Immorality Voter Fraud

Yes, and for

this reason Democrats are totally hosed in November in terms of Georgia.

Don’t you find it more than a bit curious that secure elections spell doom for Democrats? Democrats WANT voter fraud! What does that tell you about the popularity of their ideas?

And so what do you think it all means? And which side are you on?

Voter Fraud

But there’s no

<checks notes> significant voter fraud, right, Lefties?

Senile Joe Voter Fraud

Hmmm… He’s a

senile old dotard. I mean, it’s pretty dang obvious, isn’t it?

DUH! Voter Fraud


it’s not secure! THAT is why Lefties love it so! We ALWAYS knew that. In other breaking news, water is wet!

Las Vegas resident and registered Republican Daphne Lee said she and her family checked the secretary of state’s website on Sunday to see their voter history after she heard from a few people that their voting history was incorrect. The site showed that she and her family’s mail-in ballots were counted for the primary, even though none of them participated in the election. She tried to opt out of future mail-in ballots and was met with a message saying she was not currently registered to vote, and her voting history no longer existed. 

Oh. A “glitch.” How conveeeenient!

Yeah, something doesn’t quite smell right here. I’m not an expert, but if this was just related to a code issue, how is it possible for people who didn’t vote by mail and never even requested a ballot to show up as having been counted?

Voter Fraud

You don’t have

to be a dang genius to figure out how to stop voter fraud. You just have to actually want to stop voter fraud.

Democrats simply don’t want to stop voter fraud. t is really that simple!

Voter Fraud

Uhm, but no

voter fraud, right? Lefties have assured me of that!

Chumps Voter Fraud

But Lefties

keep telling me that voter fraud doesn’t exist! Wait [checks notes], significant voter fraud doesn’t exist! My bad…

Voter Fraud

Indeed, there simply

IS no evidence to support the Lefty caterwauling against voter ID. OF COURSE not. Democrats just want it to be easier for them to cheat!

Case closed…

Voter Fraud

It’s pretty dang

absurd, now isn’t it?

Lefties have moved to their fallback position–first saying that there was no voter fraud to saying that there is no significant voter fraud.

OK, but let me ask you a question: Voter fraud is a crime, right? Sometimes a felony. So tell me, just why would someone commit a felony if there was little to no chance of it changing the outcome of an election? HUH?

So you’re telling me that they commit crimes that may well end in them being jailed or at least being labelled a felon for the rest of their lives… FOR NO REASON WHATSOEVER?

Really? Leftists really think that’s how humans behave?

That’s nothing but nutty!

Voter Fraud

But, as Lefties

repeatedly tell us, there IS no voter fraud!

Honestly, I don’t know if such people are stupid or just deliberately and willfully ignorant.

Two Democrats in New Jersey are facing new state election fraud charges from 2020 and 2021 related to mail-in ballots and voter registrations.