Cowardice Losers

Johnny Rotten again

rebels. Good for him.

I gotta admit that as an old punker myself it is really very disappointing to see all these guys who preached rebellion against “the man” now knuckle under and mew like kittens or bark like trained seals–for money.

But hey, Billy Idol does, uh, commercials now! Rebel Yell, my butt! The days of Kiss Me Deadly are decidedly over. He can still snarl, but now it is just the faux snarling of a trained monkey, a mere lame caricature. Gee, how much money per fake snarl do you think he gets?

Do you think The Clash would do Rock The Casbah today? Puh-leez! Cowards.

Following the terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001, the song was placed on the list of post-9/11 inappropriate titles distributed by Clear Channel.

More fool me–I thought they meant it when they preached rebellion. But it turns out, not so much.

As we now know, there were very few of them who were not just acting, in search of the almighty buck. I believed them–I thought better of them then.

Unlike Johnny Rotten, most of these guys aren’t actually rebels, they are really now just bought-and-paid-for establishment suck-up toadies. THAT’s what they have become, and it is hard for me to witness what they have become.


Yes, walk it

back, missy! But it’s too late. You have revealed your true colors, and it ain’t at all pretty. You can’t un-ring that bell! Kiss the Presidency goodbye. We all know what you are, now.

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley was asked to explain her earlier remarks about social media companies on Wednesday and said that while she didn’t mind “anonymous American” free speech, she didn’t support anonymous free speech for actors in Russia, Iran and China.

How lame! TOTALLY a lame lie. She is desperately playing damage control. Sure, try and drape yourself in the flag now, Nikki. But we already know who and what you are…

Epic fail Losers

Not really

a surprise, now is it?


Well, she IS the

president of the “Democrat Dead-Ender” club. To be honest, since Melvin died, she is the ONLY member of that club…

Illegal Immigration Losers

Oh, so I guess

that walls DO work!

The rank hypocrisy is strong with the Biden admin.

But you know they are doing this because their policies totally suck and they want it to look better for the elections! So they make a half-hearted motion in that direction because it is the ONLY thing that works! They are just trying to buffalo you…


It’s a Biden


Since he was installed as President I started understanding Sign Language!

Bad Faith Dishonesty Losers

Romney really

is amazingly out-of-touch!

“And that Wall Street Journal article, wow. I mean, to spend that type of time and energy on that… we have so much else going on that he should be focused on as a senator,” he added. “I think that was received with a, I say a collective eye roll… from GOP donors, because Romney, he still hasn’t learned that actions actually speak louder than words, and that’s why there’s this stark difference between Trump and Romney,” he added.

… “And Romney just hasn’t done that,” he continued. “He made several promises to Utahns that he would fight to put us on a path to a balanced budget, he would end illegal immigration, he would stop federal spending and overreach, and he’d appoint conservative justices to the court… and his record clearly doesn’t match up with those promises.”

No, Romney is a weakling loser. If he could fight he would have been President. But no, he is, at heart, a Milquetoast RINO who curtseys and scrapes and grovels before the Left.

He is a good loser, but a TOTAL loser!

Epic fail Losers

One more time,

with feeling.

The longest, most pathetic public display of daddy issues ever seen continues to play out as the Democrats try to keep former President Donald Trump from becoming future President Donald Trump.




A federal judge on July 10 denied the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) request to stay a ruling that places limits on government communications with social media firms, rejecting the White House’s argument that such an order could put a damper on law enforcement activity online.

Current Events Losers

I hope you

folks understand that the cultural sand is rapidly shifting. Don’t be a dinosaur and stay rigidly attached to old thinking!

Struggling CNN dropped into fourth place behind Newsmax for prime time viewership ratings last Friday night, the slump following a rare climb to the top driven by Donald Trump’s town hall appearance. [emphasis added]

… “People are criticizing CNN for giving me a Forum to tell the TRUTH. I believe it was a very smart thing that they did, with Sky High Ratings that they haven’t seen in a very long time,” Trump wrote in a post on Truth Social. “It was by far the biggest Show of the night, the week, and the month!”

Folks, your political leanings matter! And it is becoming quite clear that Leftism is rapidly becoming the political philosophy of losers.