Basic Economics Biden-induced misery

Well, no surprise!

THAT is what happens when you elect a Leftist and he or she quickly makes the economy sucky. DUH!

Last night Danish shipping giant Maersk announced a steep dive in profits for their third quarter compared to last year’s numbers. The heady days of astronomical pandemic shipping quotes seem to be at an end, with plenty of container space available now for transporting cargo. But there’s no freight orders to fill up the boats – volume isn’t stabilizing. It’s declining.

Hey Lefties, let me give you a clue: Make something more expensive and you will get less of it!

Biden-induced misery

Just know

what “Bidenomics” actually is:

Biden-induced misery Buffoons Incompetence

Zogby underscores

just how incompetent Biden is. And THAT is news. The bottom line is that even a hardcore Democrat cheerleader like John Zogby gives him a “D” for the week!

John, it’s NOT “bad luck,” pal.

Biden-induced misery Captain Obvious Incompetence

Folks, he is

brutally demented! And it’s not just a thumb-in-the-eye to Americans who were the victim of electoral fraud. It is also amazingly disrespectful of other world leader. They are serous leaders, and they are rightfully affronted at being forced to deal with an obvious incompetent.

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, 77, looked visibly irritated after the two leaders shared a stage to speak about their initiative to improve workers’ rights in each country.

… ‘President Biden can you hear me?’ Lula asked again, appearing to lose patience as Biden grunted in response. ‘You can?’ he asked, turning to Biden. ‘Yes, good.’

THIS is dangerous! And Iran, China, and Russia laugh…

Biden-induced misery

Gee, thanks

Joe. Bidenomics at work!

Biden-induced misery Economy


Epic fail.

Say, is this Bidenomics? Yeah pretty much…

Biden-induced misery

Have you filled

up recently?

HUGE shocker! Thanks, Biden. Way to go…

Biden-induced misery Dementia Joe

Be honest. Do

you even know what this guy is saying?

I sure don’t!

Let’s be brutally honest about this, Lefties: THIS is what YOU voted for. Aren’t you even just a little bit ashamed? You should be…

Biden-induced misery

Yes, yes he is.

Pretty much. No one but the wackiest, most unreformed Leftist has a smidgeon of confidence in what he says now. It’s all over but the asinine behavior!

… but the fact remains is that one party has taken action to prevent default with legislation, while the party in power steadfastly refuses to deal with the facts as they exist, including the salient one that a majority of American voters elected a GOP-run House of Representatives last fall. 

Biden-induced misery Despicable

Joe Biden is

a total jerk, plain and simple.