Economy Stooooopid!

It’s the

economy, stupid!

Economy Impending Democrat Doom

Want to

rent an apartment?

I hope you have a lot of money. A TON!

Economy Evil Clown

Pretty dang good

reason to vote Trump, eh? By the time you see this, the country will officially be in a recession. The Biden recession.

BTW, Manchin appears to have caved. Things were always going to get worse. Now they are going to get much worse. Are these guys just stupid? Or is it WORSE than that? I prefer to believe that it is just garden-variety stupidity…

Economy Evil

Now witness

the power of this fully armed and operational battle station economic jack-assery!

Politico calls the coming avalanche of bad economic news a “Category 5 storm.” Indeed, the Biden administration may want to dig a hole and hide while Biden goes to his summer home in Delaware, given the depressing numbers that will come out of Washington this coming week.

… Biden will never take responsibility for the inflation, so we shouldn’t expect him to take responsibility for the recession. [Spoiler: He won’t–and neither will, for the most part, people who voted for him.]



You don’t say!

Current Events Economy

Yeah, pretty


Biden-induced misery Economy

Well, welcome

to the “Biden” economic pleasure dome.

Atlanta Fed Predicts Negative Second-Quarter Growth, Indicating Recession Has Begun

YOU voted for Biden? So are you just a fool or actually evil?

Those lines can get a bit blurry at times…

THIS is the bitter fruit of election fraud!

Economy Epic fail Evil Clown

Time for Lefty

panic! The economy sucks!

Jimmah Carter smiles…


Way to go Democrat

voters. Way to go

Economy Epic fail

The Joe Biden

economy sucks! And no amount of dishonest shucking and jiving on his part changes that one iota. (language warning!)