Deliberate Ignorance

I guess for “Biden,”

willful ignorance is bliss. It’s a Democrat thing, dontcha know…

Choosing Culture Deliberate Ignorance

Are you “getting”

the cultural shift?

If not, you’re just not watching carefully.

And it leads one to suspect that this is NOT merely a mistake on your part, but a deliberate, willful ignorance–that you are rather defensively trying not to see things as they are.

And certainly there is a spectrum, here. Some people are simply more prone to be hide-bound and defensive than others. And there are several reasons for that.

But if you have eyes that see at all, you realize that things are changing. And you simply can’t straddle the ever-widening cultural divide. No, it’s no longer 1975. You are going to have to leap to one side or the other. The lukewarm, “mushy middle” is rapidly becoming logically and morally untenable.

Chose wisely, grasshopper…

Corruption Deliberate Ignorance

See, Lefties will

keep whistling passed this graveyard. The Lefty way is just to pretend that nothing has happened.

But the corruption here is truly astounding. It is evil on a cosmic scale! And while many Lefties pretend to be moral, upstanding people, I’m not sure how you can now even convince yourself of that and yet support Biden!

Honestly, how is it done?

Deliberate Ignorance

Just from an

empirical standpoint, Norway’s wealth tax is stupid and counter-productive.

Did you catch that? More “super rich” Norwegians left Norway in 2022 than during the previous 13 years combined. The reason wealthy Norwegians are fleeing the country is not a secret. 

And it was SO obvious that this is exactly what would happen! Have these folks never even had a passing contact with Economics? DUH!

We need to be a little empirical, here! Here’s a clue: When you make something more expensive, you sell less of it. There is a balance between sales volume and profit margin. <sheesh!>

Deception Deliberate Ignorance

Ya think?

OF COURSE people believe that the government provoked the Jan. 6 stuff. Because they DID!

Buffoons Captain Obvious Deliberate Ignorance

Baghdad Bob

returns. With a vengeance.

Are YOU taken in by this? If so, you are a total rube! What kind of buck-toothed hayseed would fall for this?

Bad Faith Deliberate Ignorance

Don’t Leftists

ever get tired of being wrong?

And yet they never get embarrassed!

Current Events Deliberate Ignorance

What we are

seeing with Biden is a serial contempt for the law. And you Biden voters had plenty of warnings that this was the case–starting with forcible rape.

But no, you let your MSM-inspired googley-eyed hatred of Trump cloud your judgment. Shame on you! Do better!

Deception Deliberate Ignorance

Just you wait…

But I still think there is a cause for legal action.

Anti-scientific stance Deliberate Ignorance Kooks


a cult! These folks are brainwashed, pure and simple. They therefore bleatingly drink whatever kool-aid they are given. With predictable results.