Change Elections

Yes, but ALWAYS

a bridesmaid and never a bride.

Yes, I have hope that we are seeing a shift, here. And it seems that we are. But I want to see real change, not change that is always approaching but never actually arrives.

Biden’s 2020 margin among Black voters was smaller than for any other Democratic presidential nominee over the past two decades, and the latest data suggests that support has eroded since the election.

… A Quinnipiac University national poll released last week found Biden receiving 73% support from Black voters, compared to 20% for Trump in a hypothetical 2024 rematch. A poll conducted for Fox News released this month showed 61% of Black voters favoring Biden, compared to 20% for Trump. August surveys from Emerson College, Harris X/The Messenger, and YouGov/The Economist also showed similar results.

But Democrats only getting 61% (or even 73%) of the Black vote is utterly catastrophic for them. If that rate held, Democrats would rarely ever win again (talking about the Presidency)!

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