Injustice Nobility

Well, it’s pretty

dang clear to even the dullest among us that we live in a world where “favored” nobles Leftists get off scot-free while the hated peons Conservatives get severely pounded (See: Jamaal Bowman contra the J6 protestors, for Pete’s sake!).

The founding fathers knew that such a two-tiered Justice system would be a HUGE problem for the new country, and so they set things up for people to have equal protection under the law. And THAT was for a dang good reason! So the statue of Lady Justice traditionally has a blindfold over her eyes–balances in one hand a sword in the other–both are needed.Yep.

And yet Joe Biden has not been prosecuted–which is a gross miscarriage of justice. The evidence is almost overwhelming. And yes, there is a long tradition of Democrats skating (see: Hillary Clinton).

Also note the fact that Epstein’s clients have not been revealed. And the TN shooter’s manifesto is kept tightly under wraps, and…

You think We The People have forgotten about this crap? Well we haven’t.