Democrat Anti-Semitism

It’s QUITE plainly

clear: Many of the older eastern seaboard schools are irredeemably anti-Semitic.

I never saw anti-Semitism (or anti-Black sentiment, for that matter) until I went to Harvard. And many “good Leftists” were pretty open about their anti-Semitism.

Almost for sure because in the rural West where I grew up there were very few Black people and simply no Jewish ones. Now, I certainly saw Hispanic racism…

I mean, I remember as a kid (maybe 6 years old) when a Black friend of my father’s came through town and stopped to visit (my dad did a doctorate at Berkeley in the late 60s and had friends).

I was fascinated! I had never seen a Black person in real life. As he sat in the living room, I grabbed his hands and inspected them over and over and over.

It was preparation for when I lived in Haiti and kids who had never seen a white person in real life were utterly fascinated by me.

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