Dishonesty Lefty Political Strategy

It’s WAY worse

than they will admit.

They did the Democrat thing: Just lie to hide the bad news!

Lefty Political Strategy


Democrats no longer believe. The science deniers!

Lefty empty-headed shills Lefty Political Strategy

Yeah, I hear from

Lefties all the time that what Hunter Biden did was, “No big deal.” But it’s just an excuse for paste-eatingly dumb Leftism.

Yeah, if it is “No big deal” then you certainly won’t mind it being investigated!

Lefty Political Strategy



I used to think that my Lefty acquaintances were bangin’ on about how it was “just Trump.”

SPOILER: It wasn’t. I was a naïve fool to believe them. They said it was “just Bush,” then “just McCain,” then “just Romney,” and finally “just Trump.”

Uhm, don’t be fooled by their lies!

The TRUTH is it’s “Just any Republican.” It’s time for you to get wise to their scam! But the actual evidence is overwhelming. There’s NO way to mollify them, so choose a person who will kick their butts unapologetically. Otherwise, you are just being a victim of their “3-card Monty” scam.

Current Events Lefty Political Strategy

Now let’s not

get overly optimistic. But indeed, I am hopeful that good will prevail and Democrat Governors go down in flames!

Democrat Katie Hobbs, Arizona secretary of state and gubernatorial candidate, was quick to amplify claims that “dangerous misinformation” from her Republican opponent Kari Lake was connected to a break-in at her office this week. Police have now reportedly arrested a suspect and confirmed the break-in had no political motivation, so Hobbs did what any self-respecting Democrat political candidate would do — she refused to discuss the new development or her former accusations. [emphasis added]

Lefty Political Strategy

Again, see Democrats

once they are facing electoral catastrophe:

She’s immoral if she holds a grudge and doesn’t forgive and forget! Right, Democrats?

Lefty Political Strategy


true. There is not even any argument about it,

Dishonesty Lefty Political Strategy

Uhhmmm, can you

say, “Democrat?” I mean, this is the new ploy, right?

Arizona Democratic gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs said that she does not “want to talk politics to anyone” she doesn’t know, new footage released by Project Veritas shows.

The video, released on Tuesday, shows how staffers for Hobbs’ campaign are attempting to conceal her position on firearms, and that they are trying to protect their candidate from taking to the debate stage against Republican opponent Kari Lake because Democrats will vote for their candidate either way. [emphasis added]

Don’t be fooled…

Lefty Political Strategy

And the trend

continues to get worse…

Veteran politician U.S. Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-N.H.) has backed out of a scheduled debate with her Republican challenger and political newcomer Don Bolduc.

Constantini pointed out that so far Hassan hasn’t accepted any of Bolduc’s repeated invitations to debate him. She also pointed out that Hassan hasn’t appeared in any public forum to discuss her candidacy while Bolduc has appeared, according to Constantini, in 34 town hall meetings and other public appearances.

Why? No reason even given by Ms. Hassan

BUT, we know very well why. It is because her position is horribly weak. It simply cannot bear the weight of a public debate. So she is taking the typical Lefty path of running away.

It used to be that regular Lefties in the community would argue a point. Then they stopped and just refused. Now we are seeing a third phase where even several Lefty politicians won’t debate their ideas! AZ and NH are just the start.

See the progression?

The very obvious tactic of Leftists is not to justify their positions at all. They want you, the voter, to buy a “cat in a bag.” I would be surprised if Biden or whoever the Democrat candidate is in 2024 will even debate at all.

THIS is now the strategy for Democrats.

They have all joined the DDD crowd: Democrats Don’t Debate. They won’t explain themselves. And voters should reject them for that disgusting gambit.

Bad Faith Current Events Lefty Political Strategy

Yes, a Lefty Political Strategy

brutal whipping.

Instead, she’s [Hobbs] spent the last several months running in terror, claiming that debating Lake would be a “circus.” Eventually, she outright refused.

In response, Lake has thoroughly outmaneuvered her and did so again on Monday by accepting an invitation to the debate, which will now be a 30-minute free campaign commercial.

Watch carefully what is happening, here.

For at least the last two decades or so, the Left has been anti-argument–they have encouraged their followers to avoid attempting to logically defend themselves at all. No more Crossfire. Now a serious Lefty must never leave the warm, moist environs of their own fever swamps–they must never leave their “Circle of Safety.”

It started on an interpersonal level. And yeah, that was bad. But we have seen with Katie Hobbs and John Fetterman that it has now metastasized, and even the Lefty candidates are fleeing in panic any sort of rational argument!

They want you to buy the proverbial cat in a bag.

And it is always the fault of the conservative in the race. You know, just like it is always the fault of the conservative in a usual conversation! No matter what, YOU somehow didn’t kiss their butt in juuust the right way so now they just won’t engage.

And Hobbs truly IS an AWFL (Affluent White Female Liberal)!

But of course it is a ruse. NO contrary beliefs would have been tolerated in any case! They were never going to debate. They are epistemically closed. And IF they looked perusable, it was only Bad Faith on their part.

I know Trump whoever the Republican candidate is WILL want a debate. But I will be very surprised if the Democrat will even do it–and of course he or she will blame the Republican–you can bet that there will be SOME excuse like that. Take it to the bank!