Elections Voter Fraud

Yeah, pretty


MY concern is that we won’t have free and fair elections due to rampant Democrat cheating and voter fraud.

Regular people need to stand in the breach and volunteer en masse.

Voter Fraud

Well, yeah…

Voter Fraud

Yeah, maybe.

Let’s hope! But you KNOW Democrats are going to try mightily the cheat in these elections. Birds fly, and Democrats cheat…

So YOU need to get out there and be a poll watcher and such! YOU!

Lefty Scheming Voter Fraud

Just so

you know…

Look, come November, THE DEMOCRATS ARE GOING TO CHEAT (again)! Take that to the bank!

Now, are YOU going to try and stop them? Are YOU going to do anything to prevent it?

Voter Fraud

Yes, it’s a

worry for me. I worry that Conservatives will wake up the day after the elections and cry out, What fresh Hell is this?

Mail-in ballots are a known evil, however. What I worry about this year is some as-yet-unknown way to screw with things that we haven’t yet heard of.

… All of this means that the Democrats will be ultra-desperate this year, and that’s worrisome. They look for ways to game elections when they’re fat and happy. One shudders to think of what they might do in the next few months.

… I just know that Republicans are going to have to be vigilant from now until long after the last phantom mail-in ballot that favors a Democrat appears out of the ether.

Bad Faith Voter Fraud

Yeah, no

voter fraud. You fool. No, you willfully ignorant hack! Shame on you!

Look, it’s no crime to be uninformed. What is a crime is to be willfully and deliberately ignorant!

I can certainly tolerate simple ignorance. But avoidant, willful, deliberate ignorance is just revolting!

Leftists treat actual evidence like how a vampire treats a crucifix.  There is no reasoned discourse, just a lot of hissing and snarling.

… The last real hurdle to thwarting election integrity came on December 11, 2020, when the Supreme Court ruled that Texas and 18 other states lacked standing to complain of massive fraud.  How states that conduct honest elections lack standing to complain of states that don’t in an election that affects them all is beyond my understanding.

… If the single slice that 2000 Mules so effectively biopsied is filled with the cancer of fraud, it is willful ignorance to believe that everything else was clean.

… At this stage, it is hard to credit Democrat and media intransigence to anything innocent.  If they are not just stupid, they have become co-conspirators in the only actual insurrection America has seen over the last six years.  Understand, this coup was not primarily aimed at Trump and conservative Republicans; it is a coup against the very idea of self-government

… Massive election fraud in 2020 is a conspiracy, but it is no longer merely a theory.

Voter Fraud

Yes, probably.

Almost for sure. And for sure if there is little voter fraud.

Which is why Democrats are already hip deep in voter fraud shenanigans.

Captain Obvious Voter Fraud

I think you

would have to be pretty dang stupid to honestly not understand what is going on, here. It’s pretty dang obvious to even the dullest among us!

Now I agree that there are some non-mentally-disabled people who are just deliberately ignorant, but we ALL know what actually happened, here.

Voter Fraud

Yeah, no “significant”

voter fraud. Yeah, riiiiight…

I think the surgical glove argument is weak. But most of the rest is absolutely not. I think the stronger issue is this: What was that person doing with so many ballots? THAT is very obviously illegal.

Yeah, THAT’s not suspicious or anything!

Don’t be a freakin’ moron!

Current Events Voter Fraud

Yeah, nothin’

weird about the 2020 elections or ANYTHING!