Disgusting! Immorality Media Flying Monkeys

So just why

does the MSM totally ignore a HUGE story that implicates Joe Biden?

Why don’t we have an MSM that is NOT hopelessly biased? And, how can these guys sleep at night?

I think that it is clear: Only a huge fool doesn’t realize that they are being lied to by the MSM. Sometimes those are lies of commission, but most often they are lies of omission.

But honestly, anyone who values truth is disgusted! Anyone.

Current Events Media Flying Monkeys

Yeah, the MSM

won’t cover it, but this is happening.

People around the world are getting to the point where they’ve had enough!

Crime Hypocrisy Media Flying Monkeys

It’s a BIG deal.

Yes it is. But you just wouldn’t know it from the sleazy and groveling, suck-up MSM “coverage.” You have to go to other sources to get the truth.

Let’s face it: The MSM is firmly “in the tank” for Biden. And they will lie, by commission or omission, about everything Biden.

I sure wish we had a non-partisan MSM! But we very obviously don’t.

It’s the scandal that avoids the laser-focus attention of the press. If this were Trump, and for a time it was, the hysterics and endless lectures about following proper protocol would have predominated the news cycle. Now that Biden has his own and more serious classified document circus, the narrative has switched to ‘this stuff happens all the time,’ dating back to the Kennedy days. 

Current Events Media Flying Monkeys

Remember when

the NY Times said that the COVID lab leak theory had been “debunked?”

Good times…

Media Flying Monkeys


the way! I think most of us have had just about enough of these lying turds!

Hypocrisy Media Flying Monkeys

The ante has

been raised. And the MSM is totally up for the challenge!

You see, the story here isn’t that a man and his surrogates scammed a state into electing him when he wasn’t healthy enough to do the job. The story is just how courageous he is for not being able to do his job. Apparently, the US Senate is now a rehab facility for people with long-standing (and previously undisclosed) severe clinical depression. Never mind that Fetterman’s stroke has left him very clearly permanently damaged in a way that will keep him from ever truly representing his constituents.

… What truly blows my mind, though, is that these are the same press outlets that reported on Donald Trump walking down a ramp slowly and holding a glass of water with two hands, as if it was grounds for forced removal from office. Meanwhile, they pretend that Fetterman is just fine and shouldn’t resign despite how obvious it is that he’s not going to recover. The hypocrisy is off the charts.

Dishonesty Media Flying Monkeys


WaPo lies about Musk.

You are surprised? Oh please, don’t be such a hayseed!

With two reporters you think they could bother to actually investigate the claim. But no. That would be reporting, not spreading a convenient [Lefty] narrative.

… This all confirms why the latest Gallup poll showed that only 25% of Americans don’t either believe or suspect that the MSM is lying to them to push a narrative.

It’s because the MSM is lying to us in order to push a narrative.

Look, the MSM is openly and provably dishonest. If you believe them you are either a shill or a rube. Or both.

Captain Obvious Media Flying Monkeys

Yeah, NOT

a “fringe” belief! YOU may not believe it, but it certainly isn’t fringe…

Half of Americans in a recent survey indicated they believe national news organizations intend to mislead, misinform or persuade the public to adopt a particular point of view through their reporting. [emphasis added]

Media Flying Monkeys

Yeah, it was


A reporter based out of Florida was caught on a hot mic before a Tuesday press conference with Governor Ron DeSantis (R) explaining her job was to make him “uncomfortable.” 

Corruption Media Flying Monkeys

Don’t be fooled

by the partisan MSM, who are blind to this story! And it is a deliberate, calculated move on their part.

Joe Biden has insisted that “There is no there there” in this scandal, yet for some reason, the White House keeps hiding information from the public.