Democrat panic Economy Wisdom

A graph that

should give Democrat dead-enders the Hershey Squirts! There’s the acrid smell of panic in the air. (this graph shows where we were in each of their respective Presidencies)

The WSJ notes that the total household net worth rose 19 percent through Biden’s first three years in office, but it was higher, 23 percent, through Trump’s first three years. But the real kicker was after doing the adjustment, under Biden, net worth only goes up 0.7 percent through his three years versus 16 percent through Trump’s. 

… This explains why people are feeling crushed — because they are, whether Joe Biden admits it or not.

… Joe can talk all he wants, but this is the reality. There’s a reason he’s hemorrhaging voters, and why states no one thought would be in play are now in play.

Here it is again, for all the fools who are deliberately ignorant of the fact that Democrat policies lead to economic suckitude…

Democrat panic

Democrats in

battleground states are rearing like spooked stallion at Joe Biden. Here is their strategy:

Fly, you fools!

Democrat panic

Some on the Left

are starting to have reality dawn on them and they are starting to freak out.

“Trump is now leading in almost all the swing states,” Zakaria acknowledged. “But behind those numbers lie even more troubling details. As someone worried about the prospects of a second Trump term, I think it’s best to be honest about reality. I understand that polls are not always accurate. But in general, they have tended to underestimate Donald Trump’s support, not overestimate it. I doubt that there are many shy Biden voters in the country.”

… “And the trials against him keep him in the spotlight, infuriate his base who sees him as a martyr, and even may serve to make him the object of some sympathy among people in general who believed that his prosecutors are politically motivated,” he said. “This happens to be true in my opinion. I doubt the New York indictment would have been brought against a defendant whose name was not Donald Trump.”

Even you, Fareed?

I agree that polls have problems. Still, that doesn’t mean that they can’t tell us anything

Captain Obvious Democrat panic

You know,

sometimes the Wile E. Coyote Democrat strategy just doesn’t work all that well!

Dementia Joe Democrat panic

Well, they SHOULD

worry! Though it is clear that Biden will never debate. He would get absolutely creamed. I think that’s pretty dang obvious.

Trump is calling for debates now. Of course, Joe Biden won’t do it right now. And he never will. He has to, uhm, wash his hair plugs. Yeah, that’s it!

Democrat panic Illegal Immigration

Hmm, I love the

acrid smell of Democrat panic!

Despite daily pronouncements of their peaceful intentions, the left is getting hysterical about Americans going to the border to protest the policies of the president.

Democrat panic Polls

I think that Biden

will bottom out. And I don’t think he has, yet.

That being said, I just don’t think he can go much lower. About a third of people would vote for a rotten potato as long as there was a “D” after the name.

Which, coincidentally, actually describes Joe Biden pretty darn well! But I think about 35% is about as low as it can go without a nearly universally-accepted display of incompetence. And 38% is pretty much there. I wouldn’t expect it to go significantly lower.

But 2/3 of Independents disapprove of the job he is doing! In other words, if you consider yourself an Independent and yet still approve of the job Joe Biden is doing, odds are that you actually are not an Independent!

If Trump gets anywhere within 10 points of what is recorded here in terms of the Black vote, it is totally game over for Biden! I mean, it would be a complete rout.

Democrat panic

Even the

Washington Post? How could that be? You know things are really bad when even toady MSM outlets start to edge nervously toward the exits!

The Washington Post editorial board on Monday slammed President Joe Biden’s move to put a hold on new liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminals as an “obviously political decision.”

It won’t work, you know…

Democrat panic

Yes, Democrats

are getting mighty worried. As they should. A TON of Democrats are a-needin’ clean underwear these days!

Democrats are Democrats, and Tums are scarce…

Democrat panic

Once again we

see why Democrats are SO panicked!