Voter Fraud

Were you such

a gull that you believed Lefties when they said that there is little voter fraud? I sure wasn’t.

While it’s great that red states like Florida and Ohio are wise to ERIC’s lack of transparency and are diligent about maintaining their voter roles, what about the blue states that don’t really want to purge their voter rolls? In those states—some of which want to send out a ballot to every man, woman, child, dog, and dead person—it can be much easier to cheat.

Voter Fraud

So when are we

as a people going to start standing up against voter fraud? Just when, huh?

In Connecticut, Bridgeport has long been one of those cities that Democrat state-wide candidates can rely upon for “midnight magic” — those last-minute miraculous discoveries of boxes of uncounted ballots that put them over the top in an election. It’s so bad that, in 2012, an infuriating video made the rounds in which then-Mayor Bill Finch joked around with Democrat candidate (now U.S. Senator) Chris Murphy about securing his win over Republican rival Linda McMahon. “Always, always,” Finch can be heard saying of his city. “We may be a couple days late, but you can be guaranteed you’re going to get the votes.”

You know the drill: A half-baked “investigation” that goes on and on and then once the heat subsides after a few years… nothing. That’s how this works. Maybe some “blue-on-blue” action will get the ball rolling. But probably not…

The Connecticut Post reported on Saturday that the Bridgeport Police Department had opened an investigation into the actions depicted in the video footage and a parallel investigation into how the Gomes campaign came into possession of the footage (emphasis added).

Yep! That’s how it works! You blow the whistle and YOU get investigated…

Voter Fraud


massive voter fraud, Democrats are sunk.

That said, I totally expect that there will be massive voter fraud. I think it will be both huge and hard to hide. Will Republicans get active and prevent as much as possible?

But Joe Biden’s numbers ARE catastrophic.

“The next number is the one that I think is perhaps the most devastating of all,” John Zogby said. “In a head-to-head matchup against Nikki Haley, and this should be of the greatest concern to the White House, Nikki Haley scores 49% to Joe Biden’s 43%.”

And remember, John Zogby is a hard Leftist and a BIG Biden fan.

Voter Fraud

Do you kind of

scratch your head? I don’t…
Captain Obvious Injustice Voter Fraud

It’s just a

load of crap. DUH!

Let’s call things as they are: This has NOTHING to do with fairness or justice. It is ALL about election interference. That’s what this is, pure and simple.

It’s total BS! And it quite obviously won’t withstand a legal challenge. But this was never what this was about. It is ALL and ONLY about trying to damage Trump so he can’t run. Please, don’t be a slack-jawed imbecile and think otherwise.

Before, I liked other candidates as well or better than Trump. But this kind of crap has really changed me. Now I will crawl over broken glass to vote for Trump!

Again, the issue is voter fraud, and Democrats are still chest-deep in it. So if we rational and moral voters want to have a chance at all, we need to directly address the voter fraud.

NO ONE takes this crap seriously. And for good reason!

Voter Fraud

It’s a bit

funny,” isn’t it?

Basically, it’s this: When a state focuses on free and fair elections, it goes Republican–often strongly so. When it encourages voter fraud with vote-by-mail schemes and lax vote security, it invariably becomes more Democrat.

Every. Time.

Sure, Leftists wrap their voter fraud policies in “happy talk” of the sanctity of the vote and that EVERYONE should vote and the easier, the better. But the REAL aim here for the Left is easier voter fraud.

YOU need to pay attention to the pattern, here!

Voter Fraud

There are some

Democrat fringe partisans who are deliberately ignorant of it, but MOST people know very well what is happening.

We ALL know that there is rampant voter fraud! DUH!

Culture Pathological Avoidance Voter Fraud

The harsh truth is

that only a fraudster opposes vote security. Pretend, prance, and preen all you want, Lefties, but THAT is the TRUTH!

But Lefties, in case you have missed it, the culture is changing. Maybe you are so ensconced in your Lefty fever swamps that you have missed it. Try driving somewhere besides “Amen Corner!”

Try hard. Engage with views contrary to your own…

Voter Fraud

Guys, it’s not

some wacky “conspiracy theory.” MOST voters suspect fraud.

It seems that those who DON’T suspect that there was voter fraud are the “fringe!”

Piss-poor judgment Voter Fraud

Mail-in voting

is a TOTAL scam! The ONLY practical reason why Lefties like it is because it makes fraud easier. DUH!

Well, that’s not quite the only reason. It also makes it convenient for Larry Loser to not put his Cheetos and Mountain Dew down long enough to get his smelly butt off his filthy couch and go vote himself more money from the public treasury!

Or for others to hoover up the ballots and vote in the place of Larry Loser. In both cases, see: Oregon.

But you know, if there were appropriate voting and no voter fraud, even California itself might be in play! Maybe–there are a lot of stupid people, and many of them now infest California…