Media Flying Monkeys

“Edges out?”

There is a reason why the institutional Left is trying SO frantically to keep Trump from running by making up charges against him! They know that in an election reasonably free from massive voter fraud Trump will totally kick Biden’s butt!

Media Flying Monkeys

Yes, the anticipation

is so great you could cut it with a knife!

Media Flying Monkeys MSM Palace Guard

Your MSM

flying monkeys at work. Biden giving marching orders to his myrmidons.

Get the palace guard! Joe Biden’s crimes are coming to light! EMERGENCY!!!

It’s time for the revenge of the amanuenses. Yes, the MSM are not originators or creators, they are just scribes for the Left. Just following orders taking dictation, sir!

Media Flying Monkeys

Yes, the White House

is trying to get their MSM henchmen to fulfill their role as the palace guard and save Joe Biden.

“This is not OK,” journalist Matthew Keys tweeted. “The White House should not be encouraging, influencing or interfering in the editorial strategies of America’s newsrooms, including CNN and the New York Times.”

The MSM flying monkeys are already in the air. The White House has called a RED ALERT!

But aren’t you tired of these dishonest and partisan goons lying to and manipulating you?

Corruption Media Flying Monkeys

Sure, the “Palace Guard”

lapdogs of the MSM try to hide it, but the truth is painfully obvious to all but the most rigid of Democrat partisans!

Seems the “nothingburger,” as the progressive press likes to call the Hunter Biden saga, is turning into a Whopper. 

Current Events Dishonesty Media Flying Monkeys

LOTS of SoCal

people saying that the hurricane was WAY overblown by the MSM. There was, according to them, there was some cloudiness and a little rain. But nothing unusual. My sister texted me a photo from outside her house in San Diego that showed… cloudiness. The horror!

It appears that the footage used by the MSM was actually footage from a Universal Studios “disaster” ride! Many people recognized it. People are saying this was all just a big hoax. People in SoCal are saying it was a light, refreshing rain. The footage is cherry-picked and mainly from Mexico or from the past, and while it does show current flooding from blocked drains, there is no wind in the background. Huh.

But why? Why hoax this stuff?

Because it can be used as a “Global Warming” cudgel. So for the Left, it has to be bad!

And this speaks to how distrustful we have become of the MSM. And then we catch them in a lie, and their credibility goes down yet another notch! So we are distrustful for good reason–they lie.

Change Current Events Media Flying Monkeys

The discouraging truth is,

many Americans have been weak. They have bleatingly gone along in order to keep up appearances. They didn’t realize that the landscape has undergone a seismic shift, and they can no longer trust those sources that they did in the past–those sources have very often been captured, corrupted, and are now no longer reliable.

COVID taught us, and the Marxists, that too many Americans are weak. We stayed home, closed our businesses, and said goodbye to loved ones who were dying in the hospital on our phones via Zoom, all over a virus almost everyone knows was paid for by the National Institutes of Health and manufactured in China. Why? Because we were told to do so. Never mind that more than 99% of Americans would survive the “bat-stew flu.” [ed: spoiler, it was a deliberately engineered virus, NOT something that came from eating bats or pangolins]

… It’s time to wake up your normie neighbors and relatives. Yes, you risk losing friends and family, as I have. But look at it this way: if they abandon you because you embrace liberty, they probably already hate you.

The good news is that change can happen. Weak knees can be strengthened. Hearts and minds can be changed. Yes, we are starting the 3rd quarter and are down by 14. That is indeed a pretty dire situation. But we have the ball and are marching down the field…

So let’s wake up the rest of the team and help them believe that this thing is NOT over!

Media Flying Monkeys

Well, yeah.

Are you surprised? I’m sure not…

Dementia Joe Media Flying Monkeys

This guy is

a bumbling old fool! Why won’t the MSM and others just call him out? Hypothetical question, of course…

Then, what the heck is he talking about saying they passed a “$368 billion climate control facility.” What facility is that? Can he show us what he’s talking about? I’m inclined to think he just has no idea what he’s saying here, but is he talking about something that we don’t know about? And should know about?

But he wasn’t even CLOSE to being done!

Does this guy even know what he is saying anymore? Biden voters, aren’t you just embarrassed by your vote? You should be!

This whole interview is a freakin’ nightmare for Biden and his merry band of suck-ups!

Captain Obvious Corruption Media Flying Monkeys

Yes, I wish

we had a guard-dog MSM, but we have a Democrat lap-dog MSM instead. Pretty much a “palace guard.”

“I wish the media would ask the president, what exactly did your family do to receive this $21 million that the House Oversight Committee has proven. He just continues to say, well, that’s a lie. That’s not true. We have their bank records, Maria. Bank records don’t lie,” Rep. Comer said.

And it’s a shame. I wish these people would just do their jobs!