Captain Obvious Injustice Voter Fraud

It’s just a

load of crap. DUH!

Let’s call things as they are: This has NOTHING to do with fairness or justice. It is ALL about election interference. That’s what this is, pure and simple.

It’s total BS! And it quite obviously won’t withstand a legal challenge. But this was never what this was about. It is ALL and ONLY about trying to damage Trump so he can’t run. Please, don’t be a slack-jawed imbecile and think otherwise.

Before, I liked other candidates as well or better than Trump. But this kind of crap has really changed me. Now I will crawl over broken glass to vote for Trump!

Again, the issue is voter fraud, and Democrats are still chest-deep in it. So if we rational and moral voters want to have a chance at all, we need to directly address the voter fraud.

NO ONE takes this crap seriously. And for good reason!

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