Current Events Deliberate Ignorance

What we are

seeing with Biden is a serial contempt for the law. And you Biden voters had plenty of warnings that this was the case–starting with forcible rape.

But no, you let your MSM-inspired googley-eyed hatred of Trump cloud your judgment. Shame on you! Do better!

Deception Deliberate Ignorance

Just you wait…

But I still think there is a cause for legal action.

Anti-scientific stance Deliberate Ignorance Kooks


a cult! These folks are brainwashed, pure and simple. They therefore bleatingly drink whatever kool-aid they are given. With predictable results.

Deliberate Ignorance

Honestly, what’s

wrong with you if you are so avoidant of the obvious facts? It’s just un-freakin-believable!

OK, honest question: How can you have lived through the past three years and NOT even a little bit suspicious or even curious?

Holy crap! Why are Lefty hacks so studiously and deliberately ignorant? I mean, it’s kinda creepy and more than a bit “culty.”