Bad Faith Barbaric!

“Remember when

we fired you for not getting the clot shot? Well, never mind. Puh-leez come back!”

In an astonishing display of bureaucratic backpedaling, Kaiser Permanente, one of America’s largest healthcare providers, is now desperately inviting back the very doctors it unceremoniously dismissed for their refusal to comply with its COVID-19 vaccination policy.

… The tone of the letter is almost apologetic, a stark contrast to the rigid mandates enforced during the pandemic’s peak. It reads: “We understand that your employment may have ended at Kaiser Permanente because of your non-compliance with the Vaccine Policy.”

I personally quit a job at a hospital because they were Hell-bent on everyone getting the jab. And this even though I had an obvious autoimmune disorder!

I was just lucky blessed that I had other options and I could leave. The bastards! So I told them, basically, to kiss my butt! Most people, however, didn’t have that option.

There, but for the grace of God, go I…

Banana Republic of Brandon Barbaric!

THIS is how

you know there is an election this year!

These guys are scumbags. I highly doubt that there will be a fair election. I hope so, but it’s hard to imagine that there is anything that the Biden crime group won’t do.

Barbaric! Evil Immorality

Yes. Yes

they are! And it’s breathtakingly horrific. Scary, actually. REALLY scary!

But now Kelly has revealed how much dirtier the whole thing may have been: The FBI was apparently authorized to use deadly force for the raid. [emphasis added]

It truly boggles the mind, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to see how a Biden voter can delude himself into considering himself moral. I mean, how do you so it?

I don’t know how much clearer this could be, to be entirely truthful. So how can one support it and retain a shred of morality?

Ya see, Jimbo, the bad people are already using the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to target political enemies. Attorney General Merrick Garland may officially be the chief law enforcement officer of the United States, but he’s really just a petty thug who’s heading up a goon squad that does the bidding of an angry, senile old man. 


I really don’t blame

the GOP from being pretty mad. This seems like an obvious set-up.

The current “free speech zone” for the convention is in … Lafayette Park, a mere quarter of a mile from the convention venue. By comparison, the Democrats in Chicago have set up a free speech zone about three miles from the United Center where the convention will be held.


The park’s location sets up a gauntlet that convention delegates will have to walk through to get to the venue. While most [GOP] convention goers will arrive on buses, restricting the movement of delegates and guests because of security concerns is unacceptable, say Republicans.

Is their aim for someone to get hurt? Because this is how someone ends up getting hurt!

Republicans should hire their own security people and tell the Secret Service to go to hell.

Yes, yes they should!

Bad Faith Barbaric! Captain Obvious

Look, I’ve been

telling you this forever!

The recovered-memory movement is a good example of this. In the 1980s and 1990s, the therapeutic community in the US pioneered a technique that supposedly allowed adults to dredge up repressed memories of child abuse, sometimes even from when they were babies.

… Like most of the other hysterias, this one died in a quiet way. Studies emerged showing that these poor, suggestible patients had memories of abuse basically implanted in them by their therapists. No apologies were made and there was no effort to ensure that this sort of therapy never happened again. Little by little, people simply moved on to the next mania.

True, but I really don’t think it was “studies” that put an end to the execrable “Recovered Memory” fad. It was that therapists were getting successfully sued, and malpractice insurance companies started howling!

It ended up that anyone who continued to do this crap would have to do so without liability protection. Malpractice insurance carriers were battered, bruised, and bleeding and frantically heading for the exits! So therapists stopped doing it and pretended that they never did.

I remember well. I was there.

And I suspect it is (and will be) the same with the “trans” butchers surgeons and their lackeys. Even now, people are starting to sue for BIG damages. Surgeons and hospitals are being faced with large malpractice judgments against them. And they don’t like it. The disfiguring “fad” is NOT over, but I can see the end from here!

And who wants to be the last teen sexually mutilated for this goofy cause?

Banana Republic of Brandon Barbaric!

Democrats, are

you proud of what you’ve done?

A billboard in Times Square went up on Thursday highlighting how the Biden administration’s failure to secure the border is affecting communities across America.

The billboard reads, “Hey Joe! If cops aren’t safe because of your open borders, nobody is,” and shows video of NYPD officers getting assaulted by a group of illegal immigrants last month. 

Anger Barbaric! Evil

Let’s put the

budget and spending into a little perspective, here:

It’s truly outrageous! It seems impossible that our leaders could be so grossly irresponsible. What the crap are they thinking?

Barbaric! Dishonesty

Yes, THIS is what

is known as a “Limited, modified hangout.”

A new paper, authored by several Moderna scientists, acknowledges that there are risks of toxicity in mRNA drugs and “vaccines,” due to “lipid nanoparticle structural components, production methods, route of administration and [spike] proteins produced from complexed mRNAs.”

Yeah, they have been FORCED to let the truth out. At least a little bit.

“mRNA formulated with lipid nanoparticles is a transformative technology,” but “avoiding unacceptable toxicity with mRNA drugs and vaccines presents challenges.” wrote Moderna employees Eric Jacquinet and Dimitrios Bitounis and Maximillian Rogers, along with Professor Mansoor M. Amiji.

I get a flu shot every year. But if the flu shot goes mRNA, I will never get another one.

Barbaric! Despotism Injustice

Yeah, this is

a sympathetic bunch. They were (most of them) obviously innocent and have been unjustly and harshly treated by raging despots in oder to score political points. These political prisoners are pretty dang sympathetic.

An increasingly divided America is starting to show support for the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol rioters, with over four-in-10 believing that they had a point or acted appropriately in forcefully disagreeing with Congress’s certification of President Joe Biden’s election victory.

“Rioters.” Yeah, riiiiight.

Because YOU as a normal person would quite likely have innocently done the same things they did. And you would have spent years as a political prisoner in an American Gulag for it!

Barbaric! Deception Evil

What they did was

breathtakingly evil!

“Providers concerned about patient health risks associated with COVID-19 should prioritize patient access to non-mRNA COVID-19 vaccines and treatment,” Ladapo said in a statement. “It is my hope that, in regard to COVID-19, the [Food and Drug Administration] will one day seriously consider its regulatory responsibility to protect human health, including the integrity of the human genome.”

Pfizer lied. This is NOT in any way a vaccine. I have no problem with vaccine, In fact. I am a proponent. But this is not a vaccine. This has just been evil. It’s hard for me to even grasp the depth of this evil. I thought that with all my experiences with the courts I was hard-bitten and jaded.

Not. Jaded. Enough.


And here’s something that should give Pfizer hives:

Florida and Texas have since launched respective investigations into the jabs’ manufacturers for “potential wrongdoing” and employing “highly misleading” marketing to coerce Americans into getting the experimental shots.

Because unforeseen problems are legally indemnified. Outright deception and lying isn’t…