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ALL Leftism

eventually devolves into a lack of moral agency. An obvious example is the teaching of the so-called New Atheists.

Major figures of New Atheism include Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens and Daniel Dennett, collectively referred to as the “four horsemen” of the movement…

But here’s the issue: If all is merely materialistically necessary, then so is my opposition. And so is New Atheism. There IS no Truth Value to either side. In other words, Dawkins and Hitchens (Hitchens died in 2011) admittedly have no truth/meaning argument at all against theism!

No matter what “team” you are on then, it is merely necessary. You are merely a product of your upbringing, education, and cognitive abilities. You no more choose your position than a nail chooses to go into a board after being struck by a hammer!

BUT, on the other hand, if there IS moral agency, the “team” I choose to be on is a reflection of my own morality, of right and wrong, good and bad.

So, it boils down to this: If all is mere reflex, any view I have is by definition truth-deficient and therefore has no meaning at all. And if there IS real moral agency, then there is fundamental meaning to my behavior–there IS “right” and “wrong.”

Atheists need to be a little consistent: If there is no moral agency, then we are just complex hammers, and there is no right or wrong–there is only metaphysical necessity. If I oppose them, that is no more morally meaningful or significant than their pronouncements! It’s ALL just sound and fury, meaning nothing.

Me? I think there is indeed moral agency. And thus there is moral meaning to our thoughts and behaviors.

Evil Truth

WOW! This

ad is just brutal! True all around, but brutal. THIS is the world Joe Biden is giving YOU!


I’m telling you,

EVs are collapsing. They can indeed be a great “niche” product. But the curtain opened for them and they were sitting on the toilet, crapping. They are the college professor lecturing to an auditorium who stops to take a leak just before class starts and forgets to take the lapel mic off.


I feel your pain, bro!

Current Events Truth

I’m liking

Ramaswamy more and more.

Yes, I want Trump to be re-elected. I just think he is a safer bet. But I gotta be honest and say that I like what Ramaswamy has recently done. I like the cut of this man’s jib!

Poetic Justice Truth

Yes, WaPo is

getting hammered. I’m not sure that it is time yet to publish their obituary, but maybe get it ready to go. Culturally, it sure doesn’t look good for them! Dead man, walking. We know what the trend is. And maybe they can buck that trend. But then again, maybe they can’t…

According to the report, not only is the Post losing $100 million a year, but it lost over half of its online engagement by the end of 2023. The signs were already there by mid-year, and the worst has come to pass. 

Sure. Except I think the worst has yet to come to pass. I suspect that this lame horse, already stumbling, will soon fall. Probably. Even Bezos will not just keep pouring money down this rat hole!

Lefty newspapers are indeed facing some pretty stiff headwinds right now. I mean, who even gets a newspaper anymore? I haven’t for nearly 25 years! A few dinosaurs still rigidly cling to the idea of getting a paper, with many subscribing online to a Lefty rag like the NYT out of hackism mingled with nostalgia. But most of us have moved well beyond even that.

A newspaper was something from my childhood, but as an adult it has only very rarely been a feature in my family, and pretty much not at all since the Internet!

Sure, there IS room for subscribing to an entertaining and reliable source–I have certainly considered subscribing to PJ Media, for example. But the age of “straight” mainstream news via a newspaper seems to be well and truly over. The dinosaurs are not yet dead, but the Jurassic age is rapidly coming to a close. And there is suddenly a bright meteor in the sky!

The persuasive power of an article is in its logical and empirical structure, not in its source newspaper or publisher!

I mean, can you even imagine a “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus” editorial now? “Papa says ‘If you see it in The Sun it’s so…’ ” (and it’s ironically hilarious that that editorial propagates a lie!)

I sure can’t. Just because you see it in The Sun (or NY Times) really doesn’t mean it’s actually true. We are well past the age of reporters telling the Truth as best they know it. Now is the age of deception and cultural myths and propaganda and gaslighting.

Maybe we were always there in some ways, But at least, historically, there was a bit of a nod in the direction of truth.That’s no longer the case in regard to sources like the NY Times.


A REAL truth-seeker

regularly questions himself or herself. Only an epistemologically closed poseur thinks that they already know everything.

They say, “A political philosophy, a political philosophy, I already have a political philosophy and there can be no more political philosophy! I am just right!”

In other words, they are epistemically closed. They cannot learn anything new because by definition that would mean that they were not 100% right before. And that is very threatening to their ego and to their very sense of self! So they simply go about actually knowing very little, but are cocksure about everything.


EV’s are just

not ready for prime time! Let’s face it: Battery technology is not there.

Now the battery apologists (also for solar and wind power) will argue that trying it leads to innovations and that someday we will get there, Yeah, maybe… But today is not that day..

So let’s not pretend it is a viable option now. It’s not. It is, at best, a luxury vehicle “niche.” And if ALL my driving is “running errands” locally and then coming quickly back home (and not even addressing HUGE fire hazard issues), it can work.

But again, it is a niche product. And if that niche works for you (and you are not worried about the battery catching fire), great. I’m good with that. But let’s be honest; It is indeed a niche.


The truth is,

ALL war is Hell. Some quote William Tecumseh Sherman that way, and it is certainly true. But it’s not just Hell for the solders, it is Hell for everyone.

War is probably at times unavoidable and even justified. But it is still Hell.

Truth Wisdom

In many ways,

I like the cut of this man’s jib!

Republican 2024 presidential nominee outsider Vivek Ramaswamy railed against CNN host Abby Phillip on Wednesday night, detailing the reality of federal government agent involvement in Jan 6 and the Governor Whitmer kidnap hoax.