Democrat Anti-Semitism

“Don’t worry,

it’s a tame monster!”

They are losing control of the trolly, here!

I think the Democrat coalition is, at heart, quite fragile. There is no way to intellectually reconcile the rabid Muslim wing of the party with the Jewish part. Let’s just say that neither can live while the other survives…

The U.S. Capitol Police is now urging the public to avoid the area amid the ‘violent and illegal’ protests.

Democrat Anti-Semitism

It’s QUITE plainly

clear: Many of the older eastern seaboard schools are irredeemably anti-Semitic.

I never saw anti-Semitism (or anti-Black sentiment, for that matter) until I went to Harvard. And many “good Leftists” were pretty open about their anti-Semitism.

Almost for sure because in the rural West where I grew up there were very few Black people and simply no Jewish ones. Now, I certainly saw Hispanic racism…

I mean, I remember as a kid (maybe 6 years old) when a Black friend of my father’s came through town and stopped to visit (my dad did a doctorate at Berkeley in the late 60s and had friends).

I was fascinated! I had never seen a Black person in real life. As he sat in the living room, I grabbed his hands and inspected them over and over and over.

It was preparation for when I lived in Haiti and kids who had never seen a white person in real life were utterly fascinated by me.