaccinated?

I’m no attorney, but isn’t that a tort? Asking for a friend…

Understand, the effort to “whitewash” the vaccine issues now is NOT to protect Pfizer, et al. It is to legally protect the government and the schools and those employers who demanded the jab! Pfizer, et al. are already indemnified! The others? Not so much…

For enterprising lawyers, there is a gold mine, here! Can you say, “Class Action?”


Well, it’s

time to fight back!

Governor, who the crap are YOU to interfere between a doctor and patient?


Yeah, it truly IS

more than a bit unsettling


Both scary and

not at all surprising.

I am SO glad that I am a pureblood!


My my, we

sure are LUCKY!


Low levels of

vitamin D appear to be correlated with inflammation.

D3 supplements are cheap…

Now, world-first genetic research from the University of South Australia shows a direct link between low levels of vitamin D and high levels of inflammation, providing an important biomarker to identify people at higher risk of or severity of chronic illnesses with an inflammatory component.