We ALL can

agree that Trump was a very good President. And I will happily vote for him again if he is the nominee (just as Trump supporters should happily vote for DeSantis if HE is the nominee).

But let’s be honest, here, and call it like it is: DeSantis was WAY ahead of Trump when it came to COVID-19. Oh yes, I understand that there were different pressures on each one. But still, we have to admit that DeSantis handled it better.

Again, that is NOT to say that Trump didn’t do better than the wacky Democrats would have, even though he had to deal with the Wormtongue-like Anthony Fauci. But when we look at the bottom line, DeSantis did better. Case closed.

Is that the ONLY issue? No, of course not, but let’s be clear-headed about the facts!


Yes, but I have

a question:

Choosing Courage

Please, Trump,

correct yourself. There are hints that Trump may indeed be doing so. But the opportunity for a course correction is going fast…

Change! And here’s the problem: Trump has focused on his personal insults and not at all on the important policy issues at hand. And that is disturbing. And that has to change.

Choosing Leftugees

It is arguable

that this migration IS “The Great Divorce.” I hope so–that is sure a lot better than civil war!

Is the country separating itself into two distinct camps? One increasingly leftist and the other trying desperately to cling to traditional American values? Census data seem to show that it very well could be underway.

… What we found was striking: There has been a vast migration out of counties that voted for Joe Biden into those counties that voted to reelect Donald Trump.

There is a real concern: There is a concern that “Leftugees,” many of whom crapped in their old nest by voting Lefty, will also crap in their new nest, stupidly voting in the same way that made their last place of residence a reeking Hell-hole.

Yes, a real worry. A clear and present danger. But moving is very hard, and mainly Right-thinking people are the ones who will put the effort in. And also, some people will finally realize that it was those Lefty policies that made everything so bad.

So I think that on the whole, Lefties want to remain in Lefty places while those on the right are more willing to put the time, effort, and pain into moving. Not always, but predominantly.

Look at Florida: there was massive migration in, and the state overall became more conservative! TX is also in no danger of “flipping,” despite a huge influx of Californians. Turns out, most are “Leftugees!”

But the trend is clear: Lefties are NOT moving to San Fransisco or to Portland or to some other Lefty Hell-hole. Are they wising up? Well, some are. And many of those are moving,