Biden-Induced Human Misery Economy

Look “Biden,”

it’s the economy, stupid!

According to the Joint Economic Committee, the average Arizona household spends $1,202 more per month than it did when Biden was inaugurated. Over that same time frame, they’ve cumulatively spent an extra $29,052 thanks to inflation. 

You know, that’s a TON of money!

Just try to get meals for two adults at a drive-thru burger joint for under $30! And if you have a family…

Yeah, at McDonalds! Inflation is inescapable–and it’s all Joe Biden’s fault! we were sure a lot better off when Trump was in the White House…


It is WAY

more of a problem than you think! You can’t downsize because even if you could sell your home, it’s not like you could afford a different one!

Democrat panic Economy Wisdom

A graph that

should give Democrat dead-enders the Hershey Squirts! There’s the acrid smell of panic in the air. (this graph shows where we were in each of their respective Presidencies)

The WSJ notes that the total household net worth rose 19 percent through Biden’s first three years in office, but it was higher, 23 percent, through Trump’s first three years. But the real kicker was after doing the adjustment, under Biden, net worth only goes up 0.7 percent through his three years versus 16 percent through Trump’s. 

… This explains why people are feeling crushed — because they are, whether Joe Biden admits it or not.

… Joe can talk all he wants, but this is the reality. There’s a reason he’s hemorrhaging voters, and why states no one thought would be in play are now in play.

Here it is again, for all the fools who are deliberately ignorant of the fact that Democrat policies lead to economic suckitude…

Biden-induced misery Economy

Welcome to the

Biden Pleasure Dome!

Folks, have you not figured out that Lefty policies always lead to a sucky economy?


Well, you

knew it was coming. How could it not?

For months, economists have been predicting that consumers would cut back on their spending in response to higher prices and interest rates. But it’s taken a while for fast-food chains to see their sales actually shrink, despite several quarters of warnings to investors that low-income consumers were weakening and other diners were trading down from pricier options.

Welcome to the Biden Pleasure Dome!

Dishonesty Economy



March’s total non-farm payroll employment rose, with 303,000 jobs added to the economy last month. However, the monthly change in full-time employment decreased by 6,000, while part-time employment added 691,000 jobs.

It’s “Biden,” so you know it’s all smoke and mirrors…


Hey Democrats,

before you get too giddy about the new job numbers:

You are being scammed. You know that, right?

This is all just more Biden crap. I really hope that you’re not too uninformed to see through it! Please, don’t be a rube…

Democrat Freakers Economy


yes they are! “Biden” has been an utter catastrophe for working people. We need to take care of things all up and down the ballot come November…

A majority of voters are “worse off financially” under President Joe Biden, up 25 points since he assumed office in 2021, a Fox News poll found Wednesday.


Well yeah,

of course they do!

Bidenflation has really hurt virtually everyone. There’s no pretending or dissembling about THAT!

The supposed job creation under Joe Biden means nothing if paychecks get chopped down at the knee. That’s what his inflationary measures have done. Rich white liberals who shop at Whole Foods don’t know this, as they can absorb the higher costs. For everyone else, the trip to the local market has become an exercise in being skinned alive. 

… Almost half the country feels poorer now than they did four years ago. That’s an election killer. It’s got to the point where even those who didn’t vote for Trump in 2016 or 2020 due to his personality issues are willing to accept that aspect of his presidency if he controls things. With Biden, things are a shambolic mess at home and abroad. 

I think the jury has returned with the verdict: Leftism totally sucks in terms of the economy. And to be honest, that verdict was returned more than 15 years ago. But I don’t think that is even rationally arguable anymore. And unlike a decade ago, I don’t hear Leftists even attempting to make such an argument anymore!

Change Economy


Why not us?