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Yeah, but has

he checked with his masters at the CDC?

Hmmmm… And how does he know that May 11 is the “magic, magic” day? How? Is he looking at some sort of data? Is he a sorcerer? Did God tell him and he is a prophet?

Or rather, is “Joe Biden” just arbitrarily picking a day that suits him and his posse? I mean, why not May 1?

So on the 10th of May it is still an emergency. But on the 11th all is OK? Scientifically, what is the difference? And just how does Biden or anyone else know? Why not, say, February 1? Is this science, or just some arbitrary date that he pulled out of his butt? Is there some rationality behind it, or is it mere politics?

Honestly, I don’t see how Biden rationally holds on to that May date. I’m not sure how he holds off tomorrow, to be honest! How on earth can a sentient being be so stupid as to think May 10 is dangerous as heck but May 11 is just fine?

Wise people have some questions…

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