A Butt-Kicking Current Events

Senator Kennedy

(the living one) is an absolute gem! Watch how a polite southern gentleman kicks him some butt!

A Butt-Kicking

Things are

getting serious. People are pretty dang sick of Joe Biden.

Former President Donald Trump has secured another $50.5 million in funds for his 2024 reelection bid, almost doubling his opponent’s record-breaking haul of $26 million.

A Butt-Kicking

Reality is

setting in–and Democrats are soiling their britches.

Frustration with President Joe Biden’s standing ahead of the 2024 election is beginning to boil over, as the president himself has begun to second guess some strategic decisions, NBC News reported from a series of interviews with lawmakers and administration officials.

With just about eight months until the 2024 election, Biden is trailing former President Donald Trump in nearly every hypothetical matchup across key swing states. The president is reportedly growing more concerned about his reelection effort and other Democrats are beginning to grow frustrated with Biden’s performance, according to several interviews conducted by NBC News.

… As the president reportedly grows frustrated with his reelection effort, Biden is taking his anger out on his staff, sources told NBC News.

Look, I don’t care how you wrap it up in bright, shiny, Pollyanna-ish wrapping paper–Joe Biden is getting his butt kicked…

A Butt-Kicking Justice

And Elon Musk

is bankrolling her in her suit against Disney and Lucasfilm.

A Butt-Kicking

THAT is a

brilliant move!

Following the news that President Biden would be sitting out the annual pregame Super Bowl interview for the second year in a row, 2024 GOP frontrunner Donald Trump said he would be “happy” to replace Biden, and that the interview would be “ratings gold.”

Of course, the network will never do it. BUT, if they refuse, they reveal themselves as partisan chumps. And if they do it, they boost Trump. Damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

It’s a seventh-dan jiu-jitsu move.

A Butt-Kicking

Just remember:

Are YOU in the fringe?

A Butt-Kicking

Kristi Noem is

entirely right. Biden has more than enough authority to start acting NOW!

Yet he won’t this is all just a damnable lie on his part. Do your JOB, pal! Stop being a traitor!

“Why doesn’t President Biden take action today?” Noem said. “Today can be day one. He can immediately announce that he is reinstating the stay in Mexico policy. He can immediately announce that he’s going to refocus on building a wall. He can do those today.”

… It’s a terrible bill that I think President Trump is exactly right, it should not pass and push President Biden to take action because he has all the federal laws that he needs today to keep us safe, to stop the drugs that are coming into this country and killing us. 

… What I would say is that I always look for someone who’s willing to take action and President Biden has all the authority he needs to take action today.

Noem’s talking point is just brutal for Biden. It lays bare both his revolting dishonesty and his flatly evil behavior. He can act. He just won’t.

And how can he refute it? He really can’t–he just has to ignore it and hope that the clip doesn’t go viral.

“It’s an unsafe situation and the president can be the one who stands up and shows leadership at this time.”

Go get him, Kristi!

A Butt-Kicking

Office space in

big cities is in HUGE trouble! HEE-YOOOJ! Someone’s gonna be takin’ a bloodbath!

A Butt-Kicking Elections


People are sick to death of this crap!

Trump is ahead of Biden in key swing states by anywhere from 1 point to 9 points, and the former president is leading from 1 point to 10 points nationally, according to numerous recent surveys.

… Across the states with the narrowest margins of victory in 2020 — Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — Trump is leading Biden 41% to 35%, according to a mid-September Reuters/Ipsos poll.

With even a little election integrity, Trump will pound Biden like the proverbial rented mule. THAT is why we are seeing the concerted effort by political shill judges and prosecutors to get Trump!

Will the bull-crap triumph? We shall see…

A Butt-Kicking Hypocrisy

Even Maher

admits it.

Biden is hosed, and many Democrats are frantically heading for the exits!

During his opening monologue on Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher reacted to President Joe Biden’s announcement earlier this week that he’ll build part of a border wall by stating that “even Biden now is admitting that the migrant crisis is real” and Biden has to pivot to the center. He also mocked Democrats who are criticizing Biden for the move by remarking that those Democrats are saying, “we know it’s in our platform, that it says secure the border, but we didn’t think you’d actually do something about it.”

Even in this Maher is WAY too kind. Team Biden never had the slightest intention of actually doing something. And they absolutely won’t. This is all just fool-the-rubes shyster-ism! Maybe the Biden cabal will eventually get shamed into something. But even that is probably a bridge too far for them.

Because THEN how would they explain themselves? “Yeah, when Trump moved to secure the border it was because he was RACIST. But OUR motives for doing the exact same things are pure as the driven snow!

Suuuure. Just as you say…

See, they are in a no-win situation on this: If they actually DO something they are admitting that Trump was fundamentally right and they were fundamentally wrong. And if they don’t move to secure the border they face a public backlash of epic proportions!

So, all they can do is split the difference: Pretend in public that they are securing the border and make a few lethargic, half-hearted moves in that direction, but actually do nothing…