Lefty Death-Rattle

Trust me,

RFJ, Jr. is going to take virtually NO votes from Trump. To say otherwise is flat-out delusional.

Lefty Death-Rattle Wisdom

Less hack-ish

people are prevailing!

Nevada’s newly minted Gov. Joe Lombardo, a Republican, said Friday that he signed his first two executive orders, including one that repeals all COVID-19 mandates from the prior administration.

Lefty Death-Rattle

Even (honest) hard Lefties

have started to grudgingly admit it.

Well, if they are at all wedded to the facts, that is. SOME of them just are not…

You know, the famous Carl Sandburg quote: If the facts are against you, argue the law. If the law is against you, argue the facts. If the law and the facts are against you, pound the table and yell like hell.

Yeah, MOST Democrats are now in the “Pound the table and yell like Hell” stage.

Zogby’s tired old thin reed of hope: Hey, it could happen!

And of course, Lefty John Zogby was overly generous in his grading, as Lefties are prone to be in regard to Biden (at least until after the mid-terms–at which point they will drive the knife into “Joe Biden’s” back in a desperate effort not to get absolutely routed in 2024). BUT there IS another side:

Babbin: Biden’s increasingly frequent drifts away from reality, coupled with Vice President Kamala Harris’s rhapsodizing about school buses, pretty much completed another failed week. This week was another display of how little reality invades the White House and how weak the president’s grip on it is.

I do, however, give Zogby credit: He is an “old school” Democrat who will argue and defend his position. Modern ones just run cowardly away while calling vile names (see: Katie Hobbs)…

I give John Zogby praise for cowboying up and standing in the breach. Most Leftists don’t have the moral fortitude to do so.

Hypocrisy Lefty Death-Rattle


the hypocrisy is astounding!

I mean, you think it’s parody, but it’s not…

But don’t kid yourself, the Right is rising. Trump keyed into the anger of normal people. So, what we are seeing now is the violent death rattle of the Left.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not so naïve as to not understand that a cockatrice will emerge from the den of the vanquished asp. Still, the asp is dying, and THAT is a good thing!

The fact that the cockatrice is coming is no reason to not kill the asp…

Still, things are changing. But there are more and more people who don’t mind shouldering the obloquy of the Left and the housebroken Right.

The second thing worth bearing in mind is that this novel exhibition of backbone by the Right is due almost entirely to Donald Trump.

… Donald Trump’s governing passion can be summed up in one word: winning. Similarly, his path to that goal can be summed up in one word: fighting. He showed the Right that it was OK to win and that the way to win was to stand up for the things you professed to care about. It seemed like a novel idea in 2016. The Left, and the spineless Right, have done everything that could be done to resuscitate that nerveless impotence.