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Too few students manage such a feat.

Fighting Back

And y’know?

that may well be true.

There is little point in analyzing the bogus New York case against Donald Trump from a legal perspective because, of course, it’s not a legal matter. It’s a political matter. It’s a kangaroo court, an attempt to railroad a political opponent to keep him from winning the election against the desiccated, treacherous, corrupt old pervert whom he’s currently pummeling in the polls. But the legal realities are catching up to the people seeking to frame him. This isn’t a case. It’s a scam. A lie. A sham. And a disgrace, not that anything can be a disgrace in a system so free of any moral or ethical considerations. [emphasis added]

…Oh my gosh, Donald Trump is a felon! Everybody pretend this means something. Everybody pretend this is on the up and up. Everyone pretend this is on the level. But the polls show that people are done pretending. 

… Donald Trump’s imminent conviction is not going to change anything. The polls may flutter for a moment, but Trump will come back stronger than ever. And he should because voting for Donald Trump is the only way to repudiate what’s going on now. 

Election Interference Fighting Back

It’s pretty dang clear

to even the dullest among us that this is disgusting election interference. It’s not even a question anymore!

The numerous indictments against Trump are meant to politically sabotage his reelection campaign, Trump believes, buoyed by reports of multiple meetings between the Biden administration and Trump prosecutors.

But will the scheme work?

Polling appears to support Gerstein’s acknowledgment. Trump leads in five of the six swing states over President Joe Biden, and in four of the five states, Trump’s lead is outside the margin of error, a New York Times/Siena/Philadelphia Inquirer polling found Monday. [emphasis added]

  • Arizona: Trump 49%-42% (registered voters), 49%-43% (likely voters)
  • Georgia: Trump 49%-39% (registered voters), 50%-41% (likely voters)
  • Michigan: Trump 49%-42% (registered voters), Biden 47%-46% (likely voters)
  • Nevada: Trump 50%-38% (registered voters), 51%-38% (likely voters)
  • Pennsylvania: Trump 47%-44% (registered voters), 48%-45% (likely voters)
  • Wisconsin: Biden 47%-45% (registered voters), Trump 47%-46% (likely voters)

Remember, run through the tape, not to the tape!

Fighting Back

It might be

time to get the lawyers involved! Turns out (whoda thunk), there could be a price for breaking the law and hurting others! And these institutions have a TON of money! The word is, “tort.”

Public interest law professor John Banzhaf – who has been called a “King of Class Action Law Suits,” “a Driving Force Behind the Lawsuits That Have Cost Tobacco Companies Billions of Dollars,” and “The Law Professor Who Masterminded Litigation Against the Tobacco Industry,” points out than even one individual student or faculty member harmed by illegal actions by protestors can bring a class action lawsuit against each and every one of the criminal protestors who can be identified (e.g. by cell phone or video camera recordings, arrest records, etc.).

Go get ’em! And then just see how fast this crap goes away…

DUH! Fighting Back Lefty Political Strategy

Yeah, almost

no one is actually excited about Biden.

Democrats have two weapons available to them in 2024, and both are taking on water.

First, for the Democrats is the old standby of Trump fear and hatred. BUT, 3+ years have passed, and people are a bit worn out by the never-ending Democrat hysteria. I mean, everyone sees that the country was WAY better off under Trump. They also see that Trump is treated grossly unfairly and that there is a Democrat legal mania for his destruction. It is very clearly a mental illness. And real people hate that crap!

And there was a better economy, low inflation, and good foreign relations under Trump. And we had a secure southern border. Plus, Trump is running a very good campaign right now. He makes few errors this time. He even just met with Ron DeSantis and agreed on fundraising!

So basically, the data are very clearly in. Conservatism is WAAAAY better in terms of safety and country integrity. It’s also way better in economic terms. It’s just not reasonably arguable anymore.

The second Democrat tool is voter fraud. There is overwhelming evidence the “Biden” cheated in order to win the last presidential election. The evidence is far too extensive for me to delve into it here and now, but only a willfully blind shill denies that. It’s obvious.

