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Uhm, yeah.

The link is real.

Honestly, the best thing me and my wife did was refuse to get the jab! I’m sad for those who were forced to.

We are now facing a tsunami of mounting evidence that the mRNA based covid vaccines not only cause cancer progression but also inhibit current treatments in controlling so-called ‘turbo cancers’, sudden and aggressive either first time or relapsed cancers, which are on the rise.

I was dang lucky. I was able to work and provide for my family and still not get the jab. Many others were not nearly so lucky…



Medicine Mental Illness

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you looky there!

The medical group “cannot condone the social affirmation, medical intervention, or surgical mutilation of children and adolescents identifying as transgender or gender nonconforming.”

… “The most recent longitudinal study from Finland that followed over 2,000 adolescents seeking care in their gender clinics found that when psychiatric treatment needs were controlled for, gender identity with or without so-called ‘gender affirming’ interventions did not increase or decrease suicide risk compared to population controls,” Anderson said, citing the study.

I’m telling you, this will be looked upon in VERY few years as one of the worst medical mistakes ever. We are already starting to see MAJOR cracks in the dam.

And I have a question: Who wants to be the last kid sexually mutilated in this fad?


The idea that

hormonal birth control is easy and painless is complete horse hockey! MANY women find it just horrible. And their quality of life drops like a stone that’s been thrown in the ocean.

I would advise this: Women, pay attention to what your body is telling you. Not what should be the case, but what is.


As I have said many

times before, “transition” drugs and surgeries in kids is horrible. In 10 years it will be just another embarrassing but formerly trendy medical mistake. And it has gruesomely mutilated kids. Forever.

It will join the ranks of surgical removal of the removal of nasal turbinates for hysteria (see: Freud’s “Dora” case), Thalidomide, and repressed memory as trendy but catastrophic medical mistakes.

Concluding the report, the Les Républicains senator wrote: “Ultimately, there is every reason to believe that youth gender transition will be considered one of the greatest ethical scandals in the history of medicine. An ethical scandal approved by the medical profession, schools, universities, media and policies.”


Look folks,

there ARE risks!

I’m NOT saying not to use them. I’m saying be careful and watchful. Plus, they are at times a needed option for cycle issues. So let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater. For several reasons they might be a great move. But be watchful and know that YMMV (your mileage may vary).


Sure, sure.

But who on earth would trust it, now?


I have long worked

with chronic pain patients. This is pretty much the Holy Grail. Faster, because I’m not getting any younger, here!

Dishonesty Medicine

Oh really?

You don’t say!

Some 144,349 cases among partially vaccinated people were reported by 32 jurisdictions to the CDC across three months in 2021, according to some of the files, which were acquired by The Epoch Times through the Freedom of Information Act.


Another 133,000 post-vaccination cases occurred among Medicare beneficiaries through September 2021, according to Humetrix, a contractor that analyzed the data. The case count excluded partially vaccinated people.

And then the kicker:

The CDC declined to comment on withholding the Humetrix data.

Wow! So this is just SO typical. So how is the jab a vaccine again? And what about the deceptiveness?



doesn’t live here anymore.

For a virus to survive, it has to have hosts.  The best way for that to happen is to learn how to better infect without killing the host.  That means more potential hosts can be exposed.  Rinse, repeat.

… The “COVID-19” we have today is as much like the original strain as today’s Ford Mustang is like the original 1965 pony car.  There are a few constants, like four wheels, gas and brake pedals, and a steering wheel.  Beyond that, fugeddaboutit.  The original had a three-speed stick shift, skinny tires, and drum brakes.  The engine had a carburetor, breaker points, and a mechanical distributor to get the spark to each cylinder on time.  Its only solid state electronics were transistors in the AM radio.  Today’s Mustang looks “sort of” like the original, but the name badge is about where the commonality ends.  Most of the other details are radically different.

This is a pretty good description of the comparison between the COVID-19 that led to so much havoc in 2020 and the variants that exist today.

It is well understood by epidemiologists–Each subsequent mutation becomes more infectious but less deadly. It is so well known that it even has a name: Muller’s Ratchet.

People need to get educated.