Choosing Morality

THIS is what

the Democrat party is all about! YOU need to think long and hard about what you support. You may not throw the rocks, but are you “holding the cloaks” of those who do? And do you think that somehow absolves you?

“It is unconscionable that the Arabella network directed over $1 million dollars to Alliance for Global Justice even after reporting highlighted their ties to Palestinian terror,” said Parker Thayer, an investigative researcher for the conservative think tank Capital Research Center. 

“It is not surprising, though,” he added. “Arabella is the least scrupulous of all of the Left’s dark money networks, which is probably why they are also the largest.”

I know it’s hard, but YOU need to stand up and make a choice.


It really is a

great article.

To assume that our ideological opponents want something is to play the game on their turf. It’s a mistake we make constantly. We imagine that words mean the same thing when they use them as when we use them.

…As winter approaches, the exhausted bugbear of the Covid hoax isn’t playing as it did during the heyday of the pocket tyrant, Anthony Fauci, as the public realizes that the entire charade was a test run to see just how much Americans would take, how eagerly they were willing to rat out each other out, to be spied on, lied to, panicked by their friends, neighbors, and government.

…the “fortified” 2020 presidential election may have at least temporarily slain the Trump bogeyman, but the effective doubling of prices on just about everything now has people understanding that voting has consequences beyond simply feeling that you’re on the “right side of history,

… Americans — and many Europeans, who are also now coming to their senses — are realizing that they’ve been had. Swedes and even Germans are now openly bruiting the idea of expelling the hordes of Middle Easterners who arrived at their governments’ behest, even as Mutti Merkel’s Kinder have come home to roost.…

 … So the choice is stark, the danger clear and present, the time is now: do the men of the West rise once again to stop the barbarians at — and already within — the gates, or do they surrender to the resentful losers of cultural Marxism and their burning desire to set the world aflame and live in the ruins? 

You know, I read articles all the time. But it is very rare that I’m as impressed with one to the extent I am impressed with this one!

Choosing Current Events

GOP wannabes:

It’s over, OK? You’re only hurting yourself now by delusionally keeping up your charade. There’s no dishonor in a strategic retrenchment. And many of you have a chance in the future if you play your cards right–but you have no chance at all now. You need to live to fight another day. Take heed to the fiery crash of Mike Pence! That was a total train-wreck!

The FACT is that Trump’s lead is insurmountable. He doesn’t even deign to be part of your silly little loser debates. And he looks WAAAY better for it. If you continue, you just seal the impression that you are a total loser. You have better political instincts than that…

So here is what you do to preserve some future viability: You very publicly drop out NOW and vocally back Donald Trump. The writing is on the wall. Is there another decent choice?

Uh, no.

Choosing Current Events Lefty Political Strategy

Democrats are

desperately trying to bridge this chasm. I don’t see how they can, but simply pretending it doesn’t exist might be a successful short-term strategy for them. Long-term? Not so much.

It is just NOT stable.

In matters of war, Biden makes Jimmy Carter look like Dwight Eisenhower. 
And Trump looks Reaganesque in comparison with Biden’s worse-than-Carter record.


I agree. It’s time

to unify. It’s time for several GOP wannabes to stop seeking their own selfish desires and do what is good for their country! It’s time to choose who you are, GOP candidates.


It really IS

pretty dang disturbing! There are people YOU thought were moral who have turned out to be nothing of the sort!

She’s right about the first part. If you’re a left wing Jew watching your friends celebrate mass murder this week then you have my sympathy, but the case that you were naïve is pretty self-evident at this point. It’s not like the sympathies of the Squad or the leaders of the Women’s March or various BDS campus group have been a closely guarded secret.

… But reality has a funny way of intruding on partisan wishcasting. So it appears we’re going to end the year with a bunch of shocked leftists realizing that colonialism and decolonization literally mean giving a high five to people murdering Jewish civilians. Again, my sympathies, but if you’re shocked by this turn of events it’s probably because you haven’t been paying attention.

ButYOU need to choose between right and wrong here–you can no longer conceptually straddle the ever-widening gap.

The Palestinian massacre of Israeli civilians last week was a black and white moment. There can be no excuse for the intentional massacre of over a 1000 civilians and those that accept or celebrate it either have no moral compass or do not accept the victims as human beings.

The celebration of this massacre has been a clarifying moment for me. I consider those who are celebrate or try to excuse it to be fundamentally immoral and I will not intentionally stand with or support them on any issue where I can avoid it. 

Choosing Culture Deliberate Ignorance

Are you “getting”

the cultural shift?

If not, you’re just not watching carefully.

And it leads one to suspect that this is NOT merely a mistake on your part, but a deliberate, willful ignorance–that you are rather defensively trying not to see things as they are.

And certainly there is a spectrum, here. Some people are simply more prone to be hide-bound and defensive than others. And there are several reasons for that.

But if you have eyes that see at all, you realize that things are changing. And you simply can’t straddle the ever-widening cultural divide. No, it’s no longer 1975. You are going to have to leap to one side or the other. The lukewarm, “mushy middle” is rapidly becoming logically and morally untenable.

Chose wisely, grasshopper…

Choosing Morality

Kurt Schlicter

said it well: You either vote for the Republican candidate no matter who it is, or you are effectively a Biden supporter.

And it is inarguably true. So choose where YOU stand.

I don’t know how anyone can logically argue otherwise. So folks, wake up and if you need to, get yourself right!

Biden voters have already declared what side they are on! And it’s not on the side of morality!


Don’t tempt


Choosing Current Events

Polls are inherently

unreliable. Agreed. Still

According to the poll, conducted between August 2 to 7, 41 percent of Americans said they would vote for Trump, compared to just 34 percent for Joe Biden. A full 25 percent said they were “not sure.”

And ask yourself, who is less likely to answer a poll or be telephonically “Off the grid,” Biden voters or Trump voters? And who do you think is more likely to distrust the pollsters and say that they are “not sure?”

So these numbers may be a significant underestimate of Trump’s actual support.

A lot of people want to see the rampaging Trump bull in the DC china (China?) shop.