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Look, it’s a

non-starter. And for GOOD reason!

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Mitch McConnell hates you! Unfortunately, we won’t be getting this bum out of office any time soon…

Predictably, McConnell was joined by other members of the GOP Squish Chorus, most notably Mitt Romney and Lindsey Graham.

The United States is being led down the path to destruction by the Democrats. The McConnell/Romney wing of the GOP is accelerating the arrival of our ruin by abetting them. At this point in American history, it’s unfathomable that any high-ranking Republicans would want to lend a hand to the corrupt media complex that does nothing but seek to destroy them.

It certainly wasn’t his intention, but McConnell just made the case for Trump to be reelected and then burn everything down.

Mitt Romney is SUCH a horrible disappointment! What a tool. Man, did he snooker the good people of Utah!

Mitt Romney’s selling point: “I’ll technically caucus with Republicans.”

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I think there

is no real question that he is a tool.

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Yeah, put a

bridle on this guy before he runs us ALL over a cliff!

Evil Clown Incompetence

It’s been an

utter Joe Biden Bungle™ from the beginning. I’m not sure he cares at all about those poor people whose lives have been ruined! Nor does he care about the environmental damage.

And it could be YOU

Neither Biden nor Pete Buttigieg are even remotely competent! That much is QUITE clear. I mean train wrecks happen. But one would hope that the response wouldn’t be so inept and amateurish.

Elections can have unforeseen and very unfortunate consequences…

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I think we need

to ask some tough strategy questions about this.

What are the goals? What does success look like? How will we know when we are done?

Democrats, did you learn nothing from Vietnam?

And remember, Biden has yet to visit East Palestine, Ohio…

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Don Lemon problem.

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So just why

did Biden wait to shoot down the Chinese spy balloon?

I mean, the most prominent explanation that springs to mind is that he was being paid off to betray his country. Maybe not, but Biden sure had a lot of opportunities! And didn’t take them.

He could have done over the Aleutian Islands. Then he could have done it over the Idaho panhandle wilderness. Then he could have done it over the Montana wilderness. And even after that there TONS of sparsely-populated areas over which he could have shot it down with little risk!

Just why did he let it traverse the whole US before he took decisive action? This is an albatross hung around his neck!

Knowing Biden, you have to wonder if he got paid off, and THAT’s why he didn’t shoot it down immediately.

Maybe not, but there IS a creeping suspicion. With Biden you always gotta wonder a bit…

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Yeah, right.


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Well, pretty