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how stupid IS this lady?

Democrat New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gloated Tuesday that the Manhattan lawfare case against former President Donald Trump is achieving its goal of keeping him from campaigning.

We ALL knew what was going on! She just said the quiet part out loud…

Speaking to reporters outside Capitol Hill about Trump’s upcoming rally in the South Bronx, Ocasio-Cortez pointed out the former president is holding a rally in the deep-blue Empire State because he has a “legal version of ankle bracelet around him” and can’t easily campaign in battleground states.

There is nothing humorous about Democrats’ campaign strategy of attempting to jail their top political opponent. While Biden is making light of it, other members of his party are accidentally saying the quiet part out loud, acknowledging the lawfare is election interference.

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Cue the world’s

smallest violin.

MSNBC hosts Andrea Mitchell and Chris Jansing appeared concerned Thursday that jurors won’t convict 2024 presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and “take away” his “chance to be president.”

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Columbia faculty going on strike if police are not prevented from arresting the Hamas hooligans. Well OK, see ya!

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Yeah, he’s nuts,

all right! It will certainly be a cold day in Hell before I would vote for that scumbag!

He’s just a different flavor of evil than Biden…

Hey, maybe there’s still a worm in his head, eating his brain and pooping in his cranium! THAT would certainly explain some things…

Evil Clown

Well, yeah. That

is true.

In perhaps the dumbest political move in decades, the president recently pledged to cut off arms shipments to Israel while demanding they not enter Rafah to finish off Hamas. Biden did so in an ill-fated attempt to appease his far-left flank, which is populated by woke “pro-Palestinians” who’ve never met an Islamist they didn’t like. 

[paraphrase] It may not profit a man to lose his soul in exchange for the whole world. But for Michigan, Joe? (apologies to A Man For All Seasons)

Dumb. REALLY dumb. But then again, Joe Biden has never been the sharpest tool in the shed, and now he is also riddled with dementia! And he’s not using his soul, anyway! But he is still a tool…

The bigger problem for Biden was that in his attempt to suck up to the pro-Hamas faction, he managed to anger a far larger contingent of Americans, of which polling shows the overwhelming majority support Israel in its ongoing conflict. Thus, the desperate walk back has begun. 

… In other words, Biden is folding like a cheap suit while hoping to smear a little lipstick on the pig to make it seem like he didn’t turn heel. 

Great optics, sure. BUT…

The Biden campaign currently has twice as much cash on hand as Trump. That gap will be narrowed by election day, but Biden’s head start in organizing means that the Trump campaign is going to be playing catchup the rest of the way.

In short, let’s not over-interpret things. Joe Biden totally sucks–that much is freakin’ obvious. But there are a TON of mindless drones who will vote for him and he has tons of money to get out the vote. So the fact that he is a doofus by no means indicates that he won’t win.

Run through the tape, not to the tape!

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Oh puh-leez!

Get the crap outta here, you freakin’ evil clown!

Senior officials across several federal U.S. agencies have discussed in recent weeks the details of potential options to accept Palestinians from Gaza…

What on this green earth is he doing? Just evil! Get out, Biden!

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is killing us!

The dark reality of Bidenomics is 18.8% inflation under the President’s watch, which is 6.0% on an annual basis. When he took office, inflation was at just 1.4%. Since March 2021, it has stayed above the Federal Reserve’s 2% target (37 consecutive months.)

Inflation results from excessive Federal Reserve money printing and government spending, expanding the money supply. This leads to prices rising and effectively acts as a hidden tax on everyone.

…According to Mark Zandi, the chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, the typical U.S. household now requires $1,069 more each month (equivalent to $12,828 annually) compared to three years ago.

Yeah, it’s a BIG issue, and people are rightly worried.

Evil Clown

Biden is just

sucking up to Michigan Arab voters.

In a conversation with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu late Saturday, Biden sought to frame Israel’s successful interception of the Iranian onslaught as a major victory — with the suggestion that further Israeli response was unnecessary.

What a dang fool evil clown “Biden” is! He says that since Israel intercepted the barrage of Iranian missiles, there’s no reason to strike back!


Oh, so the deal now is that if someone attacks you and you are able to fend it off, it’s a “no harm, no foul” situation, right?

It would be great if “Biden’s” actions were borne 100% of mere stupidity. But they are not. They are also a result of malice, cowardice, and servile butt-kissing, as well.

Look, if someone tried to kill you by, say, poisoning your drink, and you drank it but happened to have the antidote, is the right reaction to say, “Well, it’s OK because I didn’t actually die?”

NO ONE is that stupid!

Bidenomics Evil Clown

It’s not your

imagination: Gas prices are going up.

And “Biden” cynically drained or strategic petroleum reserve in 2022 in order to save the election for Democrats. And now he can’t refill it because prices are so sky-high.

Elections have consequences, people!

The nationwide average price for regular gas topped $3.54 a gallon, a spike of more than 45 percent under President Joe Biden, AAA reported Wednesday.

Bizarre Evil Clown Hypocrisy

Odd, wouldn’t

you say? It’s almost like they are just pandering!

The Biden White House social media account “La Casa Blanca” did not post anything related to “Transgender Day of Visibility” while the English White House account on X made a post on Easter to declare the LGBTQ recognition day. 

Funny how that is, eh? I guess for Spanish speakers, the White House made it so trans people were not at all visible!  

But be assured, the trannies are heard, they are loved, they are understood, and they belong! They just don’t belong on Spanish WH social media feeds, amIright?

Nope, no pandering here.

And then Biden weirdly denied declaring Easter, “Transgender Day of Visibility.” Uhm, he signed a proclamation saying that! Does he just not remember? It’s just so dang bizarre!