Captain Obvious Sociopathy Tragedy


we ALL know what happened, right?

Hmmm… 34 years old, an athlete, and he dies of seizures?

El Salvador National Civil Police (PNC) said Barona “suffered seizures while he was in a hotel in El Zonte, La Libertad” in a statement.

For sure? No. VERY probably? Oh yeah…

Piss-poor judgment Tragedy

I told you!

This is yet another medical fad. Like nasal surgery for neurosis and frontal lobotomy and recovered memory.

And it will die for the exact same reason: Legal liability.

Yes, I told you how this would end: Lawsuits. THAT is how the “Recovered Memory” crap ended, too! Mark my words: There will be lawsuits. Surgeons will be successfully sued. And even more telling, so will hospitals. There are some hospital administrators who will wind up in the profession of kicking road apples! And deservedly so. 

And THAT’s how change will happen. There are some of us who are old enough to have seen this movie before…

Current Events Government Thuggery Tragedy

The emptiness…

MANY providers (MD, DO, NP, and PA) are feeling empty, and that has been occasioned and made 1000x worse by the pressure they face to toe the COVID line, even though it is manifestly ridiculous. No one feels good when they are forced to live a lie!

And they are killing themselves.

About 400 U.S. physicians commit suicide annually, with the rate for female physicians four times higher than among other female professionals. A 2015 survey reported that 13% of male physicians and 22% of female physicians suffered from alcohol abuse or dependence.

These people have been put in a position where they have to go along with the COVID nonsense in order to pay their mortgages, make their car payments, and live in the style to which they (and their families) have grown accustomed. They bought a practice for $1,200,000.00. Little Jane made the dance team and has to buy costumes (and the very best lessons), Bobby turns 16 this year and wants to drive–he found a 5-year-old Honda Accord that he thinks would be just perfect for him, and brilliant Martha will be a college Freshman next year…

These providers were always the wonderfully “smart” person in the class growing up, and then they went to college and medical school and residency. Now all those years of hard work and the current hard-won financial security have been put at serious risk.

They have faced an amazingly hard thing–and they crumped. And I get it–I may well have crumped, too. There but for the grace of God go I…


And the frightening

thing is that it is so dang irreversible! Kids (and near-kids) get utterly mutilated and then there is no recovery even possible.

They can’t be “Corporal Klinger” and just shed the dress and be done. Klinger is funny–but a permanently mutilated, lost soul is nothing but agonizingly tragic.