But the intentionally incompetent Democrat accomplice Ronna Romney McDaniel is no longer at the DNC. And people in general are FAR more watchful. So it will be harder for Democrats to pull off another “3am surprise” ballot dump. Sure, they can, but it’s much more difficult now.

Plus, a lot of Republicans are voting early, so the Democrat shenanigans of “surprise” voter machine malfunctions in predominantly GOP polling places will be avoided (and I would encourage GOP voters to “bank” their vote early to make sure it is counted). And in places where it is legal, there will be massive GOP “vote harvesting.” Good!

The Biden viper is NOT dead yet–it can still kill. But there are good reasons to think that we might escape its deadly venom.

Change Fighting Back Vigilanteism

I’m telling you,

there is a feeling of shift in the air over this case. Let’s see what happens, and I certainly could be wrong, but it feels like something has changed.

In the very same vein, we are seeing things like this:

Regular people are fighting back, and refusing (often at great personal risk, I must say) to be passive victims. And I find it very interesting that so many of these “shop owners that are fighting back” videos are of Asian shopkeepers dealing out some rough justice! But still, it’s not just Asians. The shift is widespread across racial groups.

Remember, vigilanteism is always just under the surface with “civilized” human beings. Good law enforcement and Justice systems minimize it, but even so there is a LONG history of vigilanteism being glorified in literature and on screen. I mean, name a single popular movie in the last 50 years that has nothing to do with it. Maybe a few RomComs. Maybe.

Has there EVER been a halfway decent play (from Chaucer through Shakespeare to Oklahoma! to the present day) without that theme being very prominent?

Fighting Back Humor

Savage, just


Fighting Back

College students

are really starting to have had enough nonsense. And they are starting to push back, as they should.

As pushback to leftist social policies rises in American cities, so has backlash to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) on college campuses. 

And it’s not just students. We ALL are sick of this paste-eating stupidity!

Resistance to left-wing policies has especially gained momentum at the state level against DEI college policies and practices, whether it be mandated diversity statements, the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT), or prohibiting funding for DEI programs and bureaucracies. 

Captain Obvious Evil Fighting Back

I’m telling you

folks, it makes NO difference at all who it is: Anyone who runs for office who is at least center-right will be hounded incessantly by the Left. It is an intense maliciousness that never sleeps!

These attacks are all a message to anyone who would dare to run as a conservative. Do so, and we will stop at nothing to destroy you.

Even some conservatives have gone wobbly! They need to buck up a bit…

Having said all that, we’ve now reached a point where even if you hate Trump’s behavior, despise his temperament, think he isn’t a pure-enough conservative, or would prefer someone else less toxic carry the conservative banner, the choice is clear — either support Trump or condone the anti-democratic, extra-legal, election-integrity-destroying tactics of the left, which will forever poison the American political system, and will mean the end of conservatism in the U.S. for the foreseeable future.

… Those who think this is just about Trump, or that Trump is a special case, or that once we get Trump out of the picture civility will return, are deluding themselves. If Mister Rogers ran as a conservative he’d be just as viciously attacked.

Since then, the left has added lawfare to its arsenal, which has now reached peak absurdity for the simple reason that Trump refuses to give in. But make no mistake, scalping Trump will only whet the left’s appetite for more scalps.

But perhaps with the recent absurd court action and the manifestly unfair blocking of appeal, things have hit the tipping point. I sure hope so!

Fighting Back Immorality Injustice

Conservatives are

the resistance against tyranny. The harsh truth is that it’s time to fight back.

I’m sure you saw the news last week about Judge Arthur Engoron’s insane $355 million judgment against Donald Trump in the New York fraud trial. The creepy Engoron made up his mind that Trump and his sons were guilty before the trial had even begun. It was a travesty of justice and an egregious example of how desperate the left is to neutralize Trump and hold on to power.

We’re starting to see repercussions from Engoron’s decision. Matt wrote on Monday about how investor Kevin O’Leary has said that the decision is likely to dissuade real estate investors from choosing the Empire State for future projects. But there’s another ripple effect from the Engoron verdict that does my heart good.