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Aaaand Biden

aides poop their pants and go desperately looking for Tums

Because IF true on election day, that is a catastrophic number for Biden and his insane clown posse of malevolent minions!

And that is CNN mind you. You know, Biden cheerleader CNN. If that holds, even a little bit, Biden is freakin’ DONE! I mean, it took MASSIVE voter fraud for Biden to “win” when Trump’s Black vote was only 40% of what it is measuring now!

Maybe that number will fall back to earth. Maybe it’s not real. Both things are possible. Democrats better hope!

Choosing Current Events

When two groups

can no longer tolerate each other, they separate. We’ve seen it many times in history.

And this is exactly the separation that Federalism was meant to prevent! CA does it one way, and ID does it another–and people can vote with their feet.

And we are seeing it in the US now. These guys call it “The Great Sort,” but it’s FAR from a new thing.

We have written about the Great Sort many times, but frankly you can’t emphasize it enough. Americans are deserting blue states and cities in favor of red zones. Liberalism has proved to be a failure by the most reliable measure: fewer and fewer people want to live under liberal regimes.

… So the Great Sort is dramatically reshaping life in America. Liberals face a serious problem: their ability to achieve their goal of making our lives worse is limited by the fact that we can move. 


Yeah, maybe…

I have hopes, but certainly no expectations.

But I would laugh my butt off if the state actually went “red,” even in only a few ways.

The result: a profound Republican turnout boom and rightward shift, a mini red wave that has some Democrats nervous for November and pointing the finger at the state’s newest (unofficial) senator-elect.


Democrats are

facing a real puzzle right now:

Is it is better for Democrats to dump Biden now rather than risk years in “the wilderness” in the increasingly likely event that he loses big? Because it seems that THAT is what they are facing. Risk. Major risk no matter what they do.

On the other hand, it’s not like there are any obviously good options for them. Either way, it is a HUGE step into the dark for them. They really can’t ascertain how deep those two wells actually ARE! It’s inky black in both. And yet, Democrats have to jump in one or the other and hope there is some sort of ledge in the one they choose. And Trump’s footsteps are getting louder and louder…

See, it’s not at all clear that dumping Biden will lead to any better results. Maybe worse. Hence, the Democrat flop-sweat! Running Biden again is a major risk. But so is NOT running him. There is a ton at stake here for Democrats! Because if Trump gets in, he will hammer the crap out of them…

The difference with Trump is that he is cognitively intact–Biden just isn’t. And one thing you can be sure of: Biden won’t get any younger or more cognitively functional. No, this is a one-way flight…

Sure, there is plenty about which to criticize Trump, but he is at least fully oriented, and he is very likely to once again do a pretty darn good job. Neither thing can be truthfully said about Joe Biden.


Well, I’m glad

to see it. But maybe it’s time to start voting differently. eh?

I’m full of sympathy for her. I also agree with her on this. But it’s time for the Black community to make some serious changes. Otherwise it is just spitting in the wind.

And to quote Trump, as Black people, what do you have to lose?

Bad Faith Choosing

Just know

what they are for. Conservatives often disagree with homosexuality, but I’ve never heard a Conservative endorse killing homosexuals.  

Why on earth would a gay or lesbian person vote Democrat? I can disagree with what you do and NOT want to throw you off a roof!

Choosing Competence


the hallmark of non-Lefty governance.

Argentina’s government, under newly-elected President Javier Milei, achieved its first monthly budget surplus in nearly 12 years in January.

Why can’t we elect our own Javier Milei?

Despite the current challenges, 53-year-old libertarian economist Milei still predicts an economic rebound within three months.

Choosing Humor

THAT is a hilarious


Those who don’t follow politics closely could be forgiven for not knowing that because the Democrats aren’t having any primaries that might expose how flawed and issue-ridden Biden is. They think they can get away with such a strategy because they hid him in the basement in 2020 and they don’t want to risk it in 2024. 

… Big Foot even has a car that I think is supposed to mimic and mock Biden’s ’67 Corvette. “Why write him [Biden] in, when he’s written us off?” Phillips declares in the ad. Funny that Bigfoot is more findable in New Hampshire than Joe Biden. 

Where’s Joe?


Yet another

poll showing Trump leading Biden. It’s starting to be the norm.

And another MSM talking point is crushed.

The poll also debunks the narratives that third-party and independent candidates might help Biden against Trump. Trump’s lead expands to 6 points (37%-31%) when five other candidates are added to the poll.

I never thought that a 3rd-party candidate would help Biden. Never. From the first time I saw that weaselly canard I knew that it was just an amazingly stupid sleight-of-hand move. Indeed, it was mere Lefty psychopathological wish-fulfillment.

I mean, just think about it for a moment! Who on earth is a Trump voter who could be peeled off by RFK, Jr. or Joe Manchin? Nobody, that’s who.

It was an amazingly stupid wheeze from the get-go. Yet the MSM once again tried to fool the rubes. Well, I am having none of it. And neither should you.

Next, the MSM will present as all aflutter over Nikki Haley and how she could very well beat Trump. Also a stupid ruse. They are freakin’ lying to you, OK?

There is only slightly more chance of a Conservative voting for Nikki Haley than for RFK, Jr.! Nikki Haley? Oh PUH-LEEZ! Do I look stupid?–No really, do I look stupid?

Choosing Morality

THIS is what

the Democrat party is all about! YOU need to think long and hard about what you support. You may not throw the rocks, but are you “holding the cloaks” of those who do? And do you think that somehow absolves you?

“It is unconscionable that the Arabella network directed over $1 million dollars to Alliance for Global Justice even after reporting highlighted their ties to Palestinian terror,” said Parker Thayer, an investigative researcher for the conservative think tank Capital Research Center. 

“It is not surprising, though,” he added. “Arabella is the least scrupulous of all of the Left’s dark money networks, which is probably why they are also the largest.”

I know it’s hard, but YOU need to stand up and make a choice.