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yes they are! “Biden” has been an utter catastrophe for working people. We need to take care of things all up and down the ballot come November…

A majority of voters are “worse off financially” under President Joe Biden, up 25 points since he assumed office in 2021, a Fox News poll found Wednesday.

Captain Obvious Democrat Freakers Kooks

See, that’s the

problem “Biden”is faced with: Democrats and RINOs have screamed and thrown tantrums for so long about how Trump is the devil incarnate that most people just roll their eyes, say, “<sigh> here we go again…” and turn away.

But a funny thing is happening: voters are starting to tune out Team Biden hyperventilations and are believing their own lyin’ eyes instead. “Biden’s failure as president, indicated by his 55.5% disapproval rating and the country’s 65% wrong-track number, are factors,” notes the analysis. “Voters tell reporters they are nostalgic for Trump’s years (low inflation, no new wars, a controlled border, a strong economy, and low unemployment).” 

“Biden” seem to think that if they just get a little louder, a little more shrill, a little more coercive, that people will come over to their side and support them against the putatively evil Donald Trump.

Yeah, no.

I would tell the Lefty wackos to stop ranting and screaming, that they would catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, but they would never listen. They seem to be totally enamored with their ongoing tantrums, and can’t listen to reason or logic. Besides, they really have nothing else–there simply is no other tool in their toolbox. I mean, they certainly aren’t going to debate facts and policies!

So I’m not worried that they will change, even though I have told them very clearly what the deal is. They are who they are. But most of us are no longer willing to be an audience to their juvenile hissy fit psychodrama.

You can only “Cry wolf!” so many times before regular people just ignore you.