Current Events

You know, it’s

a good question.

Because there is really no question that some actual journalists are smelling blood in the water, and it’s coming from Joe Biden!

Now maybe it’s just a feint, a false front designed to give reporters absolution but not to actually harm Democrats. A shield for the Lefty MSM toadies. Yeah, that could very well be the case. We shall see, eh?

Captain Obvious Evil

“He was just

some guy I had dinner with!”


Evil Injustice Piss-poor judgment

Huh, imagine


Yeah, that’s not a fishy or anything!

You knew this whole special council thing was just a scam. It was always just a way to prevent justice from actually being served. It was a way to prevent certain documents from coming to light. It was a dodge. It was never about getting justice. Never.

But here’s the question that you need to ask yourself: I knew not to vote for this dirtbag. So why didn’t you? If you are at all introspective, you fearlessly examine your own motives…

Or, you are just a mindless hack.


Uhm, just what

are you hiding?

Anti-scientific stance Despotism


I told you!

There are cracks in the dam. And I’m not at all sure the water can now be stopped!

Sure, assuming the bill makes it through the house, it probably won’t get through the Senate. And even if it did, “Biden” would certainly veto it.

But look, it took ONE DAY for people to attack “Biden’s” plan to rescind his onerous and anti-scientific pandemic decree. One day. For legislation.

Do you think it can last until May 11? I don’t.

Evil Clown

Gruesome Newsom

takes a beating in court.

What a despotic hack!

Epic fail Foolishness

Adam Schiff

is SUCH a fool! Honestly, just a total idiot. and he can’t hide it. He insists on exposing himself to ridicule.


Yep, he better

lawyer up!

Illegal Immigration

Honestly, I

don’t get it. Why is “Biden” doing this? It seems so obviously stupid!

I suppose it is the assumption that these illegal immigrants and their kids will overwhelmingly vote Democrat.

But I’m not sure that is a safe assumption. Already the Cubans largely vote Conservative, and there is rumbling from the legitimate Hispanic immigrant population against this. People who patiently waited in line are not likely to be fond of “cutters.”

Current Events

I hope you

have food stored up as much as you can. You will likely need it.

we are ALL “preppers” now… Thanks, “Biden!”

Elect Democrats–get human misery. Have you not figured that out yet?