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No surprise

there. San Francisco.

The photo in this article reminds me of this:

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Why on earth

would anyone be surprised by this?

Aides are physically barring members of the press from interacting with the 89-year-old senator, and the office of the Senate sergeant-at-arms last week prohibited journalists from taking pictures of or documenting Feinstein’s arrival at the Capitol, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Do you even wonder why this is the case? I sure don’t.

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I agree, VERY

disturbing. But as I read it, the question has never really been answered. All we know is that they refused to cooperate. Disturbing.

Yes, “Russiagate” was a total lie and these people knew it was a lie. That much is painfully obvious. It was election interference of the highest order.

But these folks are silent as the tomb about why they did it and who all was involved. Surprised?

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she does!

The evil strategy is to cloak misery-producing things in “fairness” and such. Because who could be against fairness?

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So why the attack

on the family?

I know this is it going to be a bit long, and I’m sorry. But this is pretty dang important.

There is a reason the Left always goes after families. There is a reason why the licentiousness of the Left is aimed directly at traditional morality and traditional family.

That is certainly no accident. Let me explain:

When you grow up in a family, you quickly experience your siblings’ and parents’ successes and failures as your own. And it moves outward from there. You are also part of a broader extended family, a “tribe” and a congregation. Eventually, you go outward enough that you are part of a country. You feel joy and pride when they succeed in something like, say, the Olympics—even though you don’t know the person at all. 

But really, you cannot feel that unless it was initially tied directly to your feelings of loyalty to your parents and family. You don’t feel this loyalty to a stranger you see on the street. You may like that person, and you might even have a general goodwill toward them. But you’re not loyal in the same way at all.  They are a total stranger.

We build on this family loyalty by being proud of our town. We also are proud of our ethnic background, our congregation, and our culture. At the top of that scale is being proud of our nation (which is quite different than our government). 

But understand well that none of this can happen without the prior attachment to family. In that context, we can understand very well why the Left has attacked family and traditional morality so heavily.

See, people go crazy as separate atoms, but they only get better in congregations and families.

The Left propose an atomistic view of personhood. So they attack family and history. You are not good, and your country is based in ignominious and and disgusting things (1619 Project). 

Therefore, the attack from the Left has to be first and foremost on the family. Because without those family bonds first, there is no loyalty to clan, to congregation, or to country.

Please note that that attack is often based in licentiousness. Why? Because such an attack destroys the fundamental building block of society most effectively by destroying family

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Must… protect…


This is just the next step in Democrat psychopathological avoidance…

That’s precisely why the debates won’t happen. The Democratic National Committee knows that Williamson is nutty, and it thinks Kennedy is nutty, too, and it’s well aware that the less the public sees the dementia patient who pretends to be president, the better. They’re going with Biden for reelection, and they know that he can only hurt his own chances by standing toe-to-toe against a man who can actually articulate a coherent sentence and defend his positions, as well as against a woman who, however loopy she may be, looks like Madame Curie next to Old Joe.

And so despite the fact that RFK, who has never been a national figure, immediately jumped to 14%, there will be no real Democrat race. There will just be a coronation. No one should have ever expected that anything would be different. After all, these people have made it abundantly clear that they don’t really like disagreement and want to silence dissent. Why would they allow it within their own party?

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Oh really?


What’s important here is that there is a MAJOR walk-back going on with many of the wacky COVIDarian despots. They are desperately trying to re-write history, saying that they didn’t know everything then but they were just doing the best they could.

Please, don’t let them weasel out of it.

They used COVID to live out their despotic fantasies, not caring that they permanently damaged kids and that people lost their livelihoods over this.

They were perfectly willing to be evil in order to gain power and dominion over others. They were FULL of self-righteous indignation–backed up with force. And the Lefty narrative was much more important than the suffering of real people. In it the mask slipped and we saw the ugly reality of Leftism.

I think it is truly scary that so many took the side of the bully. Now we have seen how people supported the NAZIs… It was not a desire to do evil that motivated them. It was “righteous authoritarianism” with a whiff of enforced maniacal asceticism that was historically, and recently, in full bloom.

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I’m not at all

sure the 2020 strategy will work for Biden in 2024 (assuming he runs again).

Plus, people are more aware and watchful of voter fraud now, and it will be harder for him to cheat like he did in 2020.

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You are only

shocked if you have no freakin’ knowledge of history!

Yes, yes, Lefties are offended. But you know I’m right. Just ask a Lefty to denounce ANTIFA! They almost always won’t. Because that is who they ARE!

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Democrats need

to pay attention to this huge disconnect!

There’s a gaping divide in the Democratic Party between institutional public opinion — party leaders, lawmakers, donors, consultants — and the actual voters who ultimately decide elections, recent polling shows.