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Just look

what is happening.

We’re just sick of the crap!

Very suddenly, that has changed. It started with West Virginia in 2021 and Arizona in 2022, and then continued with a flood this year — Iowa, Utah, Arkansas, Florida, Oklahoma, Ohio, and Indiana. More may follow. “It’s happening!” Corey DeAngelis, a conservative activist who describes himself as a “school choice evangelist,” regularly tweets, joyfully chronicling each new victory.

The Holy Grail: Funding follows students, not schools.

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Honestly, what’s

WRONG with these people?

Folks, it’s time. Pull your kids out of public schools. Protect them. There is now nothing left to save, there.

Home-school them, put the in “pods,” or do a private school. But as a good parent, you have to do something!

Of course, there are the die-hard liberals who will continue to support the hijacking of the U.S. public school system however far it goes. But, conservatives and most independents see the situation far more clearly.


Well, yeah.

Lots of people are rightfully disgusted about the abysmal state of the public education institutions.



ya think maybe?

Schools have foolishly pushed the “college for everyone” theme for too long. College is NOT for everyone!

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There’s more

than a little bloat, there!


Well, it’s typically

NOT worth the costunless the undergraduate is merely a stepping stone for grad school (and a clear income stream).

The Wall Street Journal and NORC released poll results on Mar. 31 showing that only 42 percent of Americans think that college is worth the cost.

A terminal Bachelor’s degree in History or Womyn’s Studies (alone) or sociology is just a very expensive thing that usually won’t monetarily pay off for decades, if ever.

Even someone with a Master’s degree in Psychology is usually hosed. They can’t teach at a university (as tenure-track faculty), and in the business world, no one gives a rip about that credential. PLUS, they have huge student debt that cannot even be discharged through bankruptcy. They will be using a walker long before they are done paying on that!

Even Boise State (not a great academic school) has tuition of almost $9,000 a year (two semesters)–for residents! For non-residents, tuition is $25,000 a year. And on top of that there are housing and living expenses…

Back in the day, most people didn’t go to college. Only those who really needed to or who were academics did. Then there was spasm of “Everyone should go to college” and college was seen as the gateway to the (at least) middle class.

And indeed there still are some benefits inherent in the college experience. But $100,000 worth? Is it worth being a quasi indentured servant who can’t afford to get married, have children, or get a house for the rest of your life?

Community college can indeed work well. But $80+ grand for four+ years at a University and crushing debt for a terminal Bachelor’s degree in Travel and Tourism?


Yes, I am also

for school choice.



Not even worth it! Go be a plumber…

Unless you need it for a further degree, it just hardly seems worth it. But as a terminal degree? Uh, no.

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Because it

truly IS a mystery!


Oh wow!

I have been pushing for this for some time, now.

This bill, which has now passed both the Arkansas House and Senate, will fund students instead of systems. Which means taxpayer funds will follow students whether they are in a public school, private school or are being home schooled. The bill establishes school choice for all students.

… But that’s not all it does. It also bans teaching gender identity to students below the 5th grade and it also bans CRT.