Bizarre Buffoons

Yes, it’s

absolutely worth watching. Wicked funny! Australians…

Bizarre Buffoons Democrat Flop-Sweat

Maybe he was

just birthing a stinky coal baby. Hey, it sure looks like that!

UPDATE: It’s going around that he did indeed poop his pants. And that’s why “Dr. Jill” hurried him away afterwards.

Oh, and Macron didn’t crap his pants, so he could stick around and greet veterans…

In any case, there was some really weird crap (heh!) going on with Joe Biden! Just compare how HE moves with how Macron moves. THAT should tell you something!

It’s not just the clompy “Don’t Fall Down” clown shoes, either!

Honestly, does ANYONE think that Biden even could make a speech like this?

OF COURSE not. Biden has been an absolutely HUGE step down! He is the Filene’s Basement President*. Even at his best he could not have done this. Because the stinky turd (heh) that he really is shines though–we would know that he’s just playing dress-up.

Those high heels would just never fit…

*The oldest off-price retailer in the United States, Filene’s Basement focused on high-end goods and was known for its distinctive, low-technology automatic markdown system.


Being an “angry

warrior” is likely to sink Biden. No one likes a mean, angry old man. Part of that is because he is, of necessity, TOTALLY hopped up on meth. But his handlers have little choice on THAT…

Joe Biden—or at least the Joe Biden the public is allowed to see these days—is angry. He sounds like he wants to fight Trump. He yells at the young men at Morehouse on one of the most joyful and special days of their lives. He’s rough and gruff and thoroughly displeased with everyone and everything. And if he’s not careful, it’s going to cost him the election.

You half expect him to shout, “And get off my lawn!”

To be clear, Joe Biden has always been a bully. Whether attacking reporters for not being as smart as he claims he is; stopping just short of calling a campaign-stop questioner a “fat a**,” or trying to intimidate Clarence Thomas (of all people) on the intricacies of Natural Law, Biden has long tried to browbeat those with whom he has a problem. He has never been an especially gentle politician.

… One senses that those campaign directors have been backed into a corner here. For whatever reason—most likely his age and his diminishing mental acuity—Joe Biden seems to be most coherent when he’s irritated. When he’s calm, he mumbles and slurs his words. When he’s jovial, he seems kind of creepy or, at the very least, just a little bit “off.” But when he’s angry, he’s different. Sure, he yells rather than speaks. And sure, it’s not easy to get him riled up all the time, but then, as Donald Rumsfeld keenly noted, you go to war with the army you have. What choice do they have but to have him be ticked off all the time?

And one thing this article doesn’t mention–the meth. We KNOW scientifically that meth is very much associated with anger and irritability.

Remember how Joe reacted to a challenge several years ago:

He yells at the worker, saying, “I don’t work for you!” It was bad. And maybe meth-aided.

After a brief exchange about the topic, the 2020 presidential candidate told the man, “You’re full of shit.” 

So it’s no surprise that Joe is often irritable and angry–his handlers too often have him on meth. And I’m really not sure they can avoid that now.


When even

dyed-in-the-wool Democrat John Zogby rates you a “D,” as a Democrat you know you are in BIG trouble!

To friendly CNN, Biden claimed that he had the best record ever for cutting inflation and creating jobs. He told the interviewer that inflation was 9% when he came into office. The truth is that inflation was 1.4% when Biden came in and his radical, reckless spending hiked it to 9%, the worst in over forty years.

Meanwhile, when a reporter asked Vice President Kamala Harris for her reaction to a Hamas claim that it had accepted a cease-fire deal, she answered, “Shrimp and grits.” (Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, over?) Old Joe isn’t the only person in the Biden regime who has mental acuity problems.

Bizarre Kooks

Yeah, I didn’t,

either. I mean sure, I knew he was a kook, but…

What a freakin’ weirdo he is!

The Times reported that Kennedy told attorneys in 2012 that a surgeon at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital reviewed his brain scans after suffering from memory loss and fogginess. The surgeon, he said, believed the issue “was caused by a worm that got into my brain and ate a portion of it and then died.”

I’m speechless. Truly speechless.

Bizarre Evil Clown Hypocrisy

Odd, wouldn’t

you say? It’s almost like they are just pandering!

The Biden White House social media account “La Casa Blanca” did not post anything related to “Transgender Day of Visibility” while the English White House account on X made a post on Easter to declare the LGBTQ recognition day. 

Funny how that is, eh? I guess for Spanish speakers, the White House made it so trans people were not at all visible!  

But be assured, the trannies are heard, they are loved, they are understood, and they belong! They just don’t belong on Spanish WH social media feeds, amIright?

Nope, no pandering here.

And then Biden weirdly denied declaring Easter, “Transgender Day of Visibility.” Uhm, he signed a proclamation saying that! Does he just not remember? It’s just so dang bizarre!

Bizarre Dishonesty Epic fail

This guy is

just such a liar! Of course, maybe he’s just so senile that he can’t tell the difference between fact and his self-aggrandizing fantasies.

Well, I can.

Joe, pro tip: It’s not always about you! In any case, his staff failed him!

Bizarre Buffoons

Oh, Biden

consulted with actors who pretended to be President, eh?

“Who at the real White House thought this was a good idea?!?! Yikes,” Ric Grenell, former acting DNI under Trump, also wondered. 

Yikes, indeed! <gasps for breath>

It’s just SO cringey!

UPDATE: Meth prices went up in DC. There was a shortage because of Joe and the SOTU. It will take about a week and a crate full of Valium for Joe to now come down…

Bizarre Captain Obvious

Do what you want.

No one cares. Go ahead, if you are of age, hack your wankee off–lop off your boobs if you want.

Yeah, it’s freaky weird, but hey, no one actually gives a crap! No one non-related person really cares what these freaks do, but just don’t try to extort money out of it and make others pay for that goofiness!


You know, as a

regular man, I really don’t get all the Taylor Swift infatuation. I just don’t get it.