Civil Rights Epic fail

Play stupid games,

win stupid prizes.

Civil Rights

What, don’t they

know history?


Biden is always

just SOOO empathetic!

Cowardice Current Events

Cornell West

really hurts Biden!

Now Cornell West is NOT a mainstream guy. Not by a long shot. Let’s just say that his looks alone spook the electoral horses!

Now let’s say that a different Democrat gets in the race. Someone who looks and talks like a regular person. Someone like, oh say, JFK, Jr.

If a fringe weirdo like Cornell West can make such inroads, just imagine what a JFK, Jr. would do! No wonder the DNC has been so panicked about him!

Current Events

Here’s the

key: When no cause of death is reported, a young and fit person dies of or is disabled by cardiac problems, it is most likely a vaxx injury.

The medical community needs to be willing to stand up!

Larissa Borges, a Brazilian fitness influencer, died at 33 after suffering a double cardiac arrest. No official cause of death has been given.

Almost for sure another vaccine death. I mean, does this make her look like she is riddled with heart disease? Yeah, maybe. But it seems unlikely.

Captain Obvious

Oh really!

Do ya think?

A California Bay Area county supervisor, frustrated by rising retail theft in the area, admitted that state laws were “not working” to deter criminals, as he announced a new proposal to crack down on crime.

Even an amoeba learns from pain! Now CA voters need to learn…

“Enough is enough! All this retail theft. All this sort of crime. Enough is enough. We really need to look at state laws. What we have in place right now is not working,” Canepa stated. “We can’t go on like this.” 

Age-related decline


What the crap is up with him? Parkinson’s?

This guy is a walking, talking argument for term limits. GO HOME, MITCH! You are just no longer able to play this game! Have a shred of dignity and go home.

Epic fail

Hollywood COULD

save itself. Yep, but SPOILER: IT WON’T.

It is too deeply mired in the muck to escape.

Current Events

Here’s a poll with

Trump in the lead.

But don’t worry, Leftists, I’m sure it’s nothing…

Fighting Back

Good, good.

The take-home message here is that you need to fight back. Because sometimes you win a total victory, Like in this case. But even if you lose the suit you always make life a living Hell for the despotic thugs. And if only .05% of students and their families did this, the whole Lefty despotic project would come screeching to a halt!

And what if a portion of those who initially lose appeal?

And that is an important message for Conservatives: Resistance is NOT futile. But they desperately want you to think it is…