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Yes, indeed.

It has been a very big week at SCOTUS.

And HERE is where the difference between conservative and Leftist jurisprudence becomes so starkly visible:

They [the Conservative rulings] show the historical context, legal precedents, and all the objective law that went into the opinion. In each case, the dissenting justices use mostly emotion in their argument. Law is not based on emotion, it’s objective and supposed to be even-handed.

…Personally, I liked both of the big decisions this week but more importantly, what I really liked was the cogent law argument behind them. If you didn’t like the decisions, take a step back and try and read them without emotion.

[Re: abortion] … If you are against voters deciding, ask yourself why. If a politician is against letting voters decide in their state, why do they despise the democratic process so much? What else would that politician do to usurp the democratic process?

… I think this is something that NEVER would have happened with Roe in place. We will see states pass laws for and against abortion and voters will finally have their say. Federalism is great, and it is a wonderful pressure relief valve. We will see a lot of innovation around both abortions and I hope adoption. Again, I am pro-life but if a company wants to offer this benefit to their employees, fine with me. As a person, you can choose to be employed there or not. As an investor, you can choose to invest or not. As a consumer, you can choose to patronize, or not. [emphasis added]

In the words of Jordan Peterson, this Lefty “wokeism” is a “crippled religion.” And he is entirely correct. Secular Leftism IS a religion! It is complete with a priestly class and the “sacrament” of abortion and the proof of active status of activism. And “Cancel Culture” is excommunication.

So don’t blather on about how secular Lefties are not religious–they certainly are. It’s just that Secular Leftism IS their religion! Yes, it’s warped. But make no mistake–it is a religion.

With Roe being overturned, Lefties are screaming in anguish to their woke stone god. But their stone god does not make a sound…


In regard to POTUS

and Roe, it’s not at all surprising to me that they deferred to the states. That is how the Roberts court has usually worked. And it was absolutely the correct call in this instance. This was never a SCOTUS issue in the first place.

What they essentially said is this:

Not my monkeys, not my circus.

And they were right. This was not a Constitutional issue and it was an egregious error for the court to have stepped into the fray 30 or so years ago. And it has further polarized the nation and been a HUGE wedge issue since Roe. Yeah, play stupid games, win stupid prizes…

But the court most recently (apparently) didn’t rule on whether life begins at conception or at 20 weeks or at birth or at one month after delivery. It didn’t rule on the validity of a “sacred sacrament.” It simply looked at the issue and said, “Uhh, that’s not mine.”

And it wasn’t.

Oh and let’s not forget how extreme US Democrats are:

It would be laughable if murder were not involved… Folks, these guys in America are evil!


See, this is

a HUGE problem for the court (sorry this is a bit long). Here’s what it means:

Lefties, over the last 20 years or so, have adopted the iron-clad rule that they never engage in logical argument. ANY argument means that one’s position is at risk, and Leftism just cannot bear logical scrutiny so all logical debate is avoided. You can’t be wrong if you never argue!

No questions! You must be “born” a dyed-in-the-wool Lefty (whatever today’s position is).

But this Lefty ethos of avoiding debate has now insidiously seeped into the supreme court. In the past, a draft decision was crafted and then the justices debated it among themselves, coming to a decision. Justices could hear the reasoning of the other side, and might indeed be swayed.

But if the draft opinion is leaked, any change is extremely unlikely to occur. You have people on the sidelines who really don’t want anything but to get their own way entirely, stoking the conflict, saying, You gonna take that?

So no debate. No reasoned argument. No possibility of change.

SCOTUS then becomes, not a deliberative body, but a mini-congress. Most positions are decided WELL before any evidence is actually heard! Certainly any major decision.

I’ve heard Lefties superciliously bemoaning the increased polarization and intransigence of positions, yet they seem oblivious to the fact that their own refusal to engage in persuasion is the root cause of this polarization!

And that polarization is crucial to Leftism. You must have the “correct” opinion and never even (honestly) consider any other.

Yes, this leaking is an extension of the Lefty polarization and refusal to engage in debate. Absolutely, Lefties, polarization is a problem. But understand well that YOU are at the root of this problem–don’t try and fob it off on others!

Current Events SCOTUS

Yes, I think

MOST people who have even a passing knowledge of the situation are totally aghast at the brazenness of a clerk leaking a draft decision.

THIS is the attempted destruction of the court.

That scandal, the leaking of what appears to be an authentic initial draft opinion on the controversial Dobbs case, has left many in the legal community aghast. Left and right, many agree that this is highly irregular and highly improper. There’s a reason it hasn’t happened before.

Even so, I really doubt it will change things.

… Roberts is pro-life. His wife is a longtime pro-life activist. But there is only one other issue he is just as passionate about — the sanctity of the Court. Someone violated that sanctity. They violated the trust and independence of the nation’s highest court in order to force a political decision. Where some see Roberts caving because of this, I see him outraged and joining more forcefully with the conservatives. He cannot be seen as so weak and easily swayed as to join the losing side of the argument because someone tried to pressure him into it.

… The decision to jettison Roe v. Wade is going to be debated for decades to come. But we should also be horrified at what has happened here. Someone with a political agenda, on the eve of primaries across several states, made sure a friendly news outlet got the draft and ran with it. Careers will end over it, but the damage will be done. The sanctity of the Court has been thoroughly violated.