Thanks a lot,

Joe. You suck.


I could flippantly

say, “Learn to code,” but I’m not at all sure that is the answer anymore.

Microsoft is cutting 10,000 workers, almost 5% of its workforce, joining other tech companies that have scaled back their pandemic-era expansions.

… “Quite frankly, we in the tech industry will also have to get efficient, right?” Nadella said. “It’s not about everyone else doing more with less. We will have to do more with less. So we will have to show our own productivity gains with our own sort of technology.”

But remember, when Elon Musk did this, it was just proof that he is an evil, heartless bastard!


And most Americans

are right. Only craven Lefty hacks pretend otherwise. NO ONE actually thinks otherwise!

A majority of voters believe the economy under President Joe Biden will worsen over the next year, according to a new Wall Street Journal poll.

But a lot of Lefty hacks don’t think at all. They are mindless Lefty drones who have “outsourced” any actual thinking to the Lefty hive-mind.

While Democrat respondents were optimistic about the economy, independents and Republicans were far more pessimistic

Yeah, like I said…

Criminal Negligence Economy

They are just mad

that their explosive-diarrhea spending has been revealed. They are NOT embarrassed–they are incapable of shame.

Yes, the Democratic Party is just the political arm representing the agenda and interests of our far-left, woke, corporate media. But this headline still stands out as ridiculous. Democrats did not spend a dime to save the economy. They don’t care about the economy. They spent $2 trillion of other people’s money to boost themselves. It is backfiring on them by destroying the purchasing power and savings of working people. No one could possibly deserve it more.

… When Joe Biden says that the economy is as “strong as Hell,” he is overestimating Satan’s power. The U.S. economy has been in a recession all summer, and that is becoming more evident now. The persistence of high inflation means that the Fed will have to keep raising interest rates. That means the inevitable layoffs, business closures, and decreases in home values are not far behind. Don’t let Democrats escape responsibility for what they caused.

Economy Foolishness

Imagine that!

Oh, so inflation is yet again higher. Good job, Biden!

Oh, and thanks to all this inflation, Americans’ real wages—wages accounting for real purchasing power—remain in decline. Real average weekly earnings decreased by 3.8% from September 2021 to September 2022, according to today’s data update.

… As the September CPI reminds us, inflation is a stealth tax on the American public. And it’s happening because the federal government spent trillions of dollars we didn’t have and printed money like crazy. Don’t forget those root causes when you’re paying more at the pump or the grocery store.

And way to go Biden voters. Waaay to go…

Voters, are you ready to vote these idiots out of office? I sure hope so.


Economy Stooooopid!

It’s the

economy, stupid!

Economy Impending Democrat Doom

Want to

rent an apartment?

I hope you have a lot of money. A TON!

Economy Evil Clown

Pretty dang good

reason to vote Trump, eh? By the time you see this, the country will officially be in a recession. The Biden recession.

BTW, Manchin appears to have caved. Things were always going to get worse. Now they are going to get much worse. Are these guys just stupid? Or is it WORSE than that? I prefer to believe that it is just garden-variety stupidity…

Economy Evil

Now witness

the power of this fully armed and operational battle station economic jack-assery!

Politico calls the coming avalanche of bad economic news a “Category 5 storm.” Indeed, the Biden administration may want to dig a hole and hide while Biden goes to his summer home in Delaware, given the depressing numbers that will come out of Washington this coming week.

… Biden will never take responsibility for the inflation, so we shouldn’t expect him to take responsibility for the recession. [Spoiler: He won’t–and neither will, for the most part, people who voted for him.]



You don’t say!