Democrat panic Economy Wisdom

A graph that

should give Democrat dead-enders the Hershey Squirts! There’s the acrid smell of panic in the air. (this graph shows where we were in each of their respective Presidencies)

The WSJ notes that the total household net worth rose 19 percent through Biden’s first three years in office, but it was higher, 23 percent, through Trump’s first three years. But the real kicker was after doing the adjustment, under Biden, net worth only goes up 0.7 percent through his three years versus 16 percent through Trump’s. 

… This explains why people are feeling crushed — because they are, whether Joe Biden admits it or not.

… Joe can talk all he wants, but this is the reality. There’s a reason he’s hemorrhaging voters, and why states no one thought would be in play are now in play.

Here it is again, for all the fools who are deliberately ignorant of the fact that Democrat policies lead to economic suckitude…