Yet Another Hoax


race hoax.

I think we’re at the point now where when we see a public racial offense where the perpetrator is not known, the FIRST assumption should be that it is a hoax. Unless there is strong evidence to the contrary, it is virtually for sure a hoax.

Current Events Truth Yet Another Hoax

It’s the classic

Lefty mistake: If something supports your pre-judged and dearly-held convictions, you think that that accordance is a sign of truth.

It isn’t.

But there is this HUGE danger in assuming that YOU liking it is somehow indicative of veracity. Uh, no.

Epic fail Yet Another Hoax

“Rush to judgment.”

Yeah, ya think?

Look are you stupid? You’d think that there have been enough hoaxes that they would be careful. But no.

If I were BYU I’d sue their butts off…