Lefty Political Strategy

Josh Shapiro,

put down the crack pipe! Obviously, crack is a helluva drug…

NBC News interviewed Shapiro for a story published Wednesday and asked him to explain Trump’s polling lead against Biden. Shapiro attributed Trump’s lead to “brain fog” from voters…

“Brain fog.” Yeah, THAT’s the ticket!

He has fallen prey to using the classic Lefty strategy–refuse to actually argue a point while saying that disagreeing with the Left is PROOF of florid mental illness!

Lefty Political Strategy

Yes. Yes

they do.

Current Events Lefty Political Strategy

Yes, will

law schools listen?

The hopeful part of me says, “Well, now they’ve learned their lesson and won’t keep doing it. But the more hard-nosed and realistic part of me says, “Fat chance!”

Lefty Political Strategy Lefty Scheming

Yes, it’s

a tactic, not a principle.

Leftists have spent years hounding their opponents out of spaces they control, and are shocked that there are limits to society’s patience.

Lefty Political Strategy

Ah well,

you knew it was going to happen! Yes, the playbook is worn, tired, and tattered, but it is the only playbook Democrats have! I guess it would be a bit more convincing if Democrats had not cried, “Wolf!” over and over again for the last 20+ years!

Democrats are seeking to make new Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) a boogeyman going into next year’s general election, citing his conservative voting record in the House. 

So ho-hum. Nothing even remotely new here. Yep, they’re doing it again. Yet again. Meet the new Democrat boogeyman. Same as the old Democrat boogieman. And same as the one before that, and the one before that… <sigh>

They are whining about his Conservative record. But they don’t have to convince me, I’m already on board!

Lefty Political Strategy

“Yes, of course you’re

right, but we don’t talk about it.”

A prominent Democrat strategist claims that “leading” party members are pressuring him to shut up about President Joe Biden’s low polling numbers in the lead-up to the 2024 election.

… “Nobody is saying, ‘James, you’re wrong,’” he said. “They’re saying, ‘James, you can’t say that.’”

Lefty Political Strategy

Language is a

very powerful tool. And here we see the lackey Left MSM employ that tool.

I think it’s important to see what’s going on. The bias is often subtle–and all the more effective for that! Here’s another example: I refer to J6 protestors as “agitators trying to overthrow the government” and imprison them for years without trial and in very harsh conditions, but refer to Jamaal Bowman as “mistaken” or at most “unwise.”

BIG difference, eh?

But understand, this is the strategy the Left constantly employs. It started by saying National Socialists (NAZIs) were on the Right, when they very clearly said they were on the Left and even took a Lefty name! But that ruse was SO successful that it spawned a complete Lefty strategy.

Lefty Political Strategy

The more I think about it

the clearer it becomes the the Democrat coalition is bound together with bailing twine and hope. They have groups who are indeed bound together, but they are certainly not a “natural fit.”

The most obvious is the Gay community and the Arab community. I mean, how do you get those two to at least superficially come together?

THE ANSWER: Hatred mixed with fear. There has to be a hated/feared 3rd party so those groups will put their hatred for each other on the back burner long enough to win an election.

But like oil and water, you can apply enough pressure to create an emulsion, but with no continued agitation they will shortly again separate. Like your Italian salad dressing (or Hollandaise sauce), with enough agitation the oils will mix with the water. But the emulsion is not at all durable.

So the Democrat party works to constantly agitate. They must always have a “devil” to fight against, or the oil and water will separate. Right now, Donald Trump is that “devil,” but when he’s gone you can be absolutely positive that there will be a replacement.

Because Democrats need people to be afraid of Republican leadership. They need constant agitation. Hence, the famous Left/Right schism. Because it only takes one party to start a war, and the Left needs that war in order to stay viable.

Choosing Current Events Lefty Political Strategy

Democrats are

desperately trying to bridge this chasm. I don’t see how they can, but simply pretending it doesn’t exist might be a successful short-term strategy for them. Long-term? Not so much.

It is just NOT stable.

In matters of war, Biden makes Jimmy Carter look like Dwight Eisenhower. 
And Trump looks Reaganesque in comparison with Biden’s worse-than-Carter record.

Fighting Back Lefty Political Strategy

Taken from Powerline.

This guy gives a great clinic in how to deal with the suck-up Lefty news media–watch and learn:

Understand well that very often there are unspoken assumptions imbedded in questions, and those unspoken assumptions need to see the light of day–the wise interviewee lays bare those unspoken assumptions. And hardly any of those assumptions are logically defensible…