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Well, yeah.

Pretty much

“I think he’s the worst President we ever had to be honest with you… this economy sucks,” the last interviewee said.

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“Biden” has stabbed Israel in the back! He has LONG been anti-Jew, and this is entirely predictable.

But as is “Biden’s” oh-so-typical behavior, this does screw things up for Israel a bit. I’m not an expert in foreign policy (and neither is “Biden”) but my first reaction is that the Israelis should tell Biden to go soak his head.

Folks, we gotta vote to get rid of Biden!

Evil Clown Stooooopid!

Kamela is a

huge liability, plain and simple.

And the is perhaps the biggest stumbling block Democrats have. I mean, how do you solve a problem like Kamala?

What a blithering idiot!

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has never been a strong suit for the Left.

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Just a reminder:

I’ll give Democrats the benefit of the doubt and say that they were just stupid and not evil to the core. Just superficially stupid and evil. Probably. Really, it’s the most that can be done…

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Holy Hannah!

How about she apologize? She was 180-degrees wrong!

Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib refused to apologize Wednesday for saying Tuesday that Israel is to blame for the hospital explosion that day in Gaza, an accusation that sparked political backlash against Tlaib from Republicans as Israel denies fault.

CBS is a tool, It wasn’t simple Israel denying fault, it’s that they WEREN’T at fault. At all! Tlaib is just a lying, racist idiot. And CBS is dishonestly trying to cover for her.


The Biden administration’s “current assessment,” National Security Council spokesperson Adrienne Watson tweeted Wednesday morning, “is that Israel is not responsible for the explosion at the hospital in Gaza yesterday.” [emphasis added]

Even THAT is pretty weaselly, because it is very clear that Hamas accidentally did this to themselves! They got hoisted on their own petard, quite literally.

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Yeah, Meathead

is freaking out over RFK, Jr. running.

Former film director and current Twitter/X activist Rob Reiner is sweating blood over the prospect of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. running as a third-party presidential candidate.

… The good news is that in a country governed by self-rule, this fascist attack on RFK Jr. has backfired. Had the Democrat party honored democracy and allowed RFK Jr. to mount a fair and open challenge, RFK Jr. probably would’ve lost to Biden and not launched this third-party bid.

He knows very well that RFK, Jr. is an existential threat to Biden. Meathead is an idiot, but he can tell which way the wind is blowing!

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Honestly, things

are looking pretty dang grim for Biden. Well, in an honest election, anyway (which is far from a given). STOP SPENDING YOU FREAKIN’ IDIOT!

A recent Gallup poll found that Americans trust the GOP more than the Democrats on the economy by the largest margin in more than three decades. More than half of Americans, 53%, trust the GOP, compared to 39% who say they trust the Democrats. It wasn’t the only issue Republicans had a significant advantage on, either, but the economy tends to be one of the most, if not the most important issue that tips an election one way or another.

… Economists have been predicting a recession is coming either later this year or in 2024 for some time now, but these indicators suggest things could be even worse than previously predicted. Economic downturns are typically blamed on the party that has the White House, and considering Biden has been taking ownership of the economy with his whole “Bidenomics” push, it’s hard to see how Biden and the Democratic Party won’t be creamed in the 2024 elections if there’s an economic downturn in 2024.

And remember, the election is over a year away! and Trump already leads Biden a little. Just think of how much mental and physical decline will Joe Biden undergo before then! He’s simply not going to get better.

See, Democrats are between a rock and a hard place. Biden obviously sucks, but Kamala is much, much worse. They could probably dump Biden, but I really don’t think they could dump Kamala, too. Biden is likely to die in the next term, and very few people would even consider Kamala as President.

And I don’t believe for a moment that Biden is even up to a debate! He will never do it. Let’s just watch…

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Well, yeah.

it honestly not much of a surprise! No one with any sense at all would do it

Even Lefty CA wackos are stepping aside!

Hey despotic Lefty morons, the party is over! Evil clowns…

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People are getting

pretty fed up. He was never bright, but he really has declined in the last five years! Just look at his face. Compare with how “with it” he looked even 10 years ago. Heck, compare it to how he looked in the Obama administration!

Wednesday, in a move described in the media as “bizarre,” he blessed himself while sitting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of illegal aliens continue to flow across our borders every week. It’s now entirely questionable if the United States can survive the Biden presidency.

I find it very interesting that John Zogby declined to even attempt to give a Biden defense! Maybe he had to wash his hair and just didn’t have time…

But maybe, just maybe, he was using the classic Lefty tactic of refusing to give any logical defense of Biden. Maybe there just was none to give and so he ran away. I really don’t know.

But in any case, Zogby didn’t give his customary Lefty take on things. Is that a sign? Magic Eight Ball says: Too early to say.