Choosing Culture Deliberate Ignorance

Are you “getting”

the cultural shift?

If not, you’re just not watching carefully.

And it leads one to suspect that this is NOT merely a mistake on your part, but a deliberate, willful ignorance–that you are rather defensively trying not to see things as they are.

And certainly there is a spectrum, here. Some people are simply more prone to be hide-bound and defensive than others. And there are several reasons for that.

But if you have eyes that see at all, you realize that things are changing. And you simply can’t straddle the ever-widening cultural divide. No, it’s no longer 1975. You are going to have to leap to one side or the other. The lukewarm, “mushy middle” is rapidly becoming logically and morally untenable.

Chose wisely, grasshopper…

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