RINO chumps

Well yeah,

that is pretty accurate…

Cowardice RINO chumps

As one commentator

said, Republicans should make Democrats bleed for this. Unfortunately, while I dearly hope they will, I fear there are too many RINO squishes in the Senate to actually hold Democrats’ feet to the fire.

Five Republican aides involved in the process say GOP senators have not formalized a plan to address the Democratic request. But there appears to be broad consensus that Schumer and his colleagues will need to negotiate some sort of deal that Republicans would be willing to go along with, according to the aides.

I have NO faith that such a “deal” would in any long-term way be good for Republicans.

But while RINOs like Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell will almost certainly fold like cheap tents, are there 8 other fainthearted and cowardly Republicans in the Senate who would show similar gutlessness? Maybe.

RINO chumps

Well OF

COURSE! Democrats are his natural constituency

Oh, and this is NOT because of his recent head bonk. He has been this way for a long time…

RINO chumps Sociopathy

Well, maybe by now

we already know what happened.

One doesn’t have to have one’s ear to the ground for very long, however, to glean that very few people outside of Washington want McDaniel to return. If the woman had any sense of shame or decency, she would have voluntarily stepped down after last November’s Red Trickle debacle. [emphasis added]

But regardless of the outcome, it is abundantly clear that she is a shameless loser. Maybe that is part and parcel with being a Romney. Probably.

All I know is that actual Conservatives don’t want her.

Ronna ROMNEY McDaniel, will you please go now?

Do the right thing. For once in your life, do the honorable thing.

Current Events RINO chumps

Yes, yes.

Nor should they!

There’s no excuse for still living in a Mitt Romney/Candy Crowley gimp cellar of crippling principles and principled failure.

… You can’t betray us anymore and survive. W did. Mitt did. McCain did. The cons have one thing in common with Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit – they’ve been cheated on a zillion times, but unlike that lumpy harpy (who recently, and utterly predictably, came out foursquare in favor of censorship, as losers often do) modern conservatives are refusing to tolerate adultery, in our case of an ideological nature.

RINO chumps

The usual

turncoats. Get these bastards out of office! I guess Romney is BIG into child porn! I wouldn’t have thought so, but…