Lefty Political Strategy

It’s not like

we all already didn’t already know that! But thanks, Chucky, for making it even MORE clear…

Lefty Political Strategy

Well, yeah.

DUH! You simply don’t agree to debate when you are winning. The fact that “Biden” agreed (with horrible conditions) to debates is itself proof positive that he thinks he has to do this in order to have a chance at winning.

Bill Maher recently suggested that President Joe Biden’s sudden willingness to debate former President Donald Trump indicates that he “knows he’s losing.” Maher also asked if it’s “too late” for the Democratic Party to replace Biden with another candidate, suggesting that Biden should be replaced.

“To me it says Biden knows he’s losing because otherwise he wouldn’t have agreed,” Maher commented during Friday’s show.  “Only the loser wants to debate.” 

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A classic quote:

(changed just a little to fit today):

Why Richard Joe, it profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world. But for Wales Michigan? (From “A Man For All Seasons”)

But Joe doesn’t dare offend the large Muslim community in Michigan. He really needs those votes. So under the bus Israel goes! But it also means that countries will now have to think long and hard before trusting the United States…

DUH! Fighting Back Lefty Political Strategy

Yeah, almost

no one is actually excited about Biden.

Democrats have two weapons available to them in 2024, and both are taking on water.

First, for the Democrats is the old standby of Trump fear and hatred. BUT, 3+ years have passed, and people are a bit worn out by the never-ending Democrat hysteria. I mean, everyone sees that the country was WAY better off under Trump. They also see that Trump is treated grossly unfairly and that there is a Democrat legal mania for his destruction. It is very clearly a mental illness. And real people hate that crap!

And there was a better economy, low inflation, and good foreign relations under Trump. And we had a secure southern border. Plus, Trump is running a very good campaign right now. He makes few errors this time. He even just met with Ron DeSantis and agreed on fundraising!

So basically, the data are very clearly in. Conservatism is WAAAAY better in terms of safety and country integrity. It’s also way better in economic terms. It’s just not reasonably arguable anymore.

The second Democrat tool is voter fraud. There is overwhelming evidence the “Biden” cheated in order to win the last presidential election. The evidence is far too extensive for me to delve into it here and now, but only a willfully blind shill denies that. It’s obvious.

But the intentionally incompetent Democrat accomplice Ronna Romney McDaniel is no longer at the DNC. And people in general are FAR more watchful. So it will be harder for Democrats to pull off another “3am surprise” ballot dump. Sure, they can, but it’s much more difficult now.

Plus, a lot of Republicans are voting early, so the Democrat shenanigans of “surprise” voter machine malfunctions in predominantly GOP polling places will be avoided (and I would encourage GOP voters to “bank” their vote early to make sure it is counted). And in places where it is legal, there will be massive GOP “vote harvesting.” Good!

The Biden viper is NOT dead yet–it can still kill. But there are good reasons to think that we might escape its deadly venom.

Current Events Lefty Political Strategy

Oh good!

I’m glad that’s going to happen.

So why on earth did the Left try to prevent it from being disclosed? I really doubt there is some earth-shaking information in it! Is it just because he/she/it was a tranny? Maybe enough time has passed that the Left is no longer all freaked about it.

But it’s a typical strategy of the Left: Fight like hell for a year or so and then allow the release—laughing about how the Right got all wrapped around the axle over nothing!

It’s almost always a stupid trap.

Lefty Political Strategy

I think Lefties

need to walk carefully, here. They wouldn’t want to walk on the mines they laid for Republicans, now would they?

Just remember, Lefties: What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander…

Lefty Political Strategy

Yeah, THAT’s not

good news for “Biden.” Not good news at all.

And once people have voted Republican once, they may be more likely the next time. So this is truly an existential crisis for Democrats.

And I know Democrats are hard at work to cheat Trump out of an election again, but have you considered the repercussions? Let’s say Democrats are successful at getting rid of Trump (a distinct possibility). Already it’s becoming more and more obvious what they are doing–so maybe they’ve already crossed the Rubicon in some ways.

OK, how do you think Hispanic and Black Trump (or Trump-adjacent) voters will react? If Trump is unfairly defeated do you think they will just shrug their shoulders and go back to voting for Lefty Democrats? I don’t.

So in politically killing Trump, they may also be killing their electoral golden geese. See, Democrats are total crap about looking down the pike a little. That’s what happens when you are motivated by “hot” spittle-lipped spite rather than “cool” logic.

Democrats almost always look at the immediate, but don’t bother to predict the future, figuring that they will cross blow up that bridge when they come to it. They are very focused on the here-and-now, and tend not to see very far into the future

Current Events Lefty Political Strategy

Yes, and I

think that is the least problematic option in many ways. But it’s not without problem.

For example, how will she fare under withering policy attack? Honestly, we don’t really know–she has never faced that before. She has zero experience. That is not a deal-breaker, but it does give one pause. And if it is done after the primaries to spare her the need of actually winning a Primary, she will have had zero experience in a debate before she hits Trump. Of course, she has Barack there to help out, but there will be lots of times when he is just not able to help her.

Plus, will Kamala just meekly go along with it? Yeah, maybe. Not all that likely, but maybe. But even if she does, it will be crystal clear that she was forced out. THAT particular risk to the Black vote is reduced somewhat by Michelle’s gender and race, but the fact will remain that Kamala was forced out–and she may fight it.

Will Michelle do it? She has said in the past that she is not interested, though that position is about as durable as a snowball in a vat of molten lava. I assume that she would.

And it would be a HUGE problem if Gavin Newsom were the new anointed one. Wrong gender, wrong race. Let’s face it–he is already being tossed to the side of the Democrat road. Thanks for playing, Gavin!

When asked about Hur’s decision not to bring charges against Biden, Ramaswamy said it signaled Biden’s “willingness” to eventually step aside. 

Yes, I think that is likely to be true.

Remember, Biden had a chronic and ongoing practice of unlawfully retaining classified information since the 70s. Then he revealed classified information to his ghost-writer–who had no security clearance at all! Then, after being subpoena’d, the ghost writer destroyed (legally, “despoiled”) the evidence. Just erased the recordings altogether. And Biden wrote down classified information in notebooks, which he kept.

Sheesh! How about a little justice, here? I think this means Democrats will chuck him out like old, spoiled hamburger.

So it may be that Biden is so obviously senile and compromised that he has to go. And so Michelle Obama quickly becomes the next best option.

But let’s not be confused. There are also significant problems with that course of action.

BUT, it is quite clear that Trump is FAR less guilty than Biden (Trump had the plenary power to de-classify, while Biden never did). So if they press charges against Trump after not charging Biden, that is pure injustice and we ALL know it!

Lefty Political Strategy

Lefties DO

have a limited menu to choose from. So they solve this problem by just refusing to argue a point at all!

Lefty Political Strategy

You know, it’s

really been quite clear for some time that the strategy of the Democrats is to jail Donald Trump. There really is no question about it, is there?

Look, it’s pretty dang obvious to even the dullest among us that they won’t win against Trump. Joe Biden is a frail and senile old man. Kamala is an incompetent nightmare whose cackling is an auditory assault on ALL Americans. Democrat policies have quickly and directly led to the misery of millions.

American servicemen and women are DEAD because of Biden and his evil Keystone Kops crew. Inflation batters us all. Lefty states are a steaming pile. The economy is rubbish–and we ALL know it despite lying recent repots. Foreign interactions are a horrible mess. The southern border is a horrible heap of immoral misery. Jewish people are almost constantly under attack.

So why would anyone vote for “Biden?”