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Yes, it’s


The Biden economy sucks and everyone knows it!

Economy Humor

McDonalds now

offers financing!

Economy Humor

Good news!

Now people can afford McDonald’s!

“We know how hard it can be to feed a family in a McDonald’s drive-thru these days on a middle-class budget,” said CEO Chris Kempczinski. “We hope our simple financing plan provides much-needed relief to people trying to afford our $200 value meals that we sell to pay the six-figure salaries of our employees in a time of runaway inflation.”

Thanks, Joe…


It is true,

China is in economic trouble.

Now don’t get complacent, because THAT likely makes them even more dangerous. A cornered rat may, in fact, be doomed. But he will be aggressive and bite you!

A good friend of mine is a veterinarian. And he tells me that there is little more dangerous than a “sweet” dog who has been seriously injured.

And China is FAR from “sweet!”

Buffoons Economy

Well, of course,

Krugman. OF COURSE he is getting dragged!

Yeah, except for food, gas, and housing, inflation is fine! Sheesh! How demanding ARE people?

Every bell curve has a left tail…

Economy Evil Clown

Honestly, things

are looking pretty dang grim for Biden. Well, in an honest election, anyway (which is far from a given). STOP SPENDING YOU FREAKIN’ IDIOT!

A recent Gallup poll found that Americans trust the GOP more than the Democrats on the economy by the largest margin in more than three decades. More than half of Americans, 53%, trust the GOP, compared to 39% who say they trust the Democrats. It wasn’t the only issue Republicans had a significant advantage on, either, but the economy tends to be one of the most, if not the most important issue that tips an election one way or another.

… Economists have been predicting a recession is coming either later this year or in 2024 for some time now, but these indicators suggest things could be even worse than previously predicted. Economic downturns are typically blamed on the party that has the White House, and considering Biden has been taking ownership of the economy with his whole “Bidenomics” push, it’s hard to see how Biden and the Democratic Party won’t be creamed in the 2024 elections if there’s an economic downturn in 2024.

And remember, the election is over a year away! and Trump already leads Biden a little. Just think of how much mental and physical decline will Joe Biden undergo before then! He’s simply not going to get better.

See, Democrats are between a rock and a hard place. Biden obviously sucks, but Kamala is much, much worse. They could probably dump Biden, but I really don’t think they could dump Kamala, too. Biden is likely to die in the next term, and very few people would even consider Kamala as President.

And I don’t believe for a moment that Biden is even up to a debate! He will never do it. Let’s just watch…

Biden-induced misery Economy


Epic fail.

Say, is this Bidenomics? Yeah pretty much…

Captain Obvious Economy

You think it’s

over? It’s NOT over. DUH!

The pace of inflation in the U.S. moved sharply higher in August, pushed up by a big jump in gasoline prices.

THIS is what you get when you vote in a Democrat President. NEVER forget that! It has happened over and over and over. YOU need to wise up, here!

Captain Obvious Economy

Yes, I think

the implosion is beginning. The Chinese gov’t does not have the money to bail Evergrande out, and I’m not sure that would be the right course in any case.

Economy Epic fail

Well, it most

certainly WOULD be!

The truth is unavoidable: Democrat Presidents/policies always create a sucky economy. Always.

Oh, I can hear the Lefty mindless toadies stammer, “B-b-but Bill Clinton!

Look carefully: Bill Clinton deliberately aped conservative ideas. You know, “The era of big government is over.” Stuff like that.

Plus, Bush I and then Clinton had not yet been able to totally destroy the Reagan economic boom. But indeed they would make great headway in that. Bush II was poor in terms of the economy, but it still kept going at a reasonable rate. He was the classic, “Good enough not to collapse the whole dang thing.”

Plus, there was just a HUGE national sigh of relief that Gore and Kerry were not elected. Of course, Obama strangled the economy and then danced on its grave.

And now “Biden” is making things exponentially worse…

But back to the main issue: Leftist policies are manifestly terrible for the economy. The evidence is just overwhelming. I mean, look at Trump vs Biden. The contrast simply could not be greater.

You need to vote with your brain, not your spleen.