Piss-poor judgment Voter Fraud

Mail-in voting

is a TOTAL scam! The ONLY practical reason why Lefties like it is because it makes fraud easier. DUH!

Well, that’s not quite the only reason. It also makes it convenient for Larry Loser to not put his Cheetos and Mountain Dew down long enough to get his smelly butt off his filthy couch and go vote himself more money from the public treasury!

Or for others to hoover up the ballots and vote in the place of Larry Loser. In both cases, see: Oregon.

But you know, if there were appropriate voting and no voter fraud, even California itself might be in play! Maybe–there are a lot of stupid people, and many of them now infest California…

Voter Fraud

Glad to see

that. ONLY a person who wants voter fraud is against vote integrity!

Voter Fraud

No “significant”

voter fraud? What kind of uniformed moron ARE you?

Dementia Joe Voter Fraud

Oh joy. Biden’s

running again.

Yes, but who else is even a remote possibility? Sure, Biden totally sucks, but it’s not like there is another Democrat known right now who has a snowball’s chance in Hell!

Break out the voter fraud! Again…

Voter Fraud

Yes, it is

HUGE. But those of us who are against voter fraud are pleased to see it.

Democrats hardest hit…

Voter Fraud


Democrats focus on the low-effort vote. How much so is plain to everyone with half a brain, THAT is why they are into vote-by-mail and “motor-voter” schemes. It is a species of voter fraud, that defining characteristic of Democrats!

NO ONE with any sense should be at all fooled! THAT is what this is ALL about! It truly has nothing at all to do with ballot access.

Voter Fraud


<checks Dem talking points> significant voter fraud, eh?

Do I look stupid? No really, do I look stupid?

It’s a bad situation. The Democrat cheating was indeed rampant, and we ALL are much worse off for it.

The only “kind of” silver lining is that in truth most people actually DO reject the mixture of stupidity, evil, pomposity, and naïveté that characterizes the Democrat party.

But Democrats can only win if they cheat. And hiding, avoiding and cheating just is not a viable long-term strategy. Democrats simply have put forth NO substance. Their ONLY talking point is that they are not Donald Trump.

Rest assured, whoever runs for and gets the GOP nomination will be a bogeyman. He or she will be “Literally Hitler.” Aaaaand… that’s it! THAT will be the entirety of Democrats’ spleen-based “argument” for not voting for them.

So yes, the wheels of Truth DO grind slowly, yet they also grind exceedingly fine…

Voter Fraud


yeah. Maricopa county is a cesspool, a curious mixture of evil and rank incompetence!

If you don’t think there was massive voter fraud here, you are a dang moron.

Voter Fraud

Wait, wait!

I thought that there WAS no (checks notes) significant voter fraud!

I’m SO disillusioned!

Disgusting! Voter Fraud

Huh, voters don’t

trust mail-in ballots. You know why?


Vote-by-mail, except in legitimate circumstances, is nothing but an evil fraud. NO ONE who wants free and fair elections wants abundant vote-by-mail. No one. There is not a single exception